Modern kitchens under the ceiling - are they needed, all the pros and cons

Modern kitchens under the ceiling - are they needed, all the pros and cons Modern kitchens under the ceiling - are they needed, all pros and cons

When you have a choice of pieces of furniture for the kitchen space, you should approach it as seriously as possible. Kitchen under the ceiling or conventional cabinets with a lower height? How to combine comfort, design and functionality in one solution?

It should be remembered that correctly selected pieces of furniture are the heart of the interior, the most functional and spacious touch in everyday life. I would like to note the fact that many mournful specialists are categorically opposed to kitchens with cabinets to the very ceiling, and especially to small rooms.

This is due to the fact that tall pieces of furniture "press" on the owner.

General information

In fact, large or small area will not play a big role in the final decision - everything will depend on the needs, because you will have to create culinary masterpieces, chat with family or sit with a book in such a room.

How to combine functionality and design into a single whole, what advantages and disadvantages are in ceiling cabinets, you will learn in the article.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are a zealous owner of an apartment, then there is never enough storage space for you. In this case, pieces of furniture under the ceiling will be an ideal solution where every corner is involved in work. If non-functional small cabinets collect dirt and dust on their surface, then in tall cabinets there are no such problems, and all the little things will be inaccessible to prying eyes. The issue of free space will deserve special attention.

By using large cabinets, it won't be wasted, and even small kitchen spaces will appear larger and ceilings will appear taller. You can also save on wall decoration - the furniture will cover everything. If there is no pantry, deep lockers located under the ceilings - mezzanines - help in storing preservation for the winter period, seasonal items, as well as various household utensils. Tall cabinets are very convenient for built-in appliances, for example, a microwave oven or an oven, and this can significantly save space in a house or apartment.

But it is worth paying special attention to the fact that tall cabinets also have disadvantages.

For example, if the hostess is not tall, then it will be difficult for her to reach the desired shelf. The solution to such a problem will be a small chair or a step-ladder, or, as an alternative, placing rarely used items on the upper shelves so that you do not often need to reach for them.

In reality, such a disadvantage is unlikely to be significant. If the owner of the house is short, then surely some kind of support will help him reach the upper shelves and ordinary lockers. And if it still needs to be installed, then such a lack of tall pieces of furniture will not play a big role.


Making furniture for the kitchen is a significant moment, because even the mood - and the working one - depends on what kind of atmosphere will reign in the room. and relaxing. A headset designed according to all the rules is the unity of style and ergonomics. If the cabinets are equipped with swing-type doors, replacing the hinges with doors that will give a large opening angle helps to improve functionality - this way you can protect yourself from constantly opening the doors when cooking, protect yourself from hitting the facade and can get a lot of space. This option is convenient in corner kitchens.

Recently, cabinets with lifting facades have become popular - when the sash is opened, either fully rises upward, or folds (partially). Such a facade can, if desired, be installed instead of swing doors, it will be an excellent solution, and especially in the presence of large compartments. Although it is much more expensive, they are much more convenient to use.


When designing a kitchen under the ceiling, models of facades without protruding handles are increasingly put on high cabinets, and they are replaced with more modern options. The safest and most convenient solution in truth can be called facades with a hidden type of mechanism, which allow you to open any doors with a single touch of the hand, elbow, shoulder and other things.

In the kitchen, this is extremely important, for example, when cooking or cleaning, when your hands are busy.

Such mechanisms have many advantages:

  • Modern kitchens under the ceiling - are they needed, all the pros and cons Silent opening.
  • The absence of protruding handles and smooth closing by means of closers minimizes the risk of injury.
  • The kitchen will become visually lighter and more spacious.

Perhaps you will think that the constant touch of furniture will get dirty faster? Perhaps, but no more than the simplest pens.

At the same time, it will be much easier to wash the facade, fortunately, now there are many detergents that, even with prolonged use, will not spoil the surfaces of furniture. If you are not ready to completely abandon handles, you should use elements to match the furniture or made of similar material. So, they will merge with the surface, not spoil the look and make the kitchen more modern and perfect.

If you want to feel at least some semblance of handles, and the prospect of beating different parts of the body against them will not tempt you, using their likeness - notches along the front edges. They can be called handles, only protruding not outside, but inside the door.

Such a solution will simultaneously make it possible not to abandon old habits, and will make the kitchen much more beautiful.

How to choose facades

Three types of facades are used for wall cabinets:

  1. Deaf - suitable for kitchens that are made in those styles where a flat, smooth surface is the leading element.Such facades do not have gaps or joints, they are made from different types of wood (pine, acacia, alder, oak, beech, oak), MDF, chipboard (covered with PVC film or plastic, natural veneered stone).
  2. Glazed - they always look beautiful, help to add sophistication and elegance to the interior, and they can also be combined with elements from other materials. Glass can be transparent or frosted, engraved or colored.

    Practicality and ease of maintenance will be a big advantage.

  3. Open - we are talking about ordinary shelves. You can easily get the required item, but here it is worth considering that all kitchen accessories are in sight and begin to become covered with dust.

Tall cabinets can be of this type. The combined option, in contrast to the fully open or closed type, allows you to simultaneously hide the little things behind the doors, and at the same time show your favorite things on open shelves or make frequently used items easily accessible.

As usual, the designs include a wall cabinet - shelves, a rack for dishes, containers for containers and sash, as well as pull-out baskets. You yourself can choose the filling for your cabinet, but here it is worth noting that it is impractical to install complex systems in wall cabinets, and it is better to do this on the lower cabinets. If shelves are an obligatory component, then not all cupboards have a dish rack. It can be ordered immediately with pieces of furniture, or you can buy it later - there are many different models that suit you specifically. The container for containers can be between the columns or near the cabinet.

It is most often found in large headsets, it is practical and convenient - pulling it out, you can easily and simply reach a small object, because the contents will be completely visible. Flap containers are irreplaceable and convenient in terms of storing various bags and jars. Such devices are lightweight, making it possible to keep salt shakers, spices and pepper shakers in full sorting. Pull-out baskets are relevant for corner kitchens, as well as for column cabinets. The catch is that it is difficult to get the item you need from the upper basket, but you can again use a sliding ladder and store rarely used items on the upper tiers.

Installation of wall cabinets

Modern kitchens under the ceiling are easy to install, and everything is done:

  • They assemble the kitchen set itself according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Drill holes in the wall, drive in the dowels and cut self-tapping screws into them.
  • Hinge the back of the cabinet box.
  • Front hanging.

By the way, you can hang cabinets not only on hinges.

A more reliable option would be installation on metal tires, when the fasteners are attached to the box itself, and then they are hooked onto the wall to the fixed profile. If the walls, floor or ceiling are uneven, it can be difficult to install.First of all, we are talking about the gaps that can form between the cabinets and the ceiling, and therefore, before installation, everything should be carefully thought out and measured in order to avoid annoying mistakes. By the way, with uneven ceilings, the desire to install high cabinets helps to save the stretch canvases that hide all the flaws and level the ceiling surface. Installation of a corner kitchen under the ceiling is in the following video.

Why, after all, you shouldn't make a kitchen right up to the ceiling

This is the place where a person spends a lot of time during the day. For this reason, it should be the same, so that everything is in its place, and at the same time it will not cause any inconvenience. Someone associates such a haute kitchen with large storage space, while others have a problem with the accessibility of the contents of the cabinet.

  1. Expensive. Everything will proceed from the fact that the larger the structure and surface area, the greater the cost.

    The thing is that a lot of handles, screws, door opening mechanisms and the rest are used here. But all the components can be quite expensive, depending on the selected manufacturer. In addition, most often it is required to make a custom-made kitchen set, because the ceilings are uneven or the height is not suitable.

  2. Modern kitchens under the ceiling - are they needed, all the pros and cons Difficulty of access. Not every person has a height of 1.

    8 to 1. 9 meters, and it can be difficult to reach the upper shelves. It is required to resort to the help of stools and bedside tables. Constant difficulties will lead to discontent, which leads people to become frustrated. And more often than not, the upper shelves are stuffed with dishes much less often than easily accessible ones.

    They needlessly remain so empty, and only that which is seldom used is stored in them. And it is not advisable to use so much space for the storage room due to the high cost of the kitchen.

  3. Installation difficulties. If the ceiling has at least small flaws, then the gaps between the cabinets will not look aesthetically pleasing, and residents will constantly pay attention to such a flaw. You will need to spend extra money to level the ceiling surface or make a stretch ceiling that will hide all the ugly places.

    In addition, communications (ventilation, for example), the ambient air will collect all the aromas from the kitchen.

  4. Style. Full-wall kitchens look organic only if they are decorated in a modern style. These styles play a big role because they will create a general atmosphere. The kitchen must be combined with the overall interior of the house or apartment.

    Otherwise, you will get a mess, and it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Overloaded interior. A large number of lockers make it appear as if the room is filled with pieces of furniture so much that there is no free space. The kitchen can become "cold", and even more noticeable for small spaces, because you want to make more storage space.

So, whether to make a choice in favor of a kitchen under the ceiling or not is up to you.

In the meantime, you can once again review all the pros and cons.

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