Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video

Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video Things that should be in every modern home. While it seems to us that the technological future is not far off, it is not. Already this year, many people have got unusual things in their area of ​​high technology, which are used at the household level. These are washing machines with many useful additions and security systems.

We propose to consider a list of modern things for the home, which for someone have already become commonplace, but for someone will be a real discovery.


Comfortable awakening system

Back in 2018, a Chinese startup presented an unusual development for the home , namely, the comfort wake-up system, which not only allows you to track the quality of sleep and provide wake-up comfort, as was implemented in some of the company's gadgets (sleep sensor, aroma lamp and light alarm). By combining all the components, the product manages the bedroom microclimate - light, humidity and temperature. Any electrical appliances, whether it be an iron or a TV, the systems are turned off, and in the morning it prepares toast and aromatic coffee for you to wake up. The system will be on sale from 2020, but it clearly deserves attention.

A device for growing vegetables and greens at home

The specialists of development studios have created the Green Bar is a specialized device that helps with growing vegetables and herbs at home.

Food is served in the right amount and in the exact proportion, and this is practically unattainable if you are growing in a natural environment. On the touch panel, you can choose one of the programs, which makes it possible to grow different seeds in a period from 1 month to 2 months.

It is also possible to control the device using a mobile application, and such a thing deserves attention. Part of the front door of the product is made of transparent organic glass for viewing the interior space. The image from the built-in video camera inside the body will be broadcast on the screen of the mobile phone.

The main feature of the development is the ability to integrate the device into a kitchen set. At the moment the product has no analogues.

Robot for collecting scattered things

Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video A beautiful thing, which should be in a house with children. The robot, which was announced in October by one of the Japanese companies, will help to collect the scattered objects or things for a large family. He is not only able to understand voice commands, carefully collect large and small items, but also helps to find lost or forgotten things.

After some time, the robot begins to study the house space more and more thoroughly, and the cleaning process is automated - the robot constantly monitors what is not in its place, returns the pencils to the stand and neatly places dirty dishes in the dishwasher.The company has not yet announced when the robot will go on sale, but for a modern home this is not a luxury, but a necessity.

A washing machine with a communication function

At the Berlin exhibition in September, Noover presented a new development AXI - a washing machine with which you can communicate! You can ask her about the best mode to choose for washing your favorite silk scarf, and you can also request a not the longest wash mode if you need to be in time for a meeting. Also, the unit is able to determine how much the things are dirty, and just in case it will ask again if you have added something bright to washing light-colored laundry. At the same time, the machine has an energy saving class A +++, that is, up to 80%.

It can be purchased now, but the cost of the device is 47,000 rubles.

Smart pots for plants

In everyday life, which is saturated with technology, it is very important that the house is "alive". Of the things that should be at home, I would like to highlight a smart plant pot that is able to do everything on its own - the planted seeds will germinate in a thoughtful and comfortable controlled environment. The soil will be disinfected, moistened to the required level, and the lighting of the pot is thought out so that the stems and leaves receive all the necessary elements. The new version of the gadget from the Finnish manufacturer was demonstrated in September, when a partnership with one large company was announced, and you can buy the device for 23,000 rubles.

Kitchen gadgets management system

There are many interesting gadgets on the market, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life, but how about making the kitchen smart at all 100%? In 2020, users will have the opportunity to use technology from the smart home appliance manufacturers from Whirpool, who recently bought out the famous Yummlу app. They have already presented to everyone the integration for managing any kitchen gadgets in a single system. The platform's functionality is huge as never before - from recognizing the quality of food in the refrigerator to ordering new products with quick delivery, there are recommendations for cooking, as well as the possibility of sequential switching on and regulation of all appliances in the kitchen according to the recipe you have chosen for cooking. Believe me, this is just a small part of the possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence TV

One of the best new products to take a place in your home is the 85 "QLED TV.

Samsung decided to introduce a function into the model where using artificial intelligence it is possible to scale the video resolution with poor quality. If you compare, it is 16 times better than the famous Full HD. Color and audio volume with contrast is also improving and reaching the premium level, which is currently the highest. From early October, pre-order is available for $ 15,000.

Clothes and furniture

Smart desk

Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video Quite recently, in October, a smart table became available for pre-order, which, in terms of its external characteristics, does not differ in any way from the curbstones of minimalist design, but the functionality is actually very wide.

Before going to bed, a smart bedside table helps to lull you with the sounds of nature, at night it generates white noise, and thereby helps to drown out sounds from the street, and in the morning it starts to wake you up with LED soft lighting, which is very reminiscent of the rising sun.

Also, if you are having a party, the cabinet will play your favorite music and help cool drinks. In addition, the table can even be synchronized with the voice dialing of your smartphone and will help you charge several devices wirelessly at the same time. You can buy the product for $ 900, delivery starts in November.

Smart mirror

This is a special mirror that was presented by a New York startup.

Such a mirror helps to develop an individual training program, while adjusting to your preferences and body characteristics - heart rate, weight, height, body temperature and much more. The exercise videos are displayed on the surface for you to see your own progress as well as the trainer. You can practice any kind of sport with varying degrees of difficulty - even boxing, even dancing (more than 50 options to choose from). At the moment, the cost of a smart mirror is $ 1,500.

Personal stylist

This is a special development, and many people were looking forward to it, so such a thing definitely deserves to take an honorable place in the house and apartment each person.

It was released in 2018 at an exhibition where the personal stylist was presented as a smart mirror. It helps analyze your taste preferences as well as your wardrobe, and will suggest a different pairing every time you don't have time to figure out what to wear. This modern home item will save you a lot of time. In order to start using the device, you first need to spend a certain amount of time and manually scan each piece of clothing. But after that you don't even need to think about where and what hangs, as well as how to care for this or that thing.

Pre-order is open this year.

A screen that limits peripheral vision

In 2019, Panasonic introduced a device that caused a mixed reaction, and although not everyone liked it, we decided add it to the list of things that every modern home should have. The device helps office workers, as well as those who work remotely from home (freelancers), but do not have enough conditions to organize a quiet workspace. To some extent, it even resembles curtains. The fabric screen is located in the form of a tape along the temporal and back of the head, limiting peripheral vision by 60%.

Headphones with the ability to suppress noise are also integrated here. The device can be ordered in advance, the cost is currently $ 255.

A device for folding things

It is difficult to resist a device that will help you to fold things instead of you. FoldyMate neatly folds 40 garments in just 4 minutes (6 seconds for 1 item!). A person will only need to put them one by one into the device.

The device was presented in 2019, and so far it cannot be called universal - baby underwear, underwear and large winter jackets have to be cleaned in the closet on their own, but the device is still valuable, so you can place a pre-order for $ 984.


Smart Tiled Coating

Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video In September, a fairly popular company demonstrated the first smart tile, which is controlled from a mobile application, where you can adjust color, brightness, and you can also use a huge number of modes (including rhythmic lighting with music integration), and responds to voice and touch. These tiles can be built in any order among the usual tile coverings, and they can also be placed on the entire wall. Pre-order is now available, the cost for 9 tiles is approximately $ 240.

Smart shower

Already this year new bathroom developments have appeared.

Before that, everyone was ruled by the popular smart shower, which caused the admiration of thousands of people. Now the system has been improved - before your arrival, the shower adjusts the water to the required temperature and stream, and if you need to take a bath, it will be enough to say about it aloud, and water will pour into the bowl, and a relaxing soft light above the mirror will turn on. The toilet seat will play relaxing music. The set will cost you from 250,000 rubles.

Protecting your home from intruders

"My home is my fortress.

" At the moment, among modern things for no less modern homes, there are many gadgets that help ensure security, but now the virtual assistant Kevin, who has been developing for more than one year, has especially liked. It was named after the protagonist of a very popular film, where Kevin, in addition to broadcasting a video stream to the owner from the house around the clock, in every possible way under the threat of burglary, demonstrated the presence of people in the house to potential villains. The device can turn on the light and make different sounds, as if someone is turning on the radio or watching a program on TV. You can pre-order for $ 300.

Ring-shaped device for controlling devices

When you put on the ring, it is like becoming a wizard in the Muggle world.

With a simple wave of your hand, you can command the curtains to open, turn on the program on the TV, and you can also save a message in the mobile application. The device is a remote control.

Cube for animals

If you constantly travel on business trips and feel guilty before your own animal, then you should buy a smart cube at home, which is a video camera that will enable from a distance observe how the pet behaves in the house. This camera also has a built-in microphone, so you can even chat with your pet. Plus, you can even control the laser beam to keep the animal entertained while you are away.

As strange as it sounds, it's a great idea if you leave your pet alone for a couple of days.


Meeting video camera

This is an excellent and smart enough device that helps monitor the safety of the home and works on the principle of face recognition. She can warn about who from home has returned. If the system detects an unfamiliar face, you will receive a signal immediately. Some smartphones already have such identification devices, and with the help of a video camera you can watch streaming video that will be broadcast from your home.

It will be automatically written to the video card.

Washing machine from LG

Are you still sure that washing machines cannot surprise you with anything? The time has come! This modern household item has an additional laundry compartment at the bottom of the machine. This means that you can wash two wash cycles at once, i.e. wash colors, whites, delicates and towels at the same time.

The washing machine is connected via wi-fi, and there is also the possibility of remote control.

Smart lamp

Modern things for home that will make life easier: Review + Video Another important thing that has a place in modern home. SengledSnap is more than just a light bulb, because in addition to lighting, it helps keep your home safe with its built-in tracking monitor, wireless camera, microphone and face ID software. The manufacturing company assures that in the near future it will be possible to buy this smart lamp.

Safe with function B lu e t oo th

The FirstAlert safe was created for Bluetooth technology, which means that you can open and close it only with your phone.

If necessary, you will have the opportunity to give access to relatives or friends.

Air purifier

Every home should have an air purification system. With the help of the program, which will be installed on your smartphone, you can monitor indoor air quality in accordance with the standards adopted by the WHO (World Health Organization). The device is equipped with filters that perfectly purify the air, and due to the work of sensors, they are able to recognize even dust particles.

This is just an incomplete list of what is really required to equip a modern home.

Even if this is new to you, it is not at all necessary to buy everything at once, try to master one thing.Sooner or later, these items will enter your life.