"Moment Crystal" Glue application instructions

The composition of the Moment Kristall glue and its application

The waterproof universal Moment Kristall glue has many advantages over other similar means.

Its shape is very comfortable, and the consistency is optimal. Even when joining delicate materials, they will not be affected, and glue spots will not appear on the front side.

Due to the excellent characteristics of the operational type, such an adhesive composition is indispensable in everyday life, it makes it possible to combine dissimilar and homogeneous materials.

General information

Types of adhesives "Moment"

Line of polyurethane-type adhesives "Moment" "is produced by the manufacturer Henkel.

According to user reviews, the demand for such a series is the highest among similar products. On sale you can find other types of contact adhesives of the series:

  1. "Moment No. 1 Universal (Classic)". Adhesive, inexpensive, and at the same time suitable for most popular materials. It is characterized by a high level of adhesion to dry quickly and densely.

  2. "Moment Gel". Such a product has a gel structure, and is one of the varieties of super-glue, produced not just in tubes, but even in cans.
  3. "Moment Crystal". Completely transparent composition based on polyurethane, used in everyday life, construction and repair.
  4. "Moment Marathon".

    Most often bought for shoe repair, and is widely used by shoe craftsmen. It is very resistant to environmental factors.

  5. "Moment 88 Extra strong". This composition guarantees the highest adhesion strength, and is not yet afraid of frost and water.
  6. "Moment 1 minute".

    Adhesive composition of one-component type, which is characterized by the speed of drying. Convenient for use on vertical bases.

Also on sale there are special "Moment" products for plastic, rubber, boats, cork and PVC. The universal type "Moment Gold Standard" glue is suitable for any material.

Composition of "Moment Crystal" glue

Such an adhesive composition is made of complex chemicals, and many of them are inventions from the latest generations.

The base will be heterochain polymers from the polyurethane group. The composition is also represented by such substances:

Note that the presence of acetone and other solvents explains the unpleasant, pungent aroma of Moment. Despite the harm of such components and the need to work in special protective masks, the manufacturer positions the product as an adhesive that meets international environmental standards and norms.

The most harmful solvent, toluene, was removed from the recipe back in 1998, but from time to time there are fakes on the market that contain such substances.

Performance and operation characteristics

It is interesting that the composition of the "Moment Crystal" glue is such that the agent can be used for gluing a large number of materials, and also has a minimum number of restrictions ... Applying only one side of the part with a thin layer and joining the elements ensures high strength of the adhesive seams.

This is achieved through a high level of adhesion. Such an adhesive composition is transparent, and this increases the scope of application, because after gluing the joints are completely invisible.

The main technical characteristics of the composition are as follows:

  • The recommended temperature level when working with glue is from +16 to +30 degrees (you can also temperatures, but then the time of the polymerization process will change).
  • The temperature of using products after the glue line dries is from -40 to +76 degrees.
  • High resistance to cold - the seam can withstand several cycles of freezing and thawing, and the adhesive itself in the tube quickly restores its original properties after defrosting.

  • Consumption of funds is from 0.2 to 0.4 kg per square meter (it all depends on the type of surface and purpose).
  • Resistance to moisture, no changes in technical parameters even if exposed to water.
  • Resistant to UV rays and dilute acids and weak alkalis.

  • The optimum density level of the adhesive is 0.88 kg per cubic cm.

Care must be taken when using the adhesive, as the adhesive can easily catch fire. that the composition contains solvents. If you do not follow the indicated recommendations from the manufacturer for the temperature of use, it can deform.

The adhesive has certain application restrictions. It is forbidden to use it for repair work of Teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene things. Also, glue should not be used to glue dishes, other utensils and objects that are in contact with food. For plastic there is not a ban, but a limitation - you should drop a little money on an inconspicuous area, and also evaluate the reaction of the material within 1/2 hour. If there is no yellowing and warping, you can safely use glue for work.

Scope of use

The instruction says that the best adhesion indicators are achieved when using an adhesive composition on materials such as porcelain, ceramics, PVC (soft and hard), polystyrene and organic glass, as well as plain glass. The glue is also used for gluing leather goods (artificial and natural), cork and fabric, paper and cardboard, rubber and foam rubber.The bonding site will be of no less quality when used on metal or wood. It is due to such a variety of fields of application that it will be universal. The product can be used for various repair, household and restoration work.

Since it is resistant to moisture, it is suitable for products that come into contact with water and other non-aggressive liquids. You can use the product at home, in the service sector and at work.

Pros and cons

The adhesive composition is in high demand in the market, because it has many advantages and compares favorably with similar adhesive compositions. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Low cost, availability in almost all household stores, department stores and hardware stores.
  • Excellent joint strength, which is associated with crystallization of the composition as it dries.

  • Ability to apply on parts that are subject to vibration, mechanical impacts with moderate force due to the elasticity of the adhesive.
  • Transparency, which makes it suitable for repair work on ceramics, souvenirs, decor, as well as household appliances.
  • Possibility of gluing various materials.
  • Absence of the most toxic solvent - toluene.

Please note that you can wipe off "Moment" in liquid form without solvents - it simply rolls off the surface, and this is an additional plus.

The disadvantages include unsuitability for certain materials, and it is also required to exclude contact with products. Another disadvantage will be an unpleasant aroma, which is associated with the presence of acetone in the composition.

Form of issue and cost

The price of Moment Crystal glue ranges from 100 to 130 rubles, depending on the store. The cost is indicated for the smallest package of 30 ml. There are several types of glue with the same volume:

  • 30 ml tube.

  • Show box 30 ml.
  • 30 ml blister card.

Still on sale there is a "Moment Crystal" in a tube of 125 ml in a show box, and they also sell a can of glue with a volume of 750 ml. There are 10 liter canisters in specialty company and hardware stores.

Instructions for use

All recommendations for working with the adhesive are indicated on the package.

To obtain a high-quality adhesive composition, the base should be prepared in advance - cleaned from dirt, processed with fine-grained emery paper. In order to remove grease stains, oil film, both surfaces to be glued must be degreased. To do this, it is best to wipe them with alcohol, acetone, and this helps to remove the remnants of paintwork. You can also rinse products with household detergents.

Further recommendations with the adhesive composition are as follows:

  • Apply glue on one surface, if they are of the same type, and on both, when materials of a dissimilar type are glued together.

  • If the substrate is porous, reapply the adhesive after a couple of minutes.
  • Press the product together from the center to the edges to prevent air from accumulating, and also fix it using any convenient methods.
  • Soak everything for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Leave the product for 24 hours until full use (to gain strength for the glue line).

It is possible to make adjustments to the position of the elements only immediately after they are attached to each other.

It is allowed to separate objects with immediate re-bonding. Already after 6 minutes it will be impossible to do this, and you will need to clean the base from the adhesive and repeat all the manipulations. The manufacturer does not recommend gluing in a room with high humidity. Despite the fact that the seam is resistant to moisture, and the moment of connection, the action of liquid in one form or another should be excluded.

Please note that sometimes the adhesive will get on the skin of the hands, clothing and other items.

You can remove dried glue with gasoline or acetone. It is better to give the fabric to dry cleaning or try to wash it with powder, detergents and wipe with alcohol. The glue can be removed from the tools with gasoline, and soak everything in it for a couple of hours.


Moment Crystal transparent glue is flammable, and therefore it is important to observe the following safety measures when working with it:

  • Do not open packaging near sources of ignition.
  • Do not apply adhesive on items that are located near sources of high temperature.

  • Do not use glue on hot surfaces.

All operations with glue are carried out only in a well-ventilated area (using a hood or through ventilation). For prolonged work, even with forced ventilation, you should wear a respirator. Work should be done with gloves and special clothing. If the adhesive comes into contact with the hands and other areas of the skin, they should be washed with a large amount of soap solution.

in case of contact with eyes and other mucous membranes, rinse out and immediately seek medical help.

How to store the adhesive? Store the product only in its original packaging, which is tightly closed. The storage location should be located out of the reach of pets, children, the sun and the possibility of heating. It is desirable that the temperature should be no less than room temperature, but freezing of the adhesive composition is also allowed (after defrosting, it retains its properties). Temperature standards for storage are from -21 to +31 degrees, and the period is up to two years.

Also, under no circumstances should the used glue packaging be thrown into the fire, and it should be disposed of with household waste. If the recommendations are followed, the adhesive does not pose a danger to human health and life.