Norwegian style carriage house project

Norwegian style carriage house project Norwegian style carriage house project

Before starting house construction, in front of the developers there is always a dilemma - what material to build a house from so that it turns out to be cozy and beautiful. In recent years, most private developers have opted for the Norwegian-style carriage house construction on the project.

Such houses are very durable, perfectly retain heat, and also fit perfectly into the landscape of the summer cottage.

General information

Wooden buildings from a bar can be made using different technologies, as well as from different species. This article tells about projects of wooden carriage houses, which are designed using Norwegian technology.

House projects made of such material according to the technology of Norwegian castles differ from houses made of glued and profiled timber in a special way of assembly, as well as wall thickness. This technology came to us from Norway, where the climate is very cold and the housing requirements are very high.

Types of projects of houses from a gun carriage

Wooden houses were built a long time ago, and they remain popular even now. But thanks to the development of technology, as well as architectural design, modern projects are distinguished by their ability to become a family strong nest for a long time and external beauty.

One-storey buildings made of gun carriage

Houses with one floor made of gun carriage are incredibly popular as a building for year-round living, or for recreation outside the city.

House designs on one floor can be implemented in different styles, and they also have a useful area of ​​75-200 square meters. The base of such projects includes a classic square box with a gable / gable roof. Quite popular are projects from a carriage, where they use special preparation for a log house. Preference is given to building a house from a dry gun carriage. This helps to avoid difficulties with shrinkage, as well as fungus on the tree.

The tree species is usually selected before project implementation.

Great Norwegian homes come from wood like cedar, but sometimes people choose alternatives. One-story buildings do not have to be designed in the form of a classic box. Modern projects offer timber houses with different shapes and styles. Regardless of the fact that the house is made of a cedar frame and has characteristic log ledges at the corners of the box, and it can be built in the following styles:

All of these architectural styles are unusually combined with material such as a carriage. But with a well-designed geometry, you can build housing that differs in shape from classic projects. It is possible to build houses on one floor from a carriage of a manual cabin, even with your own hands, however, it will be easier to build a small private house with a small area.

Everything will depend on the skills and time of the person. If you wish, you can develop a simplified house project, but with a huge area, and in this case it will be much easier to lay the fire monitor with your own hands, because you do not need to understand complex drawings. The size, shape, and style of a one-story fire-monitor house may vary depending on the budget. In certain projects, there may be large panoramic windows or sliding doors made of tempered glass. All these factors do not make the construction cheaper at all.

Please note that houses built from a gun carriage do not need insulation, because walls with a thickness of 20 to 25 cm are able to retain heat perfectly.

Two-storey houses from a gun carriage

Northern-style houses on two floors look elegant, and also attract attention. The complex log shape and assembly technology make a log house warm, very durable, even if it is built on a couple of floors. Architectural home design, such as the one-story home, is not exclusively limited to Norwegian style. Houses from a carriage of a Norwegian cabin (according to the project) look aesthetically pleasing in the country style, when the external forms of the architecture are able to reflect the narrowly focused style.

The project of a two-story suburban building from a cedar gun carriage can be made in the Russian traditional style, which sometimes includes carved columns, as well as wooden frames with handmade patterns. such a simple log house can become a pride, and at the same time a place to relax. But spending on this construction can be unlimited with a small budget. As an alternative to all costly and unusual projects, you can build houses with an attic. Such a building can be erected with your own hands, and it also does not require a heavy strip base, as well as difficult calculations with the shape of the roof and box.

Good advice! Carriage houses can be built not just from cedar, but also from coniferous trees, for example, pine or larch.

Advantages and disadvantages of carriage houses

The carriage house has its own advantages and disadvantages, although there are not so many negative qualities, as in all materials for construction, and also technology. The advantages are as follows:

  1. Unlike log walls, the thickness of the carriage is 20 cm, and the heat-saving qualities of timber houses are not worse than those of log buildings. Thanks to the thin walls with a perfectly flat surface, the area inside the building is greatly increased.
  2. Thanks to the Norwegian technology of wood felling, the house will perfectly retain heat, as well as not let it through.

    The whole secret will lie in the fact that the carriage is made of wide logs with a diameter of 0.3-0. 6 meters, which greatly reduces the number of blanks for a single wall. In this regard, tightness will remain inside the house, because there are much fewer joints in the walls.

  3. A Norwegian-type castle will not let through drafts, it is very durable, which will not benefit, moreover, the quality of the house and heat losses, which are an order of magnitude less than in simple log houses.

  4. House walls with a thickness of less than 0.25 meters can replace brick walls with a thickness of 1 meter. This will be due to the fact that cedar or other tree species that are suitable for construction have a low degree of thermal conductivity.
  5. If we compare the construction of a house from a log and a carriage, then you can save on material, because the carriage can not be insulated and not finished inside. The shape of such a log itself will look smooth, aesthetically pleasing, which makes it possible to save on additional building materials.

  6. The connection of the carriage logs will firmly fix the walls, which can have a positive effect on the strength of the house as a whole. Everyone knows that a wooden house will give minimal shrinkage and drying. Due to the technology of Norwegian locks, the building will not deform, but on the contrary, the carriage will only wedge more tightly together.
  7. A carriage house is designed in such a way that the walls are firmly connected to the roof. This helps to make the structure resilient as well as resistant to natural phenomena.

  8. The modern and beautiful appearance of the house leaves no one indifferent, and such a building will always stand out with its unusual appearance from typical buildings.

There are also disadvantages:

  1. Compared to rounded logs, fire alarm houses are required to be built from dry forest, and also to be treated with wood preservatives.
  2. The construction process takes place only in the summer or spring season, because in most cases, house logs are treated with antiseptics after the walls are built. But this disadvantage can be attributed to almost all building materials, because the main time for construction is the warm months of the year.
  3. In case of illiterate cutting of the key cups, as well as uneven fit of the bars in the bowls, after a while microscopic cracks may appear on the carriages.

    These will be cracks on the surface that do not affect the thermal properties of the house in any way, but this can spoil the appearance of the interior.

Let's talk about the design.

Exterior and interior of houses made of gun carriage

Projects of houses made of gun carriage in the Norwegian style are such that they imply conciseness and thoughtful design - this will become a guarantee of comfort, and also great relaxation inside the house. When it comes to Norwegian-style carriage houses, sometimes it turns out that nothing can be added to the tree, and it in itself will create a unique design. This is partially true, but not everyone is satisfied with the classic type of facade and interior wall decoration.


The house facade made of cedar material remains unfinished for most developers, which can be considered the right decision.But you can also give the wood a peculiar shade through special impregnations. As a rule, the impregnation includes an antiseptic and a color scheme, which will prevent the development of fungus in the wood. Thus, the house facade can be given a light or dark color, depending on the design project of the mansion. The cedar carriage does not need additional finishing and insulation.

After laying, oval-cut logs will create a decorative effect that is a real decoration of the house, as well as a high-strength wall. Certain avant-garde designs include hand-patterned cutting on the carriage surface. On the walls, where the side of the main entrance is located, different types of patterns or a certain ornament are cut out. But this design will not suit everyone, because the main priority is buildings in the classical style, and the facade, in this case, does not need to be decorated with patterns.


The decor and interior of a house built of cedar can be decorated with your own hands.

In order for the house to be cozy and comfortable, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. A large number of design projects include a fireplace in the home interior. It will complement the wood walls, as well as laconically combine with the overall decor. Some of the private developers install electric fireplaces in their country houses, but design professionals recommend the installation of a real wood fireplace, because it positively emphasizes the idea, as well as the aesthetics of the design.

Norwegian style carriage house project The finishing design of the walls can be chosen by the developers with their own hands, but it should be noted that the living room will look great with unfinished wood walls.

On a cedar carriage or material from the rest of the forest, after a while after laying, spider web cracks may appear, which will give the wood unusual patterns, changing its external structure. This natural type design will go well with carved wood furniture and a fireplace.

Projects where the kitchen and living room are combined and everything is separated only visually are very popular. The interior, which is planned as a studio, is comfortable, and a single wall decoration made of wood will not become boring if the kitchen and living room areas are separated by different methods of light. The kitchen can be lit with bright chandeliers, and the light inside the living room can be slightly subdued.

Ceiling decoration in the interior can be combined with acrylic stretch canvases, or you can stay in wood style. The interior of the carriage house is classic, and has become the embodiment of home comfort, hearth. It should not be overloaded with a large number of accessories and other attributes. The woody structure can replace the perfect wall finish.

Please note that with the right choice of the carriage, insignificant cracks appear and only after that they complement the decorative cedar properties.

such small cracks have no effect on the energy-saving properties of the house.

But if you are faced with the task of changing the bedroom interior, making it more romantic, then the walls can be finished only partially and based on a certain part of the room. There are controversial projects in which the interior will be created opposite to each other. The walls will remain wooden, without decoration, and as for the pieces of furniture, they are chosen in the style of high-tech and minimalism. These projects of Norwegian carriage houses find admirers, but not always.

In houses made of wood, you can radically change the interior, decorate all the walls with gypsum slabs, wallpaper or paint. But wood itself has a beautiful shape and structure, and in rare cases will need a decorative type of finish.

Good advice! The floor covering in the house from the gun carriage should be natural, and any hardwood will do. Even in a woody interior, natural-type parquet looks great.