NP-88 glue: technical characteristics

NP-88 glue: technical characteristics NP-88 glue - its characteristics and instructions for use + other similar varieties

For household and construction tasks there is always a solution in the form of NP-88 glue, the technical characteristics of which are incredible. These products are sold in various forms in modern stores.

We propose to consider in this article how to use such glue correctly, and also consider its features.

General information

Features of the adhesive composition

Such glue as NP-88 is composed of synthetic chloroprene polymer rubber or even natural rubber mixture with a polycondensation compound of phenol with formaldehyde. Such a structure is quite complex, and it is precisely the numerous compounds of a molecular nature that will characterize the properties, as well as the features of the adhesive composition, its resistance to water and elasticity.

The main advantage of such a product will be that it is quite easy to apply to the treated surface. You will be able to do everything comfortably and at ease. The second positive point is that it is very economical to use. For each square meter of surface, approximately 0.3 kg of adhesive is required.

Among the advantages, we also highlight the product's ability to withstand unusual temperature conditions - from +70 to -50 degrees. You will be able to use the substances in all weather conditions and for all kinds of objects.

Among the peculiarities of the adhesive composition, we highlight its structural stability - even under water exposure, which is required for work with most materials. Items that will be sealed with such glue do not collapse, and also remain in their normal form even at high humidity. Additional and very important points include the safety of the substance - there are no dangerous elements for human health in the tube with the adhesive composition.

Also, harmful substances will not appear directly when using the adhesive. This point is extremely important for the use of glued products in closed types of premises.

In addition, buyers were able to best evaluate the anti-corrosion properties of the adhesive. You may not be afraid to glue metal objects with it. The increased level of elasticity of the product will be maintained even with the longest exposure time Substances are also suitable for working with moving materials, and a reliable durable product can take its rightful place in your home.

Also, the composition is very resistant to increased vibration levels.


This adhesive is a viscous and thick mass of gray-green or even beige, and tones can vary. The composition contains rubbers, phenol-formaldehyde resin, nefras solution and ethyl acetate.In this case, you need to mix everything as best as possible, and note the fact that the glue does not absorb various toxic components that negatively affect people's health and life. It will be safe to work with it under different conditions, and it is also thermally stable, waterproof, plastic, and is able to quickly set.

We propose to consider the main types of products.


Usually, a similar option is used to glue difficult building materials, and these include foam rubber, metal and others ... It is for this reason that the brand is quite popular.

The adhesive composition is also able to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to +50. In addition, the substance is resistant to mold, and also has incredible anti-corrosion properties. This option is actively used for the automotive industry, as well as in the construction of aircraft and even in the creation of pieces of furniture. You can use this adhesive as an assembly bonding agent.


This type of adhesive makes it possible to glue even vulcanized rubber with metal / plastic / concrete.

The substance will definitely contain gasoline, and the glue also has a low level of thermal stability. Strength is 11.5 kgf / cm 2 .


The use of 88-NP glue is incredibly wide, and therefore such a substance is called special. The option is perfect in places where a strong and waterproof connection is required, and the water itself can be both fresh and salty.

The adhesive composition will perfectly glue everything - rubber with glass, concrete, metal and leather. The model is able to withstand large temperature drops (from -50 to +70 degrees). Such a product can be successfully used to create items of upholstered furniture, as well as in the automotive industry and just for construction. In this composition, there are no volatile substances that can evaporate during solidification.


NP-88 glue: technical characteristics This is a variant of an adhesive containing gasoline, synthetic resins, and many more additives.

Perfect for bonding metal, leather, rubber, fabric and wood. The substance is resistant to heat and cold. It also attracts attention and has impressive elasticity. You can use such an adhesive for industrial applications or for everyday tasks. It also meets all the standards that are prescribed in GOST.


A universal version of the adhesive composition that is capable of gluing textiles, rubber, foam rubber, wood, glass, paper and much more. The model is used to create furniture, cars, and even in radio engineering. Long-term stickiness is one of the many advantages of the product. By the way, it is thanks to this property that the adhesive can be used for working on large surfaces.


This type of glue is universal, and it helps to connect metal to other non-metallic products.

The composition is durable, waterproof and strong - so you can describe the model. It was the Rogneda company that made such glue. It is important to note that the material must not be diluted with toxic substances, the only exception will be gasoline. The product contains polychloroprene rubber with an increased degree of elasticity. It is also important to note (according to user reviews) that the product dries quickly, the consumption of funds is small, which means that the use of glue is economical.


This type of adhesive was able to show a very high level of tensile strength. The glue can be applied at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +70. As for the area of ​​application, it will be similar to the types of glue listed above.

So, we examined the main types of glue modifications. It is worth noting the fact that the cost of any model is affordable and acceptable.

This is another advantage of the product.

List of the best manufacturers

Glue 88-NP can be made in different ways, because it has many manufacturers. In addition, do not forget the many similar adhesives that we talked about earlier. The Rogneda company is the creator of the 88-Lux model, which is perfect for gluing leather, rubber, metal and other items. Such glue is also actively used for the manufacture of furniture items, shoe repair, in everyday life and industry, the substance helps to glue materials reliably and with high quality.

You will be able to use the product conveniently and easily. During storage, it is important to take into account the basic recommendations so that the substance can serve for a long time. You can profitably buy 20 liters to save money and get a universal adhesive composition. Also, the "Expert" company is engaged in the production of quality products, and their adhesives are perfect for gluing materials, as well as for everyday life and industry. The model has excellent fixation, and also creates an elastic, durable and moisture-resistant seam.

There are other manufacturers, and all imported products will be characterized by high quality characteristics. Moreover, the cost of such funds will be much higher than that of companies of the domestic type.


Such an adhesive composition can be used for all kinds of substances, for example, for imitation leather, leather, metal, fabric, wood, glass, cardboard, polymeric materials and others. The substance is also suitable for both linoleum and rubber. And glue for the shoe industry is also actively used, and it is such substances that will be easily applied to products at different temperatures, and everything quickly sets.

The product will be ready for use after a day if you glued everything in a cold way, and if it was hot, then after 3 hours you can use the product.

As for the methods of using the adhesive, or rather, gluing, there can be two options:

  1. Hot glue should be spread in a thin layer over the required surface , and after half an hour, it is important to expose the object that was glued to high temperatures (about +90 degrees Celsius). Next, we leave the object under pressure for a while.
  2. The cold method can also ensure a reliable connection of products. Distribute the substance evenly on the required item.

    After 20 minutes, another layer of adhesive can be applied, and the object that was glued should spend a day under the press.

If we talk about industrial scale, then such glue as No. 88 can be seen on sale even in 25 kg canisters. As for the warranty period, it will be one year, and if the substance was stored correctly, it may be longer (the storage temperature should be from +10 to +25 degrees. Such glue is actively used for the construction industry.

They can glue materials on rubber base or rubber products to reinforced concrete or wooden bases.Glue is also used in everyday life, which allows you to glue not only leather products, but also stick foam rubber on different surfaces

Instructions for use

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Stir the adhesive thoroughly before taking and sampling.
  • Surface, which you plan to glue, sandpaper, wipe with solvent and dry for 15 minutes.
  • Then apply a thin layer of glue, wait another 15 minutes.
  • After applying the second layer, wait 10 minutes, and press down firmly
  • Leave everything for 24 hours.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult.

Helpful advice from experts

NP-88 glue: technical characteristics By the way, quite often during long-term storage the glue starts to thicken. If this happened, then the composition can be dissolved by means of benzene or even dichloroethane. After six to twelve hours have passed, you can proceed to use.

As for the proportions, they should be selected in such a way that the substance is very similar to liquid sour cream in consistency.

When storing the glue, make sure that the container is necessarily airtight, and the temperature is +10. . + 25 degrees. If all the rules for storage and use are followed, then the model can be used throughout the year. In this case, in practice, the adhesive composition can be used even longer.

By the way, this substance will be an excellent alternative to threads, nails, as well as other fastening elements. Affordable and versatile, it will help make your work enjoyable and easy.

Such a multifunctional material, which is able to adhere to different surfaces, was able to prove itself perfectly.Maple 88-NP has become a real leader among similar ones. As a result of application, you will get a really durable result, no matter what surfaces you plan to glue.

We have considered all the features, as well as technical characteristics, and now you can decide for yourself whether it is worth using this adhesive for work or everyday life.