Oak wood - interesting facts

Oak wood - interesting facts Unusual and interesting facts - information about the oak tree and its wood

Oak is the most popular type of wood after pine, and only for the reason that pine is much cheaper and more affordable. For centuries, the hardness and strength of oak made people respect such a strong tree, and also use it in the most unusual industries.

The tree is a beech family and has more than 600 species, and such a tree is sacred among many nations, because it is the personification of longevity and strength.

For this reason, we propose to consider and study interesting facts about oak, as well as about its wood.

Facts about Duma wood

  1. Oak wood - interesting facts A mature tree for normal growth consumes about 0.

    2 m 3 water in 24 hours, and in the presence of a large amount of moisture, an oak can grow up to 30 m in height, and the trunk diameter of certain giants can be up to 3.5 meters. Even after the tree stops growing in height, the thickness of the oak trunk does not stop developing.

  2. Oak firewood in Italy is very expensive, and the thing is that real Italian pizza is cooked only with them.
  3. True connoisseurs recommend walking in the oak forest as often as possible, because a tree like an oak perfectly feeds a person with its energy, gives more strength, makes thoughts clear.

    This is especially useful in the evenings, after 18:00, when the wood energy is more active.

  4. Oak is the longest-serving tree among all trees, and certain trees are over 1000 years old. For this reason, the couple, who have lived with each other for 80 years, celebrate the oak wedding. This is a confirmation that there is incredibly strong love in this world. In honor of such an event, anniversaries are usually given gifts that are made from the wood of this beautiful tree.

  5. Oak can often be found on the coats of arms of cities and even countries. For example, in Russia such a tree adorns the coats of arms of the city of Ostrov (Pskov region), as well as Shumerl and Tsivilsk (both cities are part of the Republic of Chuvashia).

  6. The ink, which was used to write until the very end of the 19th century, was made precisely from oak leaves, or rather, from growths on them, which have such a name as Gaul. Such growths appear as a result of damage to the leaf by small insects. When the tree tries to heal the damaged area, it begins to deposit a lot of tannins on the walls of the gall, and the juice from the galls was mixed with copper sulfate, and then an adhesive composition was added.

    Such ink could remain fresh for a long time.

  7. Peter the First in 1703 decided to declare trees that are suitable for shipbuilding, reserved. They could only be demolished to build the fleet, and those who decided to violate the sovereign's decree were in for a very terrible punishment. At the same time, the oak was strictly guarded, and if a large fine or even hard labor was threatened for cutting down pines or larch, then for cutting down an oak a person was facing the death penalty.
  8. Few people know, but in Germany there is an oak tree, which even has its own address.

    According to the legend, in the 19th century a forester lived in this place, who strictly forbade his daughter to meet with her beloved. Then the lovers decided to secretly communicate and leave notes in the hollow of an oak tree. After a while, the father saw that his ban did not have the proper force and allowed his daughter to marry her fiancé. The wedding was celebrated under this oak tree. A beautiful love story was able to make the oak an incredible legend, and those who wanted to find their love put notes in the hollow.

    After a while, the tree was assigned a separate postal address, and now you can use the services of a "marriage agency" from anywhere in the world.

  9. The properties of oak wood are unusual. Bog oak is a unique material that has been spent many centuries. The oak tree, which has lain in the water for centuries, has become fabulously rich. It is used to create luxury furniture, and prices for finished products are astronomical.

    Suffice it to mention that the price for 1 m 3 bog oak is at least $ 2,000 and more. Moreover, the main reserves of such precious wood are concentrated in Russia.

  10. All cognacs and whiskeys are aged in oak barrels. During production, each barrel is roasted on an open fire, which increases the strength of the material several times, and also contributes to the release of aromatic elements, which at all times have given an exquisite taste to expensive alcoholic beverages.
  11. Oak wood - interesting facts Somehow gardeners noticed that the most expensive mushrooms in the world - namely, truffles, are in symbiotic relationship with the root system of oak and therefore they are often found near oak groves.

    In 1808, Joseph Talon planted acorns from a wild oak tree, under which there were earlier truffles. A few years later, truffles were found under the roots of the grown oaks. At the end of the 19th century, 750 km 2 were planted with truffle oak groves, and the harvest was up to 1000 tons of truffles in 1 year.

  12. In the French village of Allouville-Belfoss there is an old oak chapel, which is 16 meters high and 18 meters in diameter, and is estimated to be 1200 years old. This is not only the oldest oak tree in France, but it is also a place of pilgrimage - in the hollow in the 17th century (or rather in 1669) two chapels were created: the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace and the Hermit's Chapel.

    Up to 40,000 people visit this oak every year.

  13. There is a 1,500 year old giant oak tree in the US National Park called Angel Oak. Its height is 20 meters, the trunk will be 2.7 meters in diameter, and the length of the largest branch is 27 meters. The tree was named after the last owners of the land, where it grew.

  14. In ancient times, tanners used tannin for processing skins, and obtained it from oak bark and leaves. Even the word "tanning" itself comes from the name of the tree, from the word "oak".
  15. Almost all oaks grow in the Northern Hemisphere, but some types of trees have been able to settle even in the Southern.
  16. Oak acorns are nuts.
  17. The bark of some oak species is used to make bottle corks.

  18. Certain types of wood have sweet acorns that you can even eat.
  19. Oak nuts are used to prepare a tonic drink that is somewhat reminiscent of coffee.
  20. By the way, the ships, which were built of Virginian oak, had such great strength that cannon balls often bounced off the sides.

  21. Oak is more likely to attract lightning strikes than other trees. It was because of this that such a tree was the most beloved among the Druids, because they believed that lightning was a sign of inspiration.

  22. One of the most stupid wars was the one that took place in 1325 between the cities of Modena and Bologna. The two cities were in tense relations, and a deserter from Bologna stole an oak bucket, and then took it to Modena, which was the last straw. There was only one battle in the war, the Bolognese were defeated, and the oak bucket remained in Modena.


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