on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video Gutters do not have a decorative function. They act by storing water from rain and other precipitation.

Such a system protects from rainfall and on the walls of the building.

Most often, specialists are hired to install the gutter, but this is not a particularly difficult matter, and anyone who has his own house is able to mount the gutter system on his own.

We propose to consider the topic of attaching drainpipes to the wall in this article.

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Construction of drainage systems

In recent years, galvanized steel has become less popular, and plastic structures have become popular ...

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video Plastic and metal are now considered to be in demand materials for the production of drainage systems. These materials have their positive and negative qualities.

In the recent past, only galvanized steel was used for drainage systems.

This material was used not only for the manufacture of drainpipes and drainage systems, but also for the production of roofing.

The advantages of plastic systems

In the production of drainage systems, the use of plastic is considered a plus. Because this material can be given any shape and painted in any color. For this reason, the use of plastic drainage systems allows not only to protect the building from excessive moisture, but also to give the opportunity to implement some kind of design ideas.

A specialist in this field will be able to select a plastic gutter in such a way that your home will be transformed.

Also, the sale of ready-made sets is considered a good quality of plastic gutters. These kits are easy to assemble. But such ready-made kits are quite expensive, much more expensive than individual items.

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video

If you want to save money, then you should not buy ready-made kits for the drainage system, but better purchase all elements separately and make the system yourself.

When installing such a system, there will be no difficulties.

Disadvantages of using plastic elements

But it should be borne in mind that the negative quality of plastic elements is poor resistance to frost. For this reason, the design of the drain must be done so that the water in the drains does not stagnate and freeze.

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video

In addition to plastic, drainage systems are made from different metals. On sale there are gutters made of copper, of various alloys, but such gutters are not cheap.

Installation of the drainage system

To complete the installation of the plastic drainage system, you need to perform several steps.

First of all, you need to remember that the installation of the gutter nodes should be done at a certain angle. This is done so that there is no stagnation of water.

  1. The elements of the bracket fasteners are mounted during the construction of the structure.
  2. First, gutters are attached, then funnels for water are installed.

    Lids are attached to the ends of the gutters.

  3. A vertical piece of drain is then attached to the drainage funnel.
  4. A vertical section of pipe is attached to the wall on pre-installed brackets.

Downpipe attachment. Tips and tricks

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video The gutters are attached to the walls using a bracket that is screwed on with self-tapping screws.

Fasteners of the gutter to the frontal boards are used when using a gutter made of polymeric materials. In addition to self-tapping screws, metal anchors or nails can be used to attach the drainage system to the walls.

In the event that you are going to install the drainage system in the process of erecting a roof, then the brackets for fasteners can be screwed to the rafter supports from the bottom of the crate. When marking the fasteners of the drainage system, it is necessary to take into account the slope of the drainage gutters towards the drainage funnels. The slope of the drain should be 5-10 degrees, this is necessary so that the water itself flows into the vertical drain pipes.

Polymer pipes, which are arranged vertically, are attached to the outer surface of the walls using strong fasteners. For fasteners, metal brackets are used. The bracket for fasteners is fixed in the wall of the house with an anchor or a self-tapping screw six centimeters deep.

When choosing brackets for fasteners, you must take into account that the fasteners should be slightly larger than the pipe diameter.

Installation of gutters

Before starting the installation of horizontal gutters, it is necessary to take all measurements and mark the places for fastening the brackets.

The brackets should be mounted no more than sixty centimeters apart. Then determine the angle of inclination of the horizontal gutter. To do this, it is necessary to mark the position of the first and extreme brackets, for this you need to stretch a cord or thread between them. The next step is to mark up the rest of the brackets.

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video

Installation of the gutter begins from the edges, but it must be taken into account that the pipe section must be located vertically be no further than fifteen centimeters from the near bracket!

Drain pipe fixing

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video The pipe can be fastened from the bottom or from the top.

We will analyze the second method.

First, you need to determine the place for fixing the bracket, which will be located on top of the vertical section of the pipe. Be sure to take into account the width of the roof eaves and the size of the pipe bend.

If the funnel for receiving water on the gutter is far from the wall, then it is better to make a bend in the vertical section of the pipe.

Installing the gutter

The vertical section of the downpipe should be fixed about five centimeters from the outer wall of the house.

First, install the bracket from above, then use a plumb line to mark the vertical line and mark the places for fastening the brackets.

on siding and to the wall from sandwich panels- Review + Video Fasteners on the vertical section of the pipe should be with a distance of one meter.

When you have placed the brackets, then mount the bend, it should supply water from the gutter to the drainage funnel into the vertical pipe section.

Then mount the vertical section of the pipe and after fixing it, mount the elbow from the bottom of the pipe to drain water into the tank or to the ground.

Please note that the junction of the outlet and the drain pipe must be attached to the wall with a separate bracket.

Good luck in your endeavors!