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on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video Stretch ceiling - stylish, fashionable, practical! This is a fairly strong and wear-resistant canvas, capable, with an appropriate attitude towards it, to serve for decades. But everything happens in life: force majeure situations are not uncommon. No one is safe from troubles: the ceiling covering can be damaged by something sharp, neighbors from above can spill it, or a fire can occur.

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Another nuisance that can occur with a stretch ceiling, for which even an emergency is not required, is the sagging of the ceiling.

This problem is quite common, the reasons for its occurrence are different.

But in order to eliminate the malfunction, you need to understand why it appeared. Only after finding out this can you start repairing.

Sagging of the stretch ceiling: reasons

on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video
What to do if the ceiling in the house sags?

One of the reasons for the appearance of such a defect may be poor-quality installation of the ceiling. However, let's be fair, there are other reasons for the formation of such a defect. It should be noted that any reputable, self-respecting company provides a guarantee for the mounted ceiling.

Therefore, if the fault lies with the workers, then the company is obliged to redo the structure for free.

What are the most common causes of sagging?

  • The baguette itself lags behind the main ceiling or wall surface. Having found a sagging ceiling, check the tightness of the baguette. If the room is small, then the ceiling area is small, there is a gap of two centimeters between the wall and the profile to make the sagging obvious. This is the result of improper installation.

  • Flimsy walls. When making holes in them, their surface crumbles and crumbles. Hardware is poorly held in such walls; pieces of chipped plaster and dust fall on the surface of the ceiling.
  • When installing the ceiling to plasterboard boxes or partitions. The frame at the level of fastening the baguette must be reinforced.

    Otherwise, the tension force of the ceiling sheet will affect the wall sheets. At this point, the gypsum may deform and detach from the wall surface. The case can be attributed to the warranty only if the plasterboard walls were equipped by the same company that dealt with the ceiling. on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video

  • The most common cause of sagging is a leak from above, from neighbors on the floor above. Under the weight of the accumulated water, the canvas stretches and sags noticeably.

    Due to the elasticity of the material, the canvas is able to hold a sufficiently large mass of water without losing strength. If there is a lot of water, it is immediately visible. If a small sag has formed, then the presence of water in it can be determined by hand. If, when you slide your hand over the material, you feel water rolling under it, the reasons are obvious.

  • It rarely happens that pieces of shingles, lime and plaster from the finishing of the base ceiling base fall on the stretch ceiling canvas.

    They are also determined with the help of hands, by touch.

Ceiling slack allowable

on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video
Allowable slack at home

There is such a category as allowable sag. What is it? This is the normal amount by which the canvas sags in the center of the room relative to the sagging along its perimeter. There is a single standard that is followed throughout the world. The amount of such sagging should not be more than one hundredth of the diagonal of the ceiling sheet.

Usually this value does not exceed a few centimeters, which in fact are not noticeable.

Usually, the homeowner can easily determine the cause of the defect in the ceiling and try to fix it.

Sagging stretch ceiling: how to fix it?

on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video If the installation of the suspended ceiling was carried out by a specialized profile company, with which an official contract was concluded, and the ceiling sag, then the contractor should deal with the problem, and at his own expense. It is advisable to specifically and in detail prescribe this item in the version of the contract. But it so happens that it is not possible to find someone responsible for installing the structure.

What to do in this case? And then you will have to find any responsible company, preferably with good reviews, and entrust the repair to specialists. At your expense, of course.

Usually in such cases it is necessary to dismantle the structure, and put the fastening profile again, taking into account the characteristics of the wall material. Only then is the canvas stretched and fixed again.

If the ceiling sags from a leak

on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video
Punching through the ceiling to pour out water

If you find that water has accumulated in the ceiling, what should you do? First of all, turn off the electricity in the apartment, and only then call the professionals.

They carefully drain the water, partially dismantle the canvas, dry well the inter-ceiling space and the ceiling itself. Only after that will everything be returned to its place. When there are lights on the ceiling, it is sometimes possible to remove water through their holes. But you should not carry out work of this kind on your own.

Important! What is strictly prohibited to do? Do not pierce the stretch ceiling to remove water from it.

He will be hopelessly flawed.

If the reasons for the sagging are foreign objects

on temperature, air, water and objects - Review + Video Before starting When installing the ceiling, it is recommended to carefully examine the surface of the existing ceiling for its strength. Something does not suit you, then it must be thoroughly cleaned and then primed. This will increase the likelihood that the ceiling will serve faithfully for a long time.

The occurrence of many problems with stretch ceilings can be avoided if you take the choice of the performer with full responsibility.

Preliminary preparatory work must be carried out. If, nevertheless, trouble has occurred, and you notice a defect in your ceiling sheet, do not rush to eliminate it on your own. Regardless of the cause of the flaw, it will be much better if professionals are involved in fixing it.


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