One-story baths projects

One-story baths projects Project of a small bath for a summer residence - 2 * 2, 3 * 3 and 4 * 4 meters

The room of the steam room must be small in size, and the popularity of projects of one-story baths is much better than that of full-size buildings measuring 5 * 7 or 8 * 12 meters. According to most connoisseurs of bathing, there is less free space and comfort in a small bath or sauna, but the steam is much hotter and richer.

Which sauna project should you choose? If you do not consider the subtleties of the process of building a bathhouse, but dwell only on objective indicators,

then the construction of a one-story small bath looks more beautiful from all points of view.


Selection criteria:

The third point has always been a mystery for most customers and developers of typical bath projects, although this is not unusual. A small one-story building, in which a sauna or steam room occupies most of the usable area, heats up and dries much faster, more efficiently and better than large bath houses with a pool and billiards. But comfort should remain comfort, even for summer cottages as a stepladder, it makes no sense to select projects with a minimum level of comfort.

There are a couple of sections in the small bathhouse:

  • Steam room, which is allocated at least 3 square meters.

  • Rest room or dressing room for 2-3 square meters.
  • Small shower behind a partition, which in most projects is replaced by a suspended wooden bucket or water tank.

Please note that in the project of a one-storey summer bath, a shed or covered terrace is used together with a rest or cutting room.

This does not mean at all that all projects of winter-type baths are much more convenient and comfortable than summer ones. Most often, the sauna box itself is built at a short distance from the house near an artificial reservoir or pool.

According to the project, there is nothing in a one-story winter bath, apart from a Russian hot steam room, a brick heater, which occupies 50% of the building, and a small dressing room, in which it is possible to leave outer clothing and shoes. According to the owners, all the amenities are located in the house. The process of parking is as close as possible to a Russian bathhouse with short get-togethers in a small, very hot steam room, dipping into a cold hot tub or even pouring water over them with further rest in comfortable conditions in the house.

What is important to consider?

What materials to look for bath projects

The construction of even the smallest one-story bath needs a balanced and thoughtful calculation.If you do not have ready-made samples, for example, from neighbors or friends from whom you can copy the solution, then ideally it is worth ordering a layout or using one of the typical projects of small bath rooms on one floor.

Everything that is built at random, as a rule, does not last long and heats very badly. The vast majority of small baths are built of wood, and this can be a construction project from logs, beams, or even a frame-type option with double insulation and facade-type finishes like siding. Fans of Finnish saunas very often order projects from SIP panels or red hollow block bricks.

A small one-story building on piles, depending on the project, can retain and retain heat in the steam room for almost 2 days from the moment the electric heater is turned off or the stove is turned off.

Universal plans and solutions for one-story baths

The most inexpensive option for a one-floor steam room can be called a bath structure, which is assembled in the form of a barrel on a columnar low-power base.

Despite the external simplicity, the room has a small dressing room, as well as a dressing room, which are divided by a partition with a section for a steam room. Projects of a small bathhouse for a summer residence are designed so that up to 4 people can be in the steam room at the same time, but this is not very convenient for such a number of people due to the fact that it is possible to walk around the room along the central line. If there is a fire or other emergency, it will be easy to quickly leave the small room. This type of bath is convenient to use as a seasonal steam room on a country-type site.

Classic log-house bath

A real bathhouse in Russia was built of logs, and a well-folded log house can stand without repairs for at least 15 years .

.. Moreover, the walls of a one-story building are often not even insulated according to the project, only periodically they renew the facade, and the joints on the lower rims of the building and windows are minted. As an example of a log project for a 3 * 4 meter bath, you can use the photo below. This is exactly the case when the developer was able to invest in the project all the basic construction solutions that are often ignored by experts:

  1. The entrance to the bath room, the locker room and the steam room is located on the same line, and in each of the rooms and a dressing room, and there are also small windows in the front door.

    This means that in case of strong smoke or gas poisoning, you can always leave the room without problems.

  2. The roof of a one-story building is built according to all the rules, and for log baths 3 * 3 meters and more, the roof overhangs are made very long. This makes it possible to efficiently save heat energy, get rid of condensation and protect the building from wind and rain.
  3. There is a covered area at the entrance to the bath room under a canopy. For a small bath, it makes no sense to build a real terrace, but the canopy over the entrance helps to organize summer gatherings in the evening after the steam room.

In general, the project turns out to be successful, durable, and like everything of good quality, not cheap at all, on average, the construction of a one-story small log-house requires at least 300,000 rubles. A more affordable 3 * 3 meter log-type sauna with the project below will be more affordable. As in the previous case, the box of the one-story type building is assembled from a log of 0.2 meters. The room is divided by the classical method into 3 sections:

  • Steam room with an area of ​​3.

    5 square meters.

  • Small washing room.
  • Dressing room, which is combined with the rest room.

The disadvantage of such a one-floor bath project is the poor roofing structure. If you build a steam room in an open space, then it is best to use a roof, as in the photo.

Overview of projects

Projects of log baths

The construction of even a one-story small steam room will always be associated with the problem of freeing up the territory near the house. For this reason, it is required to look for projects of the smallest bath buildings. The timber is distinguished by such an excellent property as the fact that it is possible to build baths of any size from it, up to the size of a doghouse. One of the options for a 2 * 2 meter bath is below. The steam room is made of logs, the rest of the details are lumber.

The result is a one-story, inexpensive sauna that is durable and warm. Lumber walls do not retain heat well, and therefore a traditional room is revetted with siding or upholstered with a block house. Another, more civilized option is the arrangement of a shed and a small summer terrace. These designs are very popular for small country cottages and houses, in which most of the area is occupied by fruit trees, beds and shrubs.

Every sauna in the yard will always have problems with melted snow, the formation of puddles, and as a result, the need to combat groundwater.

It is impossible to neglect such a problem, since the basement part of the log frame rotates out in 3-5 years. It is required at least to make a full-fledged blind area of ​​the base, lay drainage and cast a concrete footpath. If a small bath is required to be placed in a poorly prepared area, then you need to immediately install the steam room box on a columnar base or even on piles.

Small bath planning projects

One-story baths projects The most popular small bath projects are those where there is a division of the room into three sections. The entrance to the building according to the project can be located from the front of the building or from the side.

In the first version, the convenient placement of the front door makes it possible to achieve maximum comfort for summer holidays on the site near the steam room. In this case, the maximum area is allocated directly for the recreation room and the attached terrace, and usually its area is no less than 4 to 7 square meters, and the rest of the internal types of premises are allocated for a steam room and a small sink.The side entrance to the bath room is mainly used for bath projects with a "wagon" type of room layout. The design will turn out to be very simple to manufacture, and shorter logs or beams can be used, which greatly reduces the cost of the construction process.

As practice has shown, tandem placement of rooms is considered a necessary measure.

Such projects are used in the case when it turned out to be inexpensive to buy material for construction, or the format of the site does not allow the construction of a warmer and more economical bath with a square layout. Even the smallest baths can be built according to the project, in which the room is divided only into a couple of rooms - a steam room with a dressing room (dressing room) and a sink. Such a simplification in the project is now considered a necessary measure, an increase in the number of rooms on the level of comfort or the atmosphere in the steam room has almost no effect, and additional partitions in a small bath only lead to senseless loss of useful space.

How to decorate small baths

The most convenient and practical experts recognized the project with a small covered terrace at the entrance to the building. A project with a terrace can be developed and combined with a bathhouse with a gazebo under one roof.

The largest number of applications is received for projects of one-story baths with an extension for a fireplace or barbecue. In fact, this is a new format of a summer kitchen with a built-in small bath for a plot outside the city. The developers tried to create a one-storey building from a bar that best suits the needs of vacationers.

When drawing up a project for a future sauna, it is not at all necessary to try to copy all the traditional designs and forms, and there is always the opportunity to find a more original design. For example, a small one-story sauna room with a gazebo can be built in the European style.

The most non-standard project of a small bath involves the widespread use of timber, brick, metal and glass.

Such a building looks very beautiful and unusual, and certainly raises a lot of questions from friends and neighbors. In fact, this is a new idea for drafting projects, where the bath room looks less and less like an old wooden "birdhouse".


Modern projects of one-story baths are becoming more and more interesting and unusual, both in terms of design and layout of the internal type. The only thing that stops many people from implementing them is the high cost of construction.

A typical small chopped bar or log bath will cost about $ 3,000, and the cost of an ultra-modern project can easily exceed $ 10,000. The choice in this case is obvious, and it is better to build a small but time-tested Russian steam room than a modern monster made of metal and glass.

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