One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles

One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles Building a beautiful one-story house has many advantages. This option of building your own home is becoming more and more popular and economically profitable. The house can be built in different shapes and configurations.

The appearance depends only on the wishes of the developer and embodies his fantasies.

An important stage in construction is not only the construction, but also the design of the house, which should be carried out by specialists.

One-story houses. General information

Construction of one-story houses is popular. Families who do not need a large living space are often happy to settle in them. For a long time people stopped building castles for themselves. It is more comfortable to live in a compact, cozy and practical home.

One-story houses among the advantages differ in the minimum construction period.

Beauty and comfort

The beauty of one-storey buildings may well compete with cottages. The external facade depends on the taste and choice of the customer. In addition, the construction of a one-story house has additional advantages, for example, the absence of stairs, which is sometimes a dangerous and inconvenient element. Especially if the family has small children or elderly people.

To make life in such a house comfortable, you need to properly plan the premises. Before construction, the necessary documents with calculations are necessarily prepared. It is recommended to entrust such an important issue to professionals, since it is difficult to correctly draw up all the documentation without special knowledge. Subsequently, such papers are a real estate passport, which includes:

  • One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles - engineering documentation with all communication schemes;
  • - architectural and construction documents with drawings, dimensions, materials for building a house.

Advantages of a one-story building

At the stage of designing houses, regardless of one-story or multi-story buildings, it is important to plan the land plot so as to effectively use the entire area.

The construction of a high-rise building is expensive and complex, unlike a small house. In addition, the implementation of engineering communications also differs at times in costs.

When building a one-story house, the advantages are as follows:

  • short construction period;
  • relatively low costs. A one-story house has simple shapes, so the absence of complex configurations will save you from financial costs. The use of a gable roof will significantly save money and give the house originality;
  • One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles ease of repair and maintenance;
  • comfort and compactness without dangerous structures with a competent arrangement of rooms;
  • the ability to choose building materials from which the house is built - brick, wood, stone, foam block, ceramic block, shell rock, etc.


  • the ability to determine at your discretion, the size of the premises, since the bearing walls in such a building occupy a small area.For example, you can make the kitchen very spacious with natural access to light, or, on the contrary, close it. Or it is allowed to arrange one from several rooms and equip it stylishly;
  • the attractiveness of the external facade, which differs in style;
  • you can place a fireplace in the house, not artificial, but a real one, near which it will be located in the evenings the whole family. In addition, it will be an additional source of heat;
  • the possibility of individual landscape design.

The knowledge of specialists will help to create a one-story house practical and comfortable, where there is a place for a recreation area and personal hygiene.


Most people want to live not only in a comfortable, reliable home, but also in an attractive one. The process of creating a beautiful home can turn it into an interesting and attractive structure. This applies a variety of materials and styles.

  • One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles Vanguard - a house with unexpected solutions, stylish and interesting with a combination of unusual colors and shapes. The structure is asymmetrical with bizarre curves.

  • American - combines simple forms with large rooms, with strict lines and symmetry. Usually includes a wide staircase.
  • English - aristocratic style. Restraint and refinement are reflected in it. The houses are built in a rectangular shape with small windows and brick walls.

    The decor is almost absent, the forms are simple. Original flower beds are created around the house.

  • Gothic - the presence of towers and columns. The house has many decorative elements, stained-glass windows.
  • Italian - close to the Gothic with towers and strict geometry.

    The roof is always flat, and expensive natural materials are taken for construction - wood, stone, metal forging.

  • Classic - differs in original appearance, proportionality and symmetry. The roof is pitched with tiles. Plaster is used for the facade.
  • Minimalism - it is in everything and very popular in recent years.

    It is important to have a large amount of light, strict forms, naturalness.

  • Provence - refined and delicate style. The entrance door, which is usually very large, has a special role. The house itself is built from bricks or stone. The color scheme is light.

Low-rise brick house

One-storey brick houses are considered versatile housing that can be built on any soil. In addition, among the distinguishing features, professionals call high rates of brick fire safety. Those who want to save money on construction and know how to work with building materials can try to build on their own.

For example, many projects involve the construction of a one-story brick building with an area of ​​50 square meters. The floors are made of wooden beams, the building itself is 8x8 m.

There is a living terrace and an attic floor.

If the family is large, then the house must be at least 110 sq. m.The project implies the construction of a living terrace, garage, attic floor. The walls of the building are erected from building bricks, a balcony is assumed.

Several types of bricks are used for construction:

  • - construction - a popular option, cladding is required;
  • - porous ceramic - has high sound and heat insulation properties. It has excellent architectural parameters. The disadvantage is the high price;
  • - silicate - it has high noise absorption, but its thermal insulation properties suffer. It is used for external walls in 2-3 layers and for internal load-bearing partitions.

Building a brick house is a long process.

There is no need to plan work for the fall or spring, as the building will not differ in strength. Brick houses warm up slowly, so long-term heating is required.

Aerated concrete house

Aerated concrete is the best option for construction with a limited budget. The material is flame retardant, airtight and safe. When compared with the brick version, the savings in construction are achieved up to 20%.

Important rules:

  • the foundation must be monolithic to ensure the stability of the building;
  • construction is carried out only at a positive temperature of at least 5 and not higher than 25 degrees;
  • is necessary additionally reinforce the walls and openings around windows and doors;
  • the house cannot be moved in until it has stood for several months, so that the glue dries out and is fixed completely.

Wooden housing

There are many advantages in building a house from a bar. For example, such buildings will serve a person for years. They will not be affected by negative environmental influences. Suffice it to recall the village old huts, which stood for several centuries, during which the appearance practically did not change.

One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles Due to the low weight of the building material, single-storey buildings do not require a complex foundation, which significantly reduces the construction time and costs. Experts are able to build a house with an attic in one season if all the documents are available.

The popularity of one-storey houses from a bar is justified by their external expensive and attractive appearance. But, you need to take into account the peculiarities of construction and living. Not everyone feels comfortable in such a house; moreover, a lot depends on the building site.

For example, to build a house of 100 square meters, you need a large area of ​​land.

A small one-story house is an ideal option for a summer residence. It won't take long and will become functional enough. Due to the small area, such a structure will quickly warm up in winter at minimal cost. You can relax in such a house all year round.

These one-story buildings are perfect for permanent residence of older couples. The living area in this case usually does not exceed 100 square meters.The plan of a one-storey house includes a large living room-kitchen, bedrooms, utility rooms.

Young families in such housing will also feel comfortable, but more often two-story houses are built with a breakdown into zones. On the first there is a recreation area, and on the second there is a bedroom.

The disadvantage of such a house is that you cannot do without a ladder, and it creates a danger for small children. In addition, it is more convenient for parents when the kitchen is always available and the child is under supervision. In this regard, a one-story house is much more practical.


Design is an important stage that must be approached responsibly. An important point - you need to order a project from specialists in order to be sure that the house meets all the rules and regulations.

They will take into account the wishes of the owners, acquaint them with ready-made beautiful projects, look at photos and analyze them for the possibility of erecting such a building on a specific site.

Most one-story houses are built with a size of 10x10. This area is enough for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen. It is allowed to change the area of ​​rooms, creating additional space, for example, for another bedroom. Designers offer the option of combining the kitchen and living room, while getting a single large room.

The bathroom is done at the discretion and request of the owners - separately or jointly. The installation of a shower cabin will save space in the bathroom. In addition, you can significantly save on water consumption.

For example, a developer has a car, then he must provide a garage space at the design stage. It is with him that professionals advise to start construction, and to save space, he is most often located under the house.

Of course, such a design solution will require additional costs, but the functionality will be excellent. The exit from the garage is usually done double - to the street and to the house.

Architects love to propose to design three-bedroom homes. In this case, the area of ​​the house should not be more than 64 square meters.

Unusual and attractive

One of the advantages of a one-story building is that you can create a unique appearance and an unusual internal arrangement.

One-story houses with an attic are well suited for a conservatory, as there is plenty of space and light for flowers. In addition to growing plants, you can relax with the whole family and enjoy nature. In the attic it is convenient to arrange a play area for children, especially in the demi-season, when it often rains.

One-story houses their pros and cons - Basic Types and Styles One-story multi-level houses are interesting. For example, the main room is located above the garage, and a small staircase leads to the living room.

Or an attic is made with insulated walls, but this solution also requires additional expenses.

Often there are design solutions in which outbuildings are provided on both sides of the entrance to the house. They are functional and beautifully designed.

In the photo there are houses completely glazed from one wall. This allows for natural sunlight.

The building takes on an unusual appearance and attracts many views to itself.

A one-story room can be decorated with non-standard solutions - columns, arches, figures.

Disadvantages of a one-story house

Of course, there are many advantages of a one-story house, but there are also disadvantages, including the limited size. If the building site is small, then it is not suitable for construction. In addition, insulating and insulating the building will cost more, due to the close location of the rooms to the ground.

Requirements for one-story houses

To decide on the project of a new house, you need to take into account the basic requirements:

  1. the area of ​​the house, the number of rooms, the presence of additional premises;
  2. if the relief consists of drops, then additional waterproofing is needed;
  3. the number of sanitary zones should be calculated depending on the number of rooms;
  4. determine and take into account additional buildings, warehouses, for which free space is needed.

Many photos allow you to choose the desired project of a residential building, which will take into account the characteristics of the soil.

Therefore, beautiful one-story houses are a real ideal solution today. Many residents already live in them and have managed to appreciate the comfort and coziness. The modern world is hectic, and unfortunately, there is not much time for communication with loved ones.

And in such a house, a large family can gather for a holiday, communicate. This will become a truly family nest, where you can relax and gain strength.