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only problems or more advantages? Review + Video When purchasing a land plot for construction, more and more often its owners prefer to build on it not a classic stone structure, but panel or frame house. Meanwhile, advisors and reviews on sites often warn them about the disadvantages of such buildings for permanent residence. So how reliable is this type of housing? What real disadvantages does this technology have? [contents]

If you look specifically, negative properties can be found anywhere, including in brick buildings and in multi-storey panel buildings. But it is worth paying attention to individual disadvantages of the construction of frame structures in order to reduce or eliminate them as much as possible at the construction level. Let's dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of frame structures.

Disadvantages of frame houses

  • only problems or more advantages? Review + Video Fire hazard. Wood materials are indeed highly flammable, and the danger exists. However, the industry today produces a wide variety of flame retardants. These are special impregnations that greatly increase the fire-resistant properties of wood, even in direct contact with fire.
  • Fragility.

    It is considered one of the main disadvantages of the frame structure. Yes, such a problem actually exists - the chance that the dwelling will last for hundreds of years is rather small. And what can prevent him, except for a physical impact such as a meteorite that collapsed on him? Most of all in buildings of this type, time affects the insulation located in the outer walls. But this factor can be fought. About once every 30 years, it is simply replaced.

    To do this, remove the skin of the frame from the inside, the vapor barrier film, carefully remove all the unusable insulation, place a new one instead, return the vapor barrier and finish to their original place. And the home will become cozy and warm again.

  • only problems or more advantages? Review + Video
    Decay of the frame house

    Decay. This negative quality can be mentioned, but it is worth noting that it may be the result of the unfairness of the material manufacturers or builders. To mount raw structures into a frame and expect them to remain pristine white and bright is a big arrogance.

    All wooden elements must be protected. Treatment with antiseptics should be carried out even at the stage of erection of the power frame itself. After all, when it is closed with external and internal finishing, it will take a little more effort to process it, and this event will cost much more.

  • only problems or more advantages? Review + Video Noise isolation. There is such a drawback.

    If we compare a wooden structure with a building, the ceilings and walls of which are made of concrete blocks or bricks, then the first one will have significantly lower sound insulation performance. But this problem, like many others, is completely solvable.Applying modern soundproofing materials, and using special construction technologies, you can completely neutralize this disadvantage. You can get rid of both impact noise and airborne noise. For this, various methods are used: untie the supporting frame and interfloor floors, the use of good insulation and noise-absorbing materials.

    The latter include thick lined linoleum, carpet, etc.

  • Environmental friendliness. This completely wooden house is undoubtedly an eco-friendly structure. But the frame structure is not entirely made of wood. The cavities inside the frame are filled with insulation, the frame is upholstered with chipboard or OSB containing resin and glue, among other things.

    For interior decoration, drywall is often used, which also includes not only substances of natural origin. only problems or more advantages? Review + Video

  • Termites, mice and insects. Termites are not as essential for our band as, for example, for America. In general, there is a special method of anti-termite impregnation of a tree that helps it resist harmful insects. Mice can be a real threat in our climate, especially for structures where inexpensive types of foam are used as insulation.

    Although the problem of rodents is relevant for all private households, regardless of the type of buildings. In a frame house, an excellent way to resist rodents is to use a special insulating material in the ceilings of the lower floor - ecowool. Borax, which is part of the material, has not only an antiseptic effect, but also interferes with the vital activity of rats and mice.

  • only problems or more advantages? Review + Video Fungal lesions . In areas with high humidity and frequent precipitation, the house may experience constant dampness.

    Especially if the ventilation device is poor, or the dew point is incorrectly calculated. In secluded areas under wallpaper, behind skirting boards, near window sills or in a corner, foci of mold may appear. The likelihood of its occurrence increases in a hermetically closed room, without drafts. After all, the panels cannot "breathe" like the walls of a log house, and need ventilation. Forced ventilation or airing, as well as high-quality processing of building materials with an antiseptic against fungus, will prevent the formation of mold.

only problems or more advantages? Review + Video But, apart from the disadvantages, frame structures have a lot of obvious and advantageous advantages. It's not for nothing that their active construction has been going on for so many years in European countries and American houses in the USA.

Nothing is ideal, the more difficult it is to imagine a completely ideal home. American citizens are extremely easy-going, and often change their place of residence.

The inhabitants of Europe are more conservative, treating the house as a family nest, often serving as a dwelling for several generations.

But both are choosing a similar type of development.In Europe, America and Scandinavia, the number of private and public buildings erected using frame technology is growing. If the disadvantages of this method were really so significant, it is unlikely that this method would have gained such popularity. What are the advantages of structures built using frame technology?

Advantages of frame houses

  • only problems or more advantages? Review + Video Significant savings on foundation arrangement. The frame structure is light and durable, therefore it does not need a capital foundation.

    Such a building is quite stable, and not too sensitive to possible seasonal movements of the foundation, arising from the heaving of the soil.

  • Impressive construction speed is an undoubted advantage of a frame house. It is quite possible to erect a building from scratch to the roof in one decade - three months. Compared to a brick structure of a similar area, the difference can be up to six months. A frame house with a foundation can be built in eight weeks, and a brick structure in the same months.

  • When erecting a frame structure, you do not need to wait for shrinkage . A structure made of bricks, logs or timber needs it. Its term can be up to one year, only after a certain time can one begin to level the load-bearing walls, heat insulation and subsequent work. That is, it may take at least two years before you can enjoy your new home. You can safely enter the frame house after finishing the finishing.

  • Saving on equipment is another advantage of frame construction. All the constituent elements used in construction are quite compact and relatively lightweight. Therefore, there is no need to operate special equipment for moving and lifting individual parts.
  • Good seismic resistance. The frame building is quite stable due to the absence of permanent rigid connections between the elements.

    In addition, wood is flexible enough to withstand deformation without breaking.

  • Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, a frame house retains heat better than a house made of stone or brick.
  • In a frame house, you can easily hide all communications under the decoration of the walls, floor or ceiling. The subsequent replacement of the required networks will also not cause any particular difficulties.
  • Durability .

    With proper care, the house is guaranteed a period of 50 years, careful care extends this period to 100. only problems or more advantages? Review + Video

  • Redevelopment. In a finished dwelling, it will not be difficult to carry out redevelopment. It will not be accompanied by large expenditures and time-consuming processes.
  • Variability .

    The presence of a variety of projects, the ability to choose a suitable one or implement your own project. Each finished project comes with a detailed implementation plan to help guide the construction.

The risk of disappointment in the construction of a frame house

The risk of disappointment is present in everything, it can happen with a built house. This can be facilitated by poor-quality materials, not too conscientious or unskilled workers, violation of the sequence of events, damage to materials from improper storage. However, if you follow the technology, adhere to the necessary standards, choose high-quality materials, then the built house will faithfully serve your family for many years.

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