Operational and technical parameters of a metal door with a thermal break: Instruction + Photo and Video

Operational and technical parameters of a metal door with a thermal break: Instruction + Photo and Video Doors with thermal break reviews and characteristics. In this article, we will consider the design of such doors, their purpose and their technical properties. We will analyze how to choose a door with a thermal break and analyze the reviews of the owners of such doors.

Basic information about doors with thermal break. The main function of the front door is to protect against intruders.

Entrance doors are made of metal and this is their advantage, because such doors are reliable and durable. On the one hand, the metal door can withstand temperature changes, precipitation and other weather conditions. On the other hand, a metal door is not a heat-conducting structure.

General information

Many reviews left by the owners of metal doors are negative, because the best qualities are only in very expensive metal doors, but not everyone can afford it. Cheap metal doors quickly lose their original appearance (paint peels off) and can even freeze in severe frost.

What to do if finances do not allow buying a premium-class metal door, but quality and comfort are important and necessary?

Recently, doors with a thermal break have appeared on the market. What is thermal break? This function only applies to aluminum and metal structures.

Attention. The thermal break is only required for the street door.

Thermal break is a barrier that stands in the way of cold air entering the house.

To achieve this effect, you need to eliminate all possible points of contact between the inner and outer surfaces of the door. This design works based on simple physics rules. Thermal break occurs due to the presence of an insulating layer. This layer is made of a material that has a low level of thermal conductivity. The inner cavity of the door is filled with insulating material, and the structure resembles a layer cake.

Attention. There is no peephole in such a door and is usually replaced by a video intercom.

How to choose a door with a thermal break?

When choosing this kind of door, you need to know and pay attention to the following things:

  • Operational and technical parameters of a metal door with a thermal break: Instruction + Photo and Video Box thickness. The box should be three-chambered (more is possible, not less). The thickness of such a box is at least 90mm.

  • Frame. The frame should be divided between the warm and cold parts of bakelite plywood or cork insulation, at least 0.5 cm thick.
  • Thermal insulation.

What are the benefits of buying a door with a thermal break?

Installing a street door in a country house has many advantages:

  • The door does not freeze, and neither does the lock block.

  • Good noise isolation.
  • Suitable for any climatic zone.

Colors of doors with thermal break

The most economical option is to paint the metal with enamel, the powder spraying method will cost a little more.The door, covered with lacquer with patina, looks exquisite.


The door consists of two parts, which makes it possible to paint it from the inside to match the interior. Another economical way to give the door a presentable look is MDF panel. This design looks noble and provides additional thermal and acoustic protection.

What are the options for finishing MDF panels:

  • Panels in retro style.
  • Painted panels.

  • Panels covered with MDF film.
  • Panels with anti-vandal plastic.

The most expensive way of finishing a door with a thermal break is finishing with a paneled array of oak. Often for the design of doors with thermal seals in a private house, forged elements are used.

Why is a door with a thermal break is profitable

By becoming the owner of a door with a thermal break, you will significantly reduce heating costs, because this door fulfills its function of preservation by 100% heat in the room.

A number of advantages of this door do not end there.

Doors with thermal break have:

  • Operational and technical parameters of a metal door with a thermal break: Instruction + Photo and Video reliable assembly system;
  • easy to operate;
  • high quality coating;
  • frost resistant;
  • no condensation;
  • high noise absorption;
  • tolerance to extremely low temperatures.

But doors with a thermal break have several disadvantages:

  • Large weight of the structure;
  • Purchase of additional parts - door handles with thermal breaking properties.

Reviews of owners of doors with thermal break and rating of manufacturers

  • "We were looking for a door to the country. We considered many different options.

    the selection criterion was the presence of a thermal break, because the house is still under construction and for some time, the door will be right on the street "Maxim Vasyutin, Tomsk.

  • "We bought a door with a thermal break for a country house. From the outside the door looks normal, but inside we decorated it. Looks very cool and keeps warm" Oksana Markelova, Bryansk.
  • "When we get acquainted with the main characteristics of a door with a thermal break, a fair question arises:" which manufacturer's door is better? "

According to positive customer reviews, the brand is the leader in this industry NORD.

The assortment range and price segment in this company is diverse. The organization supplies its doors throughout the country. After NORD, the second place in our rating is occupied by ARGUS. The organization produces doors with a high quality powder-polymer coating.


We have told you only about those manufacturers who have gained popularity among buyers.

This market is constantly replenished with new manufacturers with their technologies and prices for goods. The main thing that you need to study before buying - these are the characteristics of the products and choose the door that suits you.