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options, photo with and without a visor, quickly and beautifully- Review + Video How to make a porch for a bath with your own hands quickly and beautifully, see the options. Adhering to the standards for arranging the site near the house, the bath should always be located on a hill. There are certain restrictions - the height of the basement cannot be less than 25 cm.

If possible, you can make it even higher. The main criteria in the construction of a porch for a bathhouse are convenience and durability.

Standard types of porch

Often, the porch is built from the same material as the bathhouse, as a rule, it is a tree or logs. But if you pay attention to similar structures, but made of concrete, we can conclude that it is much better and more durable.

There are several basic types of structures:

  • A porch made of logs, bars or planks . It is easy to make a porch with railings from such material, and if you wish, you can build a spacious veranda.
  • Porch for a bath made of concrete.

    This is the most robust and reliable design of all options, and has proven itself to be excellent. A suitable option for a bath, which was built from foam blocks. When building this structure, do not forget about aesthetics, for example, a concrete porch with metal railings and racks looks extremely unattractive and spoils the entire appearance of the building.

  • Brick porch on a concrete base. Yes, you can also combine: lay out the side walls with bricks, and make the degrees of concrete.

The type of porch you choose depends only on personal preference. Much also depends on the availability of this or that material and on whether the structure will be attached to the bath or will be built with it.

Design features

Before you start building a porch for a bath with your own hands, calculate its dimensions. This will require knowledge of certain nuances.

First you need to calculate the angle of inclination.

To do this, you should read the sanitary norms and rules, where the most important point in the "Stairs" section is that the angle of inclination should not be less than 28 degrees, but not more than 45. In general, the height of the porch should be the same as the height of the basement ...

Important! When calculating the height of the structure, at least 3 cm should be subtracted from the height of the basement, since over time the foundation will shrink, and as a result, the door may begin to touch the surface.

When the angle of inclination of the height of the porch and stairs is determined, you need to calculate the length of the staircase. Based on the data received, we will calculate the number of steps. The height of one step should not be less than 15 cm, and the depth - about 27 cm.

How to make a porch for a bath: important calculations

options, photo with and without a visor, quickly and beautifully- Review + Video Most often, when building a porch for a bathhouse, they use wood with their own hands, and it is not surprising: this version of the material is best combined with the design features of a bathhouse, which is built from logs.

Building materials

To start building a wooden porch, buy the following materials:

  • Planed boards.

  • Bar.
  • Ondulin and metal roofing tiles.
  • M200 grade concrete.
  • Varnish for processing.

Please note, that if you install a wooden porch, you will need to cover it with a special product, as over time it will lose its external qualities and will not be as durable.


A successful do-it-yourself construction option is when a porch is already included in the project and it is easier for you to navigate. In this case, you do not need to build an additional foundation and rack your brains over the design of the roof. The process will rest only on the creation of steps and the decoration of the general background.

If you need to build a separate structure, you should adhere to the following work plan:

  1. Make an accurate sketch of the future structure and calculate the number and size of steps.
  2. Build the foundation taking into account the data indicated in the calculation.

    The depth of the foundation must be at least 60 cm. This is necessary so that the porch does not shrink in the future.

  3. A layer of waterproofing should be laid on the finished foundation, after which you can start installing the pillars, which play the role of supporting pillars for the upper part of the structure.
  4. Next, you will need a layer of earth and rubble. In the lower part, treat the posts with bitumen so that the material does not decay in the future.

  5. Now you can start assembling the base for the top layer of the porch, which will be installed on the previously created supports.
  6. Attach the structure to the bath using anchor bolts.
  7. Upon completion of the previous steps, you can start assembling the ladder, which must also correspond to all calculations (dimensions).
  8. Now attach the ladder to the top landing.
  9. Attach the visor on top.

    For this, it is better to use metal corners and anchors. Ideally, the roof material should be the same as the bath roof.

Important! The roof of the porch for the bathhouse must have such an area that it covers not only the porch, but also the steps. It is important that the canopy should be placed at a slight angle to prevent the accumulation of precipitation.

Use openwork or carved boards as a finishing material.

You can make bindings in the form of interesting shapes, thereby decorating your porch.

If you have the skills to work with wood, you can also cut beautiful figures in the form of flowers or animals from the posts - this solution will look gorgeous at the entrance. It all depends only on your imagination and skills.

Concrete porch for a bath with your own hands

The porch made of monolithic concrete is no less popular. Its main advantage is its high strength, which guarantees that the porch will last for many, many years.

Preparing the necessary options

In order to start building a porch, its base and steps from concrete, you should stock up on the following materials:

  • Wooden formwork.
  • Concrete with the M200 brand.
  • Polyethylene film / roofing felt for waterproofing.
  • Armature.
  • Rubble.

  • Sand.
  • Railing beams.

We build a porch of concrete

When building a porch for a concrete bath, you need to prepare the area on which the building will be located, and after that you can go directly to the construction. First, a pit should be dug, it should be at least 0.6 m deep in depth.

A layer of rubble (at least 15 cm) of sand (about 10 cm) should be poured onto the bottom of the pit. Both layers must be thoroughly tamped, and for good shrinkage, fill everything with water. When the pit dries out, cover a layer of sand and rubble with roofing material.

To increase the strength of the structure being created, prepare a reinforcement base. A correctly assembled base is shown in the photo.

It should be installed in place of the future porch. After that, pour the first layer of concrete into the pit. Spread the solution so that it is the same thickness everywhere.

After the mortar has dried, you can start making steps. To do this, formwork should be made from boards.

When it's ready, you can start filling in layers. When everything is ready, and the concrete is dry, grout with sandpaper.

To avoid cracks on the steps, finish the corners with clinker tiles. If you don't have one, use a regular stone. The most important thing is that the finishing material is anti-slip.


As you can see, the porch for the bathhouse is attached not only as a decor, but also for protection during precipitation. It is also used as a resting place. Place a table, chairs or armchairs on your porch to create a cozy atmosphere.

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