Organization of the student's workplace: Overview + Video

Organization of the student's workplace: Overview + Video Workplace design for schoolchild - the best ideas from designers

September 1, Knowledge Day, has already arrived, and the children have gone to school, but not all parents have yet had time to prepare for the new year of study. Homework assignments are given in large volumes, therefore, to complete them, a properly organized student's workplace and space as a whole are required, so that there is a certain atmosphere that adjusts to the educational mood. Only organization and orderliness helps to tune the student to the work process, and also make it comfortable, fun and educational.

The importance of this problem should be in the first place for every parent, because the creation of a place for a student's study should be approached in advance.

Rules for the arrangement of the workplace

What should be in a student's home office and what is important to pay attention to when choosing additional elements of decor and furniture.

Only a correctly chosen design of the workplace will help the student to make the process an exciting pastime. It is important to pay special attention to additional accessories, colors and furniture.

In order for the student to have a desire to learn and learn all the unknown, the workspace must be properly organized, and also correspond to the preferences and taste of the child.

The most popular recommendations are the following:

  • It is never superfluous to discuss the purchase of new pieces of furniture and other additional accessories with by the child himself. In you can hear a huge number of amusing and even reasonable sentences.

    This way, you can understand what your child really needs.

  • Emphasize your baby's preferences. If a child is fond of painting, then you will need to buy a separate stand for drawings or even a full-fledged easel. And there should be enough space at the workplace for paints and sheets of paper. For little travel lovers, it will not be superfluous to buy a full-fledged map of the world or a beautiful large globe.

    The comfort of the child is most important.

  • Natural lighting should be more than sufficient. This is required in order to fully provide the child with comfort and not impair vision. The window poem should be on the opposite side of the writing hand so that there is no shadow.
  • Modern students will not give up the board-reminder .

    You can use cardboard, cork sheets or plywood as a board. On such a surface, it will be convenient to fix the class schedule, circle schedule and various notes with plans for the next year.

Please note, that if there is no way to hang the board, then use ordinary thick cardboard. It will be possible to attach pictures, schedules to it, and the wallpaper will not be damaged.

  • It is important to store books correctly, because there will be a lot of them in the next few years and they will be used often.

    Partial storage can be organized in a closed container like a drawer, but for textbooks, you will need whatnots or sturdy shelves.

  • Colors should be chosen pastel or as neutral as possible, so that after a long stay at the desk the eyes do not get tired. But for a positive mood and increased brain activity, it is recommended to make several bright accents in the room.
  • A high-quality and preferably adjustable table will not be superfluous. At the moment when the child is at the desk, the level of the furniture should coincide with the child's chest, and the legs should reach bent to the floor.

In addition, when organizing a workplace for a student, special attention should be paid to the variety of artificial lighting. You cannot do without a high-quality table lamp, since in the winter time the day is always shorter, and the child will do his homework already in the dark. But you cannot use only a bright lamp for the table, because it is a heavy load on tired eyes. The chandelier on the ceiling should also be bright, and the lamps should not have yellowness (which happens from cheap housekeepers).

Selection of a desk for a student

In order to complete homework on time, you will need to competently equip your child's own desk.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the height of the furniture product, and also the height of the child, and then determine the correct ratio. The quality of the assembly also plays an important role, since the appearance of the product will also depend on the quality of the raw materials used. The child's torso should not be tilted towards the table, in which case, most likely, the table or chair was incorrectly lifted. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to check the new furniture according to the "right angle" rule (in the sitting position, the child's joints should be at right angles).

The ratio of "height and height of the product (table)"
Above 175 cm 76 cm
160 to 175 cm 71 cm
145 to 160 cm 65 cm
130 to 145cm 59 cm
115 to 130 cm 53 cm
From 100 to 115 cm 47 cm

Interesting, that a small table for the bed can be useful, but only if the child often plays on the tablet or watches cartoons on the laptop.

It is inconvenient to keep the technique on your knees for a long time, moreover, in this position the spine will bend.

Modern furniture and furniture manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the fact that the furniture is ergonomic, has an impeccable appearance and complete set. You should choose exactly those models. Which will take into account all the physiological data of the student.After some time, the student will begin to grow up quickly and in order not to constantly have to change tables, it is best to buy a self-adjusting one.

Such tables are also called transformers, and they can change not only the height, but even the angle of inclination of the working surface.

Organization of space on the table

In addition to choosing the table itself, an important emphasis should be made on its environment, so it is worth considering one more number of nuances:

  • The television should be located as far away as possible, h so that when doing homework the child is not distracted by films and programs, which, if desired, can always be watched a little later.
  • The presence of a light source of natural origin in the daytime (if right-handed, then on the left side, and if left-handed, then on the right).
  • It would be nice to place the table surface against the window. This will help make sure that there is no glare on the textbook and the computer screen.

  • It will not be superfluous to slightly fence off or even hide the child's workspace from prying eyes. Your toddler's should have their own nook so they can grow on their own.
  • E If someone leads into a room, the child should be able to see who it is immediately. The fact is that it is inconvenient to look around, and even with concentrated work, you should not frighten the child in this way.
  • To decorate the workplace of a student , it is recommended to make a wall in the form of a bookshelf, install shelves or other interior items.

When everything is decided with this, the question arises of where to install the table itself.

How to choose a suitable place for the table

When choosing a secluded place for installing a desktop, several factors should be taken into account at once.

So, do not install the table in the following places:

  1. In the center of the room. For parents who constantly monitor every step of the child, the option, of course, is excellent. But the child is unlikely to want to work in public, and learning poetry from literature is not very convenient.

    The place to study should be quiet, cozy and comfortable, first of all, for the child himself.

  2. Sometimes, due to the fact that the area of ​​the apartment is small, they buy bunk furniture for the nursery. Most often, there is a sleeping place on the top floor, and a work desk is located below it. There is little space, and it is unlikely that an adult will be able to sit next to him if he needs help with the lessons.
  3. As close to the doorway as possible.

    Psychologists advise not to seat the child with his back to the door. This disposition will simply oppress him, and he will not be able to focus on new information.

  4. In the kitchen it is also better not to install a table, no matter how much free space there is. Most often, in such a room they often cook and receive guests, so it will be difficult to concentrate in such an environment.

But what if there is very little space in the room / apartment?

If there is not enough free space

So, we suggest a number of ways to solve the problem of a small amount of free space:

  • Give preference to transformer tables.

    This will make it possible to expand the surface that is available. In addition, the legs of such a table can be adjusted depending on the child's height.

  • Organization of the student's workplace: Overview + Video If you get creative with the question, then the table can be installed in any room, but then a clear delineation of the available space will be required. For this, you can use a screen, shelves or racks.
  • Small corner table.

    Ideal for small spaces. Over time, you will be able to install additional shelves.

  • Expansion of a previously installed window sill. P an approved option for small sizes is almost the only opportunity for arranging a schoolchild's place. The surface will be lengthened, widened and a high chair will be fitted - all for convenience.

  • An elongated table top can also be the basis for a table. It should be stretched over the pedestals along the wall. Often it is used for household needs, but the second. Half can be personalized.
  • If you have several children, then one table can be demarcated using old textbooks or a screen.

    This will help keep an already small space.

  • The folding table will also help delimit the space away from the wall.

What else is required for a student's workplace?

Choosing a chair or chair

There are many for modern students variations of comfortable chairs. Manufacturers, even domestic ones, produce specialized lines of armchairs for the future. So, when the child begins to grow rapidly, the chair can be adjusted to the child's anatomy.

But chairs for growth are not worth buying, because otherwise the spine will be bent, there will be a constant feeling of fatigue.

Please note that some of the parents refuse to buy wheelchairs because it could ruin the flooring. If necessary, you can put on fabric pockets or lay a small rug under the table to avoid scratching the floor.

Ergonomic models are the most popular, as they will take into account all the anatomical features of the child.

First of all, the chair must meet the following list of requirements:

  • There should be no armrests.

  • The surface should be trimmed with natural fabrics only.
  • The seat must rotate in all directions.
  • Level The backrest and recline height must be adjustable.

Please note that the seat must not be too soft or too large, so as not to bend the spine. It is better not to buy leather goods for a child, including high-quality analogues.

After sitting on such a chair for a long time, the priest and back will start to sweat, and this is discomfort. True, a similar problem can always be solved with a fabric cover or a small pillow, but in this case it makes no sense to overpay for the material of manufacture. It should also be possible to remove the factory covers, because over time they will become unusable and will need to be replaced. All furniture corners must be free of sharp corners and irregularities. The service life of quality products is at least 5 years.

The ratio of "height and height of the product (chair)"
Above 175 cm 47cm
160 to 175 cm 43cm
145 to 160 cm 39 cm
130 to 145 cm 35cm
115 to 130 cm 31cm
From 100 to 115 cm 27cm

Storage spaces

Organization of the student's workplace: Overview + Video In addition to a comfortable table and chair, be sure to make sure that there are places reserved for storing educational literature and books. It is for this reason that you should pay attention to the presence of drawers and shelves near the table. If space permits, then all that is needed should be at arm's length. This will prevent you from being distracted by trifles. If there is no free space above the table, then you can use the wall located nearby.

As you can see, the organization of the student's workplace is very important.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that for first graders, educational publications come out in A4 format, so it is better to put several folders, pockets or trays. Thus, solution books, workbooks and textbooks will be sorted. It will be more convenient to make the shelves wide so that it is convenient to place wide folders on them. There should also be a separate portfolio shelf or several hooks.

Otherwise, the backpack will be constantly on the floor.

How to store school supplies

The modern educational process is accompanied by the use of a large number of textbooks, literature, which should be stored somewhere. In this case, you can resort to one trick and install several additional shelves, containers and baskets. For office supplies and notebooks, you can use lightweight shelves, but for textbooks it is better to buy a full-fledged rack. It will be convenient to store only notebooks in drawers, and it will not be easy to search for textbooks in it.

Please note that if the shelves are made of plastic, rubber Velcro can be used to fix them. However, it is better not to do this, since they are not able to withstand a lot of weight, and the child will certainly pack a lot of heavy things.

If there is no place for a full-fledged bookcase, then you can buy a couple of ottomans on wheels. Such structures can be located under the work table.It is better to place the honor board in the center of the workplace, because after a while, letters, photos from school, paintings and crafts will begin to appear on it.

Stimulate any efforts, and encourage every achievement.

Workplace lighting

For children, it is better to have enough natural and artificial lighting at the same time . But table lamps are best installed on the basis of whether a child is right-handed or left-handed.

Several recommendations regarding lighting in the child's room:

  • If the table is small and it is not possible to install a lamp, then the structure can be fixed on the bracket or hang. This is how the lamp should serve.

  • It should be possible to manually adjust the lamp height. This will help set the correct lighting angle as the student grows up.
  • Lighting should not be directional or harsh. If there is a lampshade, it is preferable that it be milky, creamy or mint. The softened light will be perceived normally by the child's eyes.

  • It is not recommended to do your homework without a table lamp as it will damage your eyesight. The brightness of the lamp should not be more than 80 W, but it is better that the power be from 15 to 20 W.
  • It is desirable that the workplace is opposite the window. Direct light is preferable and the eyes will not fatigue.

Please note that it is best to place the table by the window, which will make the most of natural light and not resort to using the lamp during daylight hours.

For short breaks, it will be good if the child looks at the landscape outside the window, because this has a positive effect on mood + it is more convenient to do exercises for the eyes. Regardless of the location of the window, the lamps should be close. Adjustable lights allow you to adjust the lighting level yourself.

Looking into the future

Often young parents do not think about the prospect of early growing up, because the euphoria from the fact that a child goes to first grade does not provide an opportunity to foresee such an obvious phenomenon. Changing furniture every year will be expensive and also pointless.

It is much more convenient to buy transforming furniture, in which you can adjust the height and angle of inclination, depending on how much the child has grown and according to his individual characteristics. An adjustable table is ideal as the baby can grow very quickly. With armchairs it is much easier, because you can almost always adjust to the height and physique. The table should be wide.

There are never too many storage boxes, because notebooks, books and other documents will accumulate over the years, and even with ideal order there will be much more free space.

Drawers make it possible to maintain the necessary order, and this also makes it possible to independently organize your own workspace.


Most psychologists advise organizing a workspace for the student together with the child himself. The color scheme should be chosen neutral so that there is no overload of vision. Cream, light green, turquoise or coral tones are perfect for the workplace. But it is the beige and brown tones that often set up for productive work, so try to use them as well.

Too bright lighting will make the child overworked. Keep in mind that boys need more free space than girls, and this aspect is very important when buying a table.