Ottoman - dimensions, photo

Ottoman - dimensions, photo Ottoman - what is it + photo

Even in ancient times, the Ottoman was popular as a sofa , but at the moment this function is lost. But many new ones have appeared. Such a product is stylish, useful and multifunctional, and it also differs in shape and purpose from the original product. Nowadays, the ottoman has become indispensable in a variety of cases, and is also an auxiliary element of the home environment.

What is it

The ottoman has settled in the living rooms of the whole world very importantly.

To begin with, this word was called a huge sofa, which had pillows instead of a back, and the armrests were either completely absent, or they were replaced by cushions. A beautiful interior item trimmed with tapestry and jacquard was presented to us by the Ancient East, and Turkey can be considered the birthplace of the ottoman. The origin of the name confirms this, because in translation it is "Turkish".

But since that time, a lot has changed, and this is not the same large oriental sofa as it was in the beginning. The modern ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture (specifically upholstered).

At the moment, it is more an ottoman in the form of a cylinder / cube or even a small couch, which is also a footrest, or a chest / table. Having become an interior center, the ottoman is able to decorate a room in any style.


Ottoman - dimensions, photo Such piece of furniture can be of different types and size, for example, the size of an armchair or sofa that does not have a back. When choosing such a model, you need to know the dimensions of the room in advance, so that the product fits perfectly with the rest of the interior elements. At the moment, the product has changed significantly compared to the original version - an oriental large sofa.

Now it has a more compact size.

At the moment, this is a universal attribute of a cozy and comfortable home - you can sit on it, put a cup or tray with a single one, and you can also open the top lid and hide your things inside. The version of the couch for the legs has a small size - square models can be basically 0.8 * 0. 8 meters.

This model is found in a rectangular shape, and also oval, round and asymmetric.


Ottoman upholstery as a central piece in all rooms is of great importance for interior decoration. At the moment, this is not just a tapestry like in ancient times. At the moment, a variety of materials are used - artificial and natural leather, velor, velvet, corduroy, linen, wool, even fur (artificial or natural, which is cut short). Even more popular has become leather upholstery, which is characterized by the greatest degree of practicality.

For example, if you accidentally stain a leather surface, then the stain can be removed without difficulty - just wipe it with a damp cloth. Artificial leather almost repeats the quality of natural.It is not as durable, but it will cost much less. Upholstered pieces of furniture, including ottoman upholstered in velveteen, always look chic. For this upholstery, some color will be advantageous.

When choosing a material that is used in the production of ottomans, it is required to start from the style direction. For example, a classic-looking frame is made of solid wood, but the production of products in a modern style is based on the use of chipboard, metal and plywood. Classic materials for upholstery are luxurious fabrics that often have rich patterns. At the moment, leather, woven or even knitted covers, upholstery with a single tone are often found.

Color scale

The color palette of ottomans (photo is presented in the article) is very diverse.

Such a piece of furniture will always be in the spotlight. The color you choose for the art object will determine whether it becomes an accent or starts to blend in with the color scheme of the interior as a whole. Designers consider the selection of a light neutral shade to be a win-win option. Discreet monochromatic upholstery, as a rule, will fit into any style. Despite its practicality, white upholstery is considered the most popular.

Only such a color can give the interior freshness and cleanliness, make even the largest pieces of furniture weightless. It will be practical to choose white leather models, since such upholstery is easy to care for. Gray is a noble color, and at the same time neutral. It has many variations - wet asphalt, silver, ashy (almost white). Any of the shades is appropriate in a modern interior.

If the color of the piece of furniture that is in the living room is dark, then the ottoman should be chosen in light colors. When upholstery with a uniform tone of chairs and sofas, it is better to take a variegated fabric that has an ornament or pattern for an ottoman. Cushion covers can be sewn from this fabric. For interior completeness, do everything in the same scale. An ottoman made in a bright, colorful palette will become the dominant feature of the composition as a whole, and also the center of a rest corner.

Modern interior design favors natural, natural tones. At the moment, shades of ivory and beige are at the peak of popularity. They are always organic for any room.


Combination with pieces of furniture

Soft pieces of furniture with an ottoman make it diversified and also add convenience. For example, a sofa model with an ottoman can replace not just an armchair, but at night will play the role of a comfortable place to sleep.

It transforms with ease, and even without much effort. At the same time, the sleeping space module is a continuation of the sofa structure; in island models it will stand separately. Underneath the sleeping area will be a storage space for bedding.

Corner sofas with an ottoman can be:

  • Composite (modules are independent furniture items).
  • L-shaped.

  • Universal (can be transformed to the right and left side).

Let's consider beautiful examples for decorating the design of a room.

Examples in the interior

Modern products are incredibly versatile:

  1. A couch under your feet - the most popular is the ottoman couch tandem, which is used together with an armchair / sofa to rest your legs. It is convenient, for example, while sitting in a chair, to place tired legs on a pouf. For convenience, it should be close to the main piece of furniture.

  2. Coffee table - it is often placed in the living room, and it is very convenient (such a table is more compact than a simple coffee table, it does not have sharp corners on which you can put a coffee / tea tray). The practicality lies in the fact that it is ready to become a seat at any time.
  3. Chest - in terms of practicality, such a product in the form of a chest will occupy the first place among all pieces of furniture. Due to the presence of a lid that folds back, various small things can be stored inside. The upholstery of such items must be durable, and therefore ottoman chests are usually trimmed with dense fabrics such as jacquard, leatherette and linen.

  4. Leisure sofa - an ottoman as an elongated sofa helps to make any interior elegant. Such luxury can be found in an apartment with a huge area or in a spacious country house.
  5. A seating position is one of the most popular uses for an ottoman is to replace a chair or chair. Several seats can be used in the interior at once.
  6. Addition to the bed - for the bedroom, an ottoman is often bought in the form of a couch for pillows, and it has a low height, and therefore should not be used for a seat.

    Such an interior item usually has the same upholstery as the bed.

  7. Several ottomans - four identical seats, placed in a square, turn into a very roomy table. If necessary, all this can be moved apart, and then there will be a separate place for a seat.

Let's talk about manufacturers.

Popular manufacturers

Retractable ottoman is used everywhere and in a variety of interiors:

  • There is no doubt that the oriental style will come first when choosing an ottoman style.

    Such an interior differs in brightness, and the ottoman always looks chic in it, and she is also its main dominant style. By tradition, it has an elongated shape with unusual armrests, which are upholstered with silk fabrics on both sides. The oriental product is bright upholstery, cylindrical pillows, edging with decorative laces with tassels, and also carved wooden legs.

  • Ottoman - dimensions, photo With the classic interior at all times was the standard of taste and style. Ottomans of this species are distinguished by strict, and at the same time graceful forms.

    Distinctive features are armrests and legs made of wood, cylindrical cushions, plain light upholstery in contrast to the dark frame.

  • The opposite of the classic style will be the ottoman, which also adorns such rich decor as the baroque. It will be characterized by the use of bent legs, carved armrests, carved lower part of the seat. This is velvet upholstery, gilded elements, and you can also use tapestry / silk. The characteristic colors will be gold and red.

    Such models are compact. The low armrests have a rounded shape that will add elegance to the product.

  • In the Empire style, the Ottoman has only one curved armrest with a large height. The pieces of furniture have thin legs, a rectangular seat, and a carved wooden armrest. The stylistic difference will be a snow-white color, and also the gilding of wood elements.

    In the modern version of the Empire style, the legs can be made of metal, white leather upholstery, and also golden blotches in decorative elements.

  • Fur upholstery looks great for country style. It can be made from textiles that are decorated with the skin of a cow, animals or teeth. The rattan ottoman is often found in the Provence style. This is a great outrigger option for an open-view terrace.

    She is "omnivorous", and she can even be found in high-tech style, which is upholstered in metallic material with futuristic shapes.

Consider the best manufacturers. The upholstered furniture companies Milan and Contour specialize mostly in ottomans, as evidenced by their popularity with customers:

  1. Poof from Contour. The product, made in the northern style of eco-design, is distinguished by laconism and severity, and there is nothing superfluous in this. The ottoman is very practical and comfortable, and the advantage of the model will be its compactness and low weight, you can effortlessly move the product to another room or corner.

    The advantage of such a piece of furniture will be a stylish design, as well as a special shape. The choice of ecological materials for creation also attracts buyers. Natural wood is used to create the base and high legs. For upholstered seats, they choose a modern material that is hypoallergenic. A high elasticity index makes it possible to maintain its original shape for a long time.

    The upholstery is made of highly durable fabric, and is also pleasant to the touch and can be easily cleaned. The main thing that makes buyers choose such a brand is the perfect assembly.

  2. Contour Patchwork Armchair. With such a product, the manufacturers wanted to prove that the ottoman deserves special attention as an independent piece of furniture. The design of such a couch is made in a modern style, and this is emphasized by elements of a chrome look, as well as a minimalist screed.

    The unusual design makes the product stand out from the bulk of sofas. Everything is laid out using a reliable click-and-gag mechanism. A metal frame is used as a basis.Such a product can be used as a sofa for relaxing during the day and even as a two-seater roomy armchair, and at night the ottoman can turn into a comfortable place to sleep, the size of which is 2.18 * 1.

    12 meters. Soft mattresses make sleep pleasant and healthy, and the model has chrome armrests. The color scheme of the products is bright and non-standard - there are many options for shades. The entire lower part will be occupied by a large box, which has a size of 1.45 * 0.

    97 * 0. 2 meters where you can store everything. Removable holofiber-filled covers make the ottoman the softest.

The cushioning effect is created by birch battens that can withstand a load of up to 30 kg each.