Outdated kitchen rules that have already lost their relevance: Review + Video

Outdated kitchen rules that have already lost their relevance: Review + Video Outdated rules are kitchen prejudices that should be discarded. You should do what is convenient for you and not adhere to outdated rules that have long lost their relevance. This is how the current designers of the 21st century approach the design problem now, and in addition they say that there is one rule that cannot be violated under any circumstances - the safety rule.

This is true, but there is something that can really be considered prejudices that do not carry any value, and even vice versa, harm.

The rule "working triangle"

In general, I would like to immediately note the fact that such a rule has long been violated - refrigeration equipment is installed in apartments built during the collapsed USSR by the horse, and the sink by the door.

At the moment, kitchens in new buildings have become much larger in area, and thanks to the free layout, it will be possible to create a kitchen project according to your own rules.

Outdated kitchen rules that have already lost their relevance: Review + Video An island for the kitchen, a huge number of household appliances are arranged according to the rule of five zones, but in no way not according to the triangle rule. By the way, if there is not enough space in the kitchen, you can choose other ways to optimize the area.

By the way, when planning the placement of cabinets and household appliances, it is imperative to provide for the location of each zone so that everything is functional, not just beautiful.

This model of arrangement is outdated, and it is being replaced by unusual and previously unused solutions, for example, an open-plan kitchen, which consists of a separate cooking table, a bar instead of a sink and a dining table.

Recently, the model has lost its popularity in past years, since it does not work in every kitchen, and in most cases there is not enough space for installation. Now designers are moving away from such a decision, although in old houses this rule is still adhered to.

You cannot combine the living room and the kitchen because of the aromas of food

If for someone the smells of food are terrible, then you definitely should not combine rooms, but you can still solve the problem with a good and powerful hood, and the issue will be resolved. But the kitchen-living room will be a great place for you to communicate. By the way, it makes sense to combine rooms if you love throwing parties.

You are young, you have no children (at the moment and even in the plans), and friends love to spend time with you. Especially successful evenings last until the morning, to the delight of all the neighbors. In addition, the combined space will be very helpful if you already have children, because they should always be supervised, even when preparing dinner. You are cooking - they are trying to tie an apron on the cat.

Outdated kitchen rules that have already lost their relevance: Review + Video What could be more beautiful?

The only objective reason why it is impossible to combine both of these the rooms are a gas stove, but even in this case there are several ways to solve the problem (refuse from gas supply, for example, and buy an induction cooker), or the wall between the rooms is load-bearing and you live on the first floor of a high-rise building.

Pay attention, h if the kitchen combined with the living room can be designed only after planning, then it is worth starting with it.

Window and sink are incompatible things

For some reason, most people are very worried that the entire window area will be splashed, but as practice shows, up to the window nothing reaches. All that remains is to stand, wash the dishes and look at everything outside the window - isn't that wonderful? The main thing is that you provide for the free opening of windows.

I can't put a dishwasher / washing machine and an oven in the same cabinet

This rule is also outdated, and in fact, everything is very much combined. It's just that a similar cabinet, in which everything will be as it should, will be more expensive because of the additional walls.

In addition, at the moment there are dishwashers on sale that are not on the floor, but they can be built into the closet in the same way as ovens.

Moreover, built-in appliances give you tremendous opportunities in planning the kitchen space at your discretion, with the most compact arrangement in a limited area in the form of several square meters of the maximum possible number of household appliances.

Unlike the "solo" technique, built-in appliances can be combined with each other, and they will be a single work surface, where it will be pleasant to cook and the table top will be easy to clean. In such a kitchen, there are no inaccessible cracks where dirt gets, and uninvited guests appear in the form of insects.

White kitchens are very easily soiled

This is all complete nonsense.

In fact, it is easy to care for a white kitchen, small splashes are invisible, it will be enough to wipe all facades with a damp cloth just once a week, and the kitchen will delight you more than ever.

In addition, in a completely white kitchen, it is usually the same color of the window sill, which does not interfere, but on the contrary, visually expands the space. In addition, the use of a light countertop in addition to everything will make the kitchen lighter, and also almost no crumbs are visible on it. By the way, as the designers say, it is light and clean white kitchens that require much less maintenance (even glossy ones) than dark ones.

Appliances and sinks in the same style

This is completely optional, because the hob and oven can be the color of the handles, black or stainless steel, and the sink should be in the color of the facades.

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