outside and inside- Overview + Video

outside and inside- Overview + Video To feel comfortable in an apartment or a private house at any time of the year, you must maintain an acceptable temperature regime. The comfort in the house guarantees Penoflex thermal insulation, carried out with the help of modern materials. When starting the construction of a house, it is very important to choose a highly efficient heat insulator, for example. [contents ]

Recently, a unique material has appeared to insulate walls, penoflex . This lightweight durable material provides reliable protection for the structure of a multi-storey, one-story building and any other structures.

Penoflex is a new generation of insulation made on the basis of expanded polystyrene. Due to its technical characteristics, Penoflex insulation has become the most common thermal insulation material throughout our country.

Why choose a penoflex

outside and inside- Overview + Video In the process of making a penoflex it is extruded from expanded polystyrene, air bubbles are formed in the middle, providing heat saving. The qualitative advantages of penoflex are as follows:

  • The material does not allow moisture to pass through and can be stored in an open place even during precipitation;
  • The material can withstand sudden changes in temperature, resistant to high and low temperatures ;
  • The material is highly durable;
  • The material is very easy to assemble, cutting even with scissors;
  • Bacteria do not take root in the material;
  • The material does not disintegrate, environmentally friendly;
  • Does not lend itself to the influence of chemical elements;
  • Produced in convenient sheets of 20-100 mm in size.

outside and inside- Overview + Video Penoflex has a slight drawback.

It is still not eternal. For all its stability, it can be damaged by substances such as acetone and other organic substances.

Penoflex has the correct name, which is rarely used by builders and managers, Penoplex. But whatever the name of the material is, the main thing is that it has taken its rightful place in our new buildings. The builders and installers appreciated its quality.

Packages of 15 kilograms are sold, containing 4-20 pieces of Penoflex insulation, the price for each cubic meter varies depending on the type of material from 4 thousand rubles to 5.5 thousand rubles. The cost of the material corresponds to its quality. outside and inside- Overview + Video

Where is penoflex used?

Penoflex, as a heater, may be needed not only on new buildings, but also during the renovation of a house or apartment. Penoflex insulation technology takes into account the influence of weather conditions, the size of the building and other features, a separate calculation of the thickness of the material is carried out for each room.

Penoflex is used in all construction operations, from the foundation to the ceiling.

outside and inside- Overview + Video This insulation keeps the foundation from strong cooling in severe frosts.An insulating layer made of foam-flex retains heat in basements and basement ceilings, and also protects against moisture. If the house has a pool and pipelines, then Penoflex insulation will also save them from freezing.

In private houses, which are closer to the ground, there is a need to insulate walls, floors, panels, loggias and balconies.

Penoflex will become an indispensable material here as well, which will retain heat in the house at low repair costs.

Penoflex insulation is used even for runways, roads and railways to protect against deep freezing of the soil, which can lead to deformation of the canvas or embankment. outside and inside- Overview + Video

Today's versatile material is produced in different forms for a specific application:

  • Foundation -35;
  • Wall - 31C;
  • Roof - 35 with a special L-shaped chamfer for precise joining;
  • Comfort -31, used for pitched roofs ;
  • Penoplex - 45, used at high pressure (under asphalt, etc.).

Features of installation of penoflex

outside and inside- Overview + Video Thermal insulation using foam flex is sufficient simple assembly operation.

It can be carried out by both a specialist and a novice master. This is due to the fact that the material is easily amenable to mechanical transformation. One has only to stock up on scissors, a ruler, a construction gun, waterproofing tape, sealant and you can start thermal insulation of any room or individual elements in the house. The material for the construction or renovation of a house is perfect for floors, walls, loggias and balconies, foundations.

Penoflex insulation from the inside of the house will provide heat preservation, if you strictly adhere to the installation rules, separately for each surface.

First of all, the material is indispensable for insulating the foundation in a building. By laying it on the foundation, you already save 20% of the heat in the house. Starting insulation of the foundation, you need to dig a small ditch up to 1 meter wide along the walls, depending on how the soil freezes in your area. outside and inside- Overview + Video

It is necessary to prepare the foundation for insulation, if necessary, then level it with a layer of cement. The next stage is covering with waterproofing mastic in several layers.

Then the surface of the foundation is covered with another layer of bituminous mastic, and sheets of penoflex are already attached to it.

If it is necessary to reduce the freezing of the soil around the house, then you can lay Penoflex under the blind area. But the heat-insulating material is already laid on the concrete coating, and then it is again covered with sand and poured with concrete. To achieve a quality result using Penoflex insulation, you must adhere to the technological requirements.

It is very important, when starting work on floor insulation, to remove all gaps in the floor.

The slots are carefully putty by hand.

outside and inside- Overview + Video When insulating the floor, it is necessary to prepare sheets, lay them on a flat surface, and then glue the joints with tape or lay them insulation, which can be plain polyethylene. The film must be overlapped, and then the sheets of foam flex must be tightly laid. It is very important to calculate the laying of the foam flex between the joists in order to avoid additional stress. If necessary, an umbrella dowel and glue are used for fixing.

If the floor in the room is made of a concrete coating, then Penoflex will become an irreplaceable insulation. First, you need to level the concrete surface, put the so-called cold insulation, in the form of bituminous mastic. And only after that, glue the sheets of penoflex. In addition to irreplaceable insulation for a concrete floor, the material will also play the role of a sound insulator. outside and inside- Overview + Video

If there is no floor in the house yet, then the thermal insulation takes place simply on the ground.

First, a base of gravel and sand or expanded clay is laid (as an additional option). Tamping and leveling of the surface is carried out for reinforced concrete slabs or just a layer of concrete. It is advisable to lay a reinforcing mesh on top, then sheets of penoflex are laid and all this is again poured with concrete. Penoflex insulation is done, and then you can lay the floor or lay linoleum.

Wall insulation with foam flex in the house, on the balcony or loggia is carried out using a stapler.

All joints are carefully glued together with glue or tape, and the gaps are sealed with a sealant. If gaps or gaps remain, it can lead to condensation and even mold on the walls. outside and inside- Overview + Video

How to calculate the amount of materials correctly?

In the construction project, clear calculations of the required materials. In the same way, you need to prepare for the insulation of the house. First, the area that must be insulated with insulation is measured: walls, foundation, floor, ceiling, etc.

Only after this calculation can you buy Penoflex. It is sold in sheets measuring 60 x 120 cm. The building supermarket will help you determine the required number of sheets using a special formula.

Keep in mind that the material is thin and for the best effect it can be overlapped, so you need to buy Penoflex with a small margin.

Thus, Penoflex thermal insulation material can be considered one of the best modern materials.

Due to its composition, it has almost one hundred percent thermal conductivity. while the material is very thin, flexible and easy to lay.

The house, insulated with foam flex, retains heat in any weather!