Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video

Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video This article will be useful for those who are going to clad the house with imitation of a bar outside. We will try to draw your attention to the main features of the material that must be taken into account when choosing it.

We will tell you what types of material are most suitable for this purpose, as well as what are the main stages of cladding a house with panels with imitation timber.

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Imitation of a bar for the house outside - universal material

The bar looks great and can be used together with profiled timber and glued. For facade decoration , it is often used in concrete, frame houses, as well as from a foam block.


Imitation of a bar is made from wood, therefore the boards may have differences in structure and color. By the appearance of the material, you can determine from which wood the imitation of the timber was made. It is the various defects in wood that make it possible to divide the timber imitating into varieties.

At the initial stage of the production of imitation timber for exterior decoration of the house, the wood is dried in a special chamber until the humidity reaches 14%. After that, the harvested wood is transferred to the woodworking machine.

Then the sorting specialist starts to work and manually divides the resulting imitation of a bar into grades. GOST provides for a deep selection of quality products for 3 grades: A, B and C. The differences between them are in the number of knots, cracks, color change, the presence of places affected by bark beetles.

Timber grade and types of trees

The best material for timber is grade A. It is characterized by excellent quality and high price, respectively.

For the manufacture of imitation timber, pine is mainly used, due to the high content of resin in it.

Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video

When choosing an imitation of a bar for exterior decoration of a house, you must carefully examine the material. Oak, spruce, linden, larch have a dense structure and are resistant to high humidity.

Pine needles, due to the presence of resins, have good protective properties against mold and mildew. Pine timber imitation belongs to inexpensive materials, has an attractive texture and a beautiful light shade.

If you plan to use this material for finishing the facade of the house, you will have to carry out processing with special impregnations , varnish and wax.

How to choose the material

When choosing a material, look at the drawing and the shade on it. These parameters must be the same for the entire consignment.

Requirements for the material

There should be no marks on it:

  • being hit by bark beetles,
  • by putrefactive processes,
  • cracks, holes,
  • the cut should not differ in shade from the main material and should not come off the board.

Requirements for the batch

Also, the entire batch of imitation under a bar must be made under the same conditions.

Only a reliable manufacturer can guarantee compliance with all parameters and nuance.

In the future, when editing the material, you should not have any problems with it. Storing the material in proper conditions will preserve product quality.

House cladding with imitation of a bar

Important points

External cladding of a house with an imitation of a bar can be carried out on almost any building. The main difficulty is in fastening the battens to the facade of the building, because its task is to ensure the fastening of the boards to the facade of the house.

Fastening the battens to houses made of aerated concrete or bricks is carried out using special dowels, which guarantee reliability and quality of work. The crate is attached to wooden houses with self-tapping screws, and in any case it will have to be done.

Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video The exterior decoration of the house with imitation of timber should be carried out in such a way as not to close the outer part of the walls, the insulation is overlapped with a protective membrane from moisture and wind and the crate is attached to the frame posts. Then the house can be finished with imitation timber.

Sheathing a house with an imitation of a timber with your own hands is not difficult to do, even a novice master without experience can handle this work.

The most difficult part of the work on installing the material may be joints and corners, if the length of the board itself is not enough. Such errors are covered with other boards or painted over.

The order of work

Sheathing a house with imitation of a bar can be done with your own hands, without attracting additional forces. To do this, you need to purchase siding of good quality, because it lends itself better to installation on facades.

The work of laying imitation timber panels can be divided into stages:

  • Preparatory.

    At the initial stage, the walls must be carefully cleaned of dirt and dust using a high power vacuum cleaner. The foundation is covered with antiseptic agents to avoid infection by fungus, mold and parasites.

  • Mounting the battens. A crate is fixed on the facades of the house with a step of 60 cm from beams of 25 x 50 mm.
  • Installation of vapor barrier.

    A film with vapor barrier properties with an overlap is fixed to the crate, and the borders are glued with special construction tape.

  • Installation of thermal insulation. For this purpose, roll insulation or mats 10 cm thick are used and placed on a vapor barrier between the crate. Then you need to put a vapor barrier on the insulation again, which is fixed with a special tape to the crate.
  • Bonding joints.

  • Installation of imitation of a bar. This stage of work is performed directly on the battens in the direction from bottom to top. The elements are inserted into each other's groove until they snap into place. Additional fixation of the facade from imitation of a bar is performed using small screws or thin nails. The screw cap is recessed into the panel, covered with a mixture of sawdust and varnish, allowed to dry and cleaned with fine grain sandpaper.

  • Staining. Imitation of timber should be covered with antiseptic and varnish, if such work has not been carried out before.

Advantages of the material

The popularity of imitation of timber as a cladding for the facade of a house is explained by its environmental friendliness and naturalness, aesthetics. This material does not emit toxic odors and vapors when it comes to interior wall cladding.

The facade of the house sheathed with imitation of timber will look very beautiful and more attractive than natural timber.

The material has a long service life if all the conditions for correct installation and further maintenance are met.


The disadvantage of cladding a house with imitation of a bar is a high level fire hazard , so it should be covered with anti-flammable compounds and antiseptics.

Treatment should be carried out not only to protect it from fire, but also to give the wood an attractive look that will last for a long time. Also, the facade made of imitation of timber must be coated with varnishes and paints at regular intervals.

Types of imitation of timber for decorating a house from the outside

Sheathing of walls of housing from the outside is done using several types of imitation of timber, and each has a set of its own special properties and characteristics.

  • Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video Wood species : larch, pine, oak, cedar, spruce, linden ...
  • Panel size : thickness - 16 - 45 mm, width - 90 - 195 mm, length - 1000 - 6000 mm.
  • Type of wood : extra, A, AB, B, C.

  • Profile geometry : lining, block house.


The walls of the house that face the south side are best sheathed with imitation of a light shade of timber, since dark colors are prone to fading in the sun.

The walls of the house facing the north side are recommended to be sheathed with dark-colored panels in order for them to heat up better, because dark colors are known to absorb sunlight well.

Maintenance of imitation timber panels

To preserve the initially attractive appearance of the house cladding, it is necessary to carefully and regularly take care of the cladding material.

The facade should be periodically checked for the presence or absence of signs of decay, bark beetle damage and painted over with varnish.

Also, it should be remembered that observing the rules for installing panels will avoid similar problems in the future.

Where to buy imitation timber and what are the prices?

Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video

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Overview and Material Selection Tips + Video

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