Overview and Troubleshooting Tips + Videos

Overview and Troubleshooting Tips + Videos Not every person thought about the fact that dark shade shades of simple lamps can increase energy consumption, and mirrors in the bedroom only increase the time and amount of cleaning.

There are many different things in your home, and you should familiarize yourself with them, because until now you have considered them useful in the interior of your home. In fact, all these things give rise to thoughts of another cleaning, an uncomfortable atmosphere in the room and the house, and some items are actually just standing and terribly inconvenient to use.

This article is intended for those who are going to change something in their apartment, due to renovations or simple purchases for changes.


Most buy such transformers to save space in the apartment, however, this is a lie.

Not every day a large group of friends and acquaintances come to your apartment, it makes no sense and pleasure to unfold and fold this sofa bed every time. Sleeping on it is also very uncomfortable. In principle, the sleeping place for such furniture is much smaller than a simple comfortable bed. If you are planning to buy new furniture for your apartment, we recommend buying a full double bed with an excellent mattress. The convenience of this type of furniture is endless, and such furniture breaks much less often than folding sofas.

Package of packages

Overview and Troubleshooting Tips + Videos Basically people do not throw packages away, but vice versa , store them for further use. But at one point, it can turn into just sloppiness in your locker. The best option would be to store reusable bags in a box, and therefore be limited to the boundaries of that box. We advise you to buy yourself a couple of large shopping bags. Carry them with you to work, this method will help you get rid of plastic bags, and then a mountain of the same will not end up in your locker again.

Box with boxes

Boxes themselves are very convenient items, with their help you can store something in large quantities, as well as transport things in them, and so on , however, many do not think that there may be too many of them. When moving or just in a closet with such boxes, it will be difficult to find any thing, you will have to rummage through all the boxes for one item, and this really becomes a disaster.

In such cases, in order to avoid the accumulation of these boxes, the best option would be to put all things in the shelves for quick access, and the items to put in the drawers. If we are talking about things that are very rarely used, then it is better to put them in these boxes. Also, the signature on the boxes (what lies there) will help you, so it will be much easier for you to look for a certain thing in the future.

This will help you achieve comfort and harmony in your home.

Clothes in the hallway

Overview and Troubleshooting Tips + Videos In the hallway of each apartment there are simply mountains of various jackets and windbreakers on hangers.And as you know, it is the entrance hall that gives the first impressions of the owners of the house.

Outerwear, especially those that hang and do not fit for the current season, are very disturbing, constantly falling off and have an untidy appearance.

The best option would be to put all the off-season jackets in a closet or in a certain place for outerwear, and change the hanger in the hallway to a more compact one (for convenience), and then the problems with overcrowded hooks will disappear.

Shoe locker

Some people do not have shoe lockers and put them on the floor by the door when they take off their shoes. But with each new arrival from the street, there is more and more mud, and in the autumn and winter periods there are also puddles.

Ultimately, the floors are all wet and dirty, and all of this will spread throughout the apartment. In order to avoid such a moment, you should buy simple cabinets, for example, cassette for shoes, in such cabinets the shoes will be placed vertically, and if you have an insignificant hallway, this can help you save space.

If you have a large hallway, cabinets with doors can help.

As you can see, comfort is in simple things, and even the right shoe rack can help you.

Large mirrors in the apartment

Overview and Troubleshooting Tips + Videos Mostly huge mirrors are used in the presence of a wardrobe. Small rooms can appear more spacious with these cabinets, but there are also downsides to this. Such mirrors require constant cleaning, and if a ray of light hits them, then prints and dust are immediately visible there. The best option would be to purchase a compact wardrobe with one mirrored door.

This will give you the opportunity to clean and dust-free the cabinet less, and the space will become even more due to the compact cabinet.

Light-colored wallpaper in the hallway

If there is a light-colored wallpaper in the hallway, then this has only solid drawbacks. During the winter and autumn periods, the wallpaper becomes dirty and impossible to wipe off. The hallway should be kept clean regularly, at least once a day. The cleaning time will be very long, and in the end, new repairs may be needed.

We advise you to change everything to dark colors - this will significantly reduce cleaning.

Special wire hangers

If you have a huge number of wire hangers in your closet, then you are most likely familiar with such a problem as clues and holes in clothes when it retrieving from there. We advise you to replace all hangers of this type with ordinary wooden ones, they are not only strong, but also beautiful.

Open shelves at the cabinet

For the living room and kitchen, there are solutions such as hanging shelves or open shelves. In such solutions there are disadvantages, firstly, dust, secondly, fat, and thirdly fat and dust mixed together, which fundamentally becomes a problem for their removal.

At the same time, you have to constantly wipe the surfaces and maintain cleanliness, and, in principle, there is no way to put anything in large quantities on such shelves.

The best option would be to replace everything with closed cabinets, and put glass cabinets in the living room. Thanks to this simple change of furniture, the comfort in the house will become a little more.

Tables for the holidays

Probably, everyone has such folding tables for the arrival of guests, but after all, the aforementioned guests do not come to you every day. But at the same time, these tables take up a large amount of space and store layers of dust on themselves, and, logically, such tables are needed only for the New Year and Birthday.

In order to rid yourself of this huge thing, we recommend purchasing a round table. All your guests can gather at such a table, in contrast to rectangular ones. However, some have very little space in the kitchen, but there are no problems with this either, you can just buy a small round table with the ability to expand and expand.

Large mirror in the bathroom

The huge mirror in the bathroom has serious drawbacks, for example, constant cleaning. You have to wash the mirror every time you use the sink to avoid various streaks.

The reflection will get dimmer and dimmer with each use of the tap at the sink. The best option would be to purchase a miniature mirror with a diameter of twenty to thirty centimeters and install it above the sink itself.

Plafonds of a dark shade

Such plafonds are very difficult to let light through, and the room in this form becomes darker. It is possible to purchase very powerful light bulbs and insert them into the shades, however, savings in this option are inappropriate.

Light bulbs will consume electricity at the speed of light.

Better change the shades to light ones, or use a light-colored fabric. The comfort in the house is provided.

Carpet in the house

Carpet is not the best solution for the house, because if you put a stain on it, you will hardly be able to remove it yourself, you will have to call specialists. And if he also could not get it out, then most likely you will have to change the entire carpet or leave everything as it is. However, there is another way, which is to buy a carpet.

It is much more convenient, can be cleaned and much easier to clean.

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