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overview + Photos and Videos Deruf's decorative plaster. Deruf's decorative product line is a bright and modern finish that can easily transform any surface, and even the whole house! Such materials are an opportunity to bring to life even the most daring ideas of designers.

The price of Deruf decorative plaster fully justifies itself, as it is an excellent background for highlighting accessories.

Material and its features

It is not for nothing that Mark Deruf enjoys unprecedented popularity among experienced plasterers. The reason is that it has unique technical characteristics.

The current construction market is filled with various finishing materials, but it is Deruf's decorative plaster that is the best option in terms of price-quality ratio.

Many people dream about this coating, because thanks to the resulting surface, all the original characteristics are preserved throughout the entire period of operation. Depending on which components have been added to the decorative plaster, you can expect to obtain different embossed patterns.

overview + Photos and Videos Please note, that this type of plaster is suitable for any surface, so the need to prepare a special base for applying this mixture is not.

But if there are old wallpapers on the walls, it is advisable to remove them before starting finishing work.

Good advice! If the walls have significant depressions or bumps, try to get rid of them by using plaster.

All structural mixtures are made in white, but you can add the desired shade to them if you wish. Textured types of plaster are always sold ready-to-use. Depending on the size of the granules, you can choose a medium-sized Deruf decorative plaster, as well as large and small textures. The manufacturer will always indicate the size of the components in the instructions for use.

Usually the granules are round to prevent them from spoiling the surface.

Application technology and devices

Apply the plaster in a thin layer. Usually the average thickness is from 0.2 to 0.5 cm.

The easiest way to apply Deruf plaster is to use a conventional comb. The broom is dipped into the plaster solution, and then placed at a short distance from the wall and hit with a stick. When the procedure is over, you can use the roller.

Good advice! To ensure that the tools used, which are needed for applying the plaster, do not undergo chemical corrosion, give preference to those made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

If this is not done, if there is a high risk that traces of rust will spoil the appearance of the resulting coating, and it will not be aesthetically pleasing, and you will have to buy plaster and spend extra time fixing it.

In addition to the scallop, a wooden float is required when applying the plaster. This way you can get an unusual and beautiful surface.

Good advice! For longitudinal line art, use a hard plastic / trowel that is made of good stainless steel.

If you change the direction of movement with a spatula, you will get a variety of texture. Apply a thin layer of plaster to obtain a uniform pattern.

Please note, that in order to obtain an ideal surface after applying Derufa decorative plaster, the surface should be well prepared in advance.

If you have chosen a textured or structural type of plaster, then in this case the walls will have to be prepared in the same way as before pasting them with wallpaper. Try to pre-level the work surface, and after drying, sand it with an abrasive. There is no need to make the walls perfectly even, as decorative mixtures perfectly mask small chips, smudges and cracks. The features of application can be found in the video tutorial.

Please note, that it is better not to forget that all engineering communications and electrical work must be carried out before you start applying the material.

Recommendations of specialists

As soon as the preparation of the surface for application is completed, beacons must be put on it. After plastering, you do not need to wait for drying, you should immediately remove them so that the surface is protected from moisture ingress. For strengthening, do not allow the appearance of chips and cracks; it is better to use a special mesh (construction) or non-woven wallpaper.

At the end of finishing works, Deruf's plaster is used.

By the time you start using it, which should already be plastered and dried, the windows and doors should be installed, the floor and baseboards installed, and the ceilings painted.

If you want stucco molding, then it also needs to be done and painted at the preparatory stage. As for the installation of platbands, it depends on what layer of plaster you will do, since they can be installed both before finishing and after its completion.

When carrying out absolutely any work on the application, the plaster must not be allowed to dusty or wet work nearby, otherwise the coating will "attract" dust, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Excessive moisture or condensation can cause deformation.


Decorative plaster is rightfully called a universal material. Such mixtures are suitable for application to any surface. In addition, they can be used in the design of a multi-tiered ceiling structure, metal interior parts, kitchen facades. Deruf's decorative plaster contains no harmful components, therefore it is rightfully called an environmentally friendly material.

These mixtures are hygroscopic, and therefore no mold or mildew forms on the surface.

Thanks to the unique technology for creating plaster, finished coatings retain their aesthetic and performance qualities throughout the entire period of use. Although many people associate the word "plaster" with something gray and impersonal, this is a fundamentally misconception and remnants of soviet life.

Nowadays good plaster is much better (and more expensive) than wallpaper, it has become organic, bright and fits into any design project. with the correct selection and adherence to all instructions, you will get an excellent result for a reasonable amount. If you are not sure of yourself, contact a professional plasterer.

This will save you time, effort and great coverage in your home.