Paint for painting on walls No. 1 - acrylic paintwork: Instruction + Video

Paint for painting on walls No. 1 - acrylic paintwork: Instruction + Video Paint for painting on walls # 1 - acrylic paintwork

In the last few years, painting has gained popularity on the wall with acrylic paints. Thanks to this technique, you can decorate the apartment and create an individual design.

But first, let's look at what types of paints can be used for this and which is best.

You will learn about all this from the article.

Advantages of wall painting

Decorating walls with hand-made drawings has a lot of positive points:

  • Paint for painting on walls No. 1 - acrylic paintwork: Instruction + Video Inexpensive and fast option for interior renovation.
  • Variety in design, since in this case everything is limited only by imagination (or not limited?).

  • Long service life. If you choose high-quality materials, then such a painting will last more than 15 years and will not lose its original appearance.
  • Additional protection of the walls, since after painting, another layer of protection is applied to the drawing.

If done by a professional, the result will be amazing. If you want your apartment to have a painting, but at the same time you do not have the talent and traction as such, then it is still better to hire a professional who will create the design taking into account all your wishes.

Types of paints for painting on walls

To figure out which paints can be painted on the walls, you should know what composition you covered the base with. So, if the walls are covered with acrylic paint, you can use only this one, and no other types. It is also possible to decorate the wall with a water-based emulsion, but again, if the wall is covered with a similar composition. Let's take a closer look at which paints can be used and in which case, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints for painting are the leader among paints and varnishes.

The popularity of the material is due to the fact that it dries quickly and is easy to apply, and also has a high level of adhesion to all materials and does not have an unpleasant odor. A nice bonus is that the paint is resistant to high temperatures. After the paint dries, a film forms on the wall, which is also resistant to mechanical stress. The paint and varnish material is safe, and therefore has become so relevant, especially when used in children's rooms.

Good advice! When using one of the application technologies using a special tool, painting on the wall in an apartment with acrylic paints will become embossed.

There are currently two types of acrylic paints on sale, namely organic and synthetic dyes. Each of these materials is based on artificial resin. The only difference is in pigmentation. For synthetic paint, dyes are used, which are obtained from salts from metals, and then painting the walls with acrylic paints will be livelier, brighter, richer.

If the idea of ​​the drawing does not include the need to use bright shades, but, on the contrary, some kind of pastel image, then it is better to use paints and varnishes on an organic basis.

The tool for drawing on the wall is chosen depending on how much area the drawing will occupy. This can be a roller, brush, or even a spray gun. The use of acrylic paint for painting walls is not limited only to the room, since now it has become possible to decorate the facade of the house.

Usually, acrylic paints are produced only in white, and to get a shade, you should buy a color scheme. This is convenient for painting, since you can make the color that will be relevant and not get lost in shades when buying ready-made paint.

Fluorescent paints

Such paints are used to create unique paintings that will decorate any interior. Images applied with this paint will appear in the dark after absorbing ultraviolet rays during the day. Thus, you will not be able to apply complex drawings, and you will need to focus on simple shapes, for example, butterflies, a scattering of stars or an image of a galaxy.

The easiest way will be to draw using stencils, according to which you will get the clearest possible drawings. Professionals often combine such paints with other types of paints and varnishes to complement the main pattern with a glow.

Stencil and oil paints

The use of this type of paints for painting on walls is limited by some factors:

  1. The complexity of application, the work can only be entrusted to a qualified master with extensive experience
  2. High cost of materials.
  3. Image drying time is long.
  4. There is an unpleasant odor that will accompany the entire process of paint application and drying.

Important! The use of an oil-based paint will make it possible to achieve a rendered image with all the details. This can be difficult to achieve with acrylic paint.

Another interesting type of decoration is the use of stencil paints, since even with a small amount of paint, an interesting picture can be created.

Color palette

The variety of paint shades largely depends on which paint material has been selected. Since acrylic-based paints are most often used, they should be taken as a basis. To create a beautiful and high-quality painting in the house, you will need to purchase such basic colors as blue, yellow and red. It will still not be superfluous to have a purple color scheme at hand, since when mixing pure blue and red, the shade turns out to be dirty.

Orange and green shades are also used for variety. You can get pastel shades if you add a little white to the main color. If additional shades are required, purchase the appropriate color scheme.

Brand overview

Hardware stores offer an assortment that can be confidently called wide, and therefore it will be difficult to choose a quality composition. Paint for painting from the Italian company Mayimeri is very popular among buyers.

Such a composition will be suitable for any type of surface, and also has resistance to mechanical stress and excellent hiding power. In this series, the paint is presented in a large number of shades.

Acrylic paint for painting on the walls in the apartment of the brand Raphael, which has a pleasant price and high quality is no worse. The brand has only pastel shades. Do not forget about the domestic manufacturer, which includes the brand "Lagoda".

This is a budget segment, but this is not reflected in the quality. Thanks to its use over the years, the paint has proven itself. It is produced in tubes, there are only basic shades, but more colors can be bought in cans.

Preparatory steps before decoration

Before starting to decorate the wall with delights, you should prepare the surface well. First, clean it up - remove the wallpaper, remove the old paint / whitewash coat, peeling off plaster, if any.

In order to improve the adhesion of the leveling agent and the wall, the latter should be degreased. Use white alcohol or a special primer as a degreasing agent.

After that you can start leveling the wall by applying plaster. After drying, the plaster should be sanded and all dust removed. Treat the prepared surface with an acrylic primer for good adhesion.

The primer will help to make sure that the future picture is well fixed. When everything is dry, the wall is considered prepared.

It is worth remembering when priming that the same primer mix is ​​not suitable for rooms with different humidity levels. If the room has high humidity, use a moisture-resistant mixture with antibacterial additives as a primer mixture. In a dry room, the walls must be treated with an acrylate solution.

Application options

There are now many techniques for applying a pattern to a wall surface. Usually, an airbrush or a brush is used as a working tool, and if you have a lot of experience, the tools can be combined.

Important! When drawing with an airbrush, the drawing will look like a photo, since high-quality transitions between colors will be obtained. You cannot achieve this effect with a brush.

To create a beautiful painting on the wall, use the following sequence of actions:

  1. Draw a sketch.

  2. Divide the area of ​​the drawing into squares.
  3. Flip the breakout with marked squares, this can be simplified with a laser level.
  4. Paint over the outline of the design with the shade you choose.
  5. Once the outline is ready, apply the color spots, and at the very end you can start adding volume to the drawing. The last step is detailing.

  6. Cover the resulting drawing with acrylic-based varnish. Usually, a matte varnish is used to protect against external factors and mechanical stress.

Thanks to this step-by-step action, you can freeze the image and remove imperfections in the process. If you don't have the skill of a pro, use templates that are easy to find online or at a hardware store. To do this, transfer the selected figure to cardboard, and then cut it out and use it as intended.

Please note that stencils from a store or custom-made stencils can be used for drawing on a large area.


The newfangled trend has more and more fans. Most, even those who are far from art, want to create an inimitable design in their home. But for a good image, you need to choose the right colors, and now you know how to do it thanks to the tips from the article.