Painting with nitro enamel and features of use

Painting with nitro enamel and features of use Nitroenamels - painting, application technique

Various forms of release of nitroenamels, painting with which gives excellent results ( in a jar, in a paste or in a bottle) only confirm the incredible large use of the dye.

Nitro-paint on the factory container is designated by such an abbreviation as NT, which will indicate cellulose nitrate in the base of the product. To put it simply, it is called nothing else than nitroenamel.

Despite the fact that a large amount of organic type of solvents is released during drying, this type of paint and varnish material is widely used in construction. The dye will refer to the type of enamel, and this determines the rules for application.

General information

Field of application

Looking at a surface that has a mirror-like shine, the question arises - what is nitro paint, what it was invented for, as well as how long it will last for a glossy coating. Nitrocellulose enamel was previously produced as the main composition for painting cars. But the layer will be quite unstable (it was enough for a maximum of 5 years), and the coating process is laborious, therefore, in this area, enamel was abandoned after a while. Today the dye is used as a decoration and finishing material, and it is also capable of interacting with such bases:

Metal, which is treated with a primer. It contains a mixture of pigments and fillers, which is diluted in an alkyd varnish.

Paint such as nitro enamel is not applied to acrylic and oily primers, which greatly reduce adhesion. A primer composition GF-021 is also used (this is a quick-drying Eppils, which costs 80 rubles per 1 kg). Also used are nitro-priming solutions, for example, the Yaroslavl ZKM "Nitro-primer" for metal, gray and anti-corrosion (the bank is 1.7 kg, and its cost is 1200 rubles).

Modern finishing paints and varnishes, for example, alcohol-based stains, are considered as a variant of using nitromaterials.

In such compositions, the defects of nitro enamels will not appear. For example, a colored varnish based on nitrocellulose is used, or rather, "Lakobeyts", and it also has a high drying rate, incredible adhesion, and it covers the wood pattern.

Covering plastered walls. It is important that the walls when building a house from the outside are better not painted with such paint, because nitro enamel will remove the vapor permeability of the wall from the inside to the outside, and they will become damp. The paint is in the form of a nitromarker for lettering, and it is a special reservoir with a hard tip that is sharp.

A permanent marker on nitro paint costs 300 rubles.

Nitrocellulose two-component paint is used in auto aerography, and the pigments in the composition are finely dispersed, which will make it possible to apply even very thin lines. Fast drying paint will not smear on the surface.By the way, the Сreateх Сlo product line will be very popular.

Good advice! The airbrush should be chosen for compatibility with nitro paint.

If you do not, then the paint will worsen the sealing properties of the composition.

Advantages and disadvantages of using nitroenamel

Despite the fact that the composition is toxic, the material is still widely used. This can be explained by positive qualities:

  • Painting with nitro enamel and features of use The coating will maintain brightness for a long time colors, does not fade in the sun.
  • Resistance to natural phenomena.
  • High speed of drying (several hours), and after 30 minutes at a temperature of +20.

    . + 23 degrees, above zero the surface is ready for use.

  • Reduces the duration of repair work.
  • The dye is sold ready-made, while the issue of diluting the nitro enamel is removed.
  • It is enough to apply only one layer to make the surface glossy and smooth.

  • The paint is used for works outdoors and indoors.
  • Low cost is one of the advantages of nitrocellulose paints.

Please note that the paint should be applied with a spray gun due to the drying speed, and the second coat is best applied 20 minutes after the first one. Economical enamel, for example, NTs-132 is consumed for each square meter from 30 to 120 grams, depending on the thickness of the coating, the method of application and the shade of the material.

But among the characteristics of nitroenamel, negative qualities can be distinguished:

  1. Composition and its toxicity.

  2. The place of work will be prepared in advance, because the enamel is very fire hazardous.
  3. Since NC paints are characterized as having a good level of adhesion, the question arises whether it is possible to apply nitro enamel to acrylic, oil and alkyd paints. The answer is no, and the tenacity between coats will decrease.
  4. Small resistance to mechanical damage due to the low degree of elasticity of the coating, and the layer will dry out only after the solvent evaporates.
  5. Intolerance to chemical attack, as there is no chemical nature of the coating film.

  6. In a room with a high degree of humidity, nitro paint from a wet ceiling and walls will get whitish stains on the surface. If the humidity in the room is higher than 70%, then it is better not to use the composition.

Good advice! Work with paints in high quality respirators.


Solvent for formulations

Nitro paints are diluted in order to apply their spray gun. They are usually ready-to-use and fairly fluid.

For an ideal consistency, it is worth using a solvent for nitrocellulose products R-647 (400 mg capacity for 87 rubles, from the TEKS brand). It is a liquid that is made on an organic basis, has an unpleasant odor and is colorless. Components - alcohols, esters, and aromatic hydrocarbons.The solvent for nitro paint is introduced into the composition slowly so that all fire safety requirements are observed. Fire places will be localized with a foam or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

Application technology

The base of each material will be prepared in advance.

Instructions for metal coating

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Painting with nitro enamel and features of use Sand the metal surface.
  2. Acetone, gasoline, white alcohol should be used to degrease metal with oil stains. If it is not possible to remove dirt with a rag, then the product can be immersed in a container with solvents, and there is even a special paste for large products.
  3. Apply metal primer.

  4. Nitro paint can be applied to a clean and dry surface, and the coating must be multi-layer.

Another instruction for wood.

Coating the wood

For wood, the sequence is as follows:

  1. With a spatula or sandpaper by chemical treatment, follow remove resin and natural wood oils, old paint coat.
  2. Wood is treated with a primer with an antiseptic to enhance adhesion, protect the wood from decay. Neomid 400 is suitable for interior work, and a concentrate in a ratio of 1 to 5 costs 450 rubles per 30 liters.

  3. Dye should be applied to dry wood surfaces.

Good advice! A mirror finish and gloss on wood will be ideal if the base has been previously processed to a smooth state with fine-grained sandpaper.

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