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For structures made of concrete and bricks, it is very important during construction not to forget to treat them with special waterproofing agents. In order to avoid further destruction of structures due to exposure to water. The most effective way to protect concrete is penetrating waterproofing. In our article, we will consider the instructions for the use of penetrating waterproofing, reviews of Penetron.

Application of Penetron.

Penetron is suitable for waterproofing any type of surface, because this brand produces a wide range of waterproof materials.

For example, there are means for waterproofing concrete, joints, as well as special additives that are put into the concrete mixture to increase its waterproofing.

General information

The Penetron trademark produces products such as Penecrit, Peneplag, Penebar, Waterplag and Penetron Admix , each of which is used for specific purposes and is made of different consistency.

Penetron can be used both separately and together with other auxiliary mixtures from this series of the trademark. Penetron penetrating waterproofing it is used if there are cracks on the surface, which need to be treated, there are cracks with a width of 4 mm.

But if the size of the cracks is larger, then additional application of the Penecrite agent is required. Both of these agents in the complex remove cracks, joints and wide seams. The use of Penetron products can fill cracks that have arisen on the surface of concrete, up to 40 cm deep and up to 4 mm wide.

Penetrating waterproofing is used in the following cases:

  • - for isolation in places with high humidity. These can be walls , ceiling in the shower room, bathroom, etc.


  • - when performing finishing work on the surfaces of the basement or basement of the building inside;
  • - when building structures that will be filled with water (for example, a pool ) is used for waterproofing the foundation;
  • - to protect the concrete foundation from erosion;
  • - to protect concrete structures that will be exposed to constant water influences (for example, a pier, a port); 34> - to protect structures from the effects of water, which will be located underground next to groundwater (for example, transport tunnels).

Advantages of using Penetron waterproofing agent

Today, Penetron waterproofing agent is the most effective and popular way to protect concrete from exposure moisture.

All because the product has quite a lot of advantages:

  • - penetrating waterproofing does not have mechanical wear, because all moisture protection functions are transferred to concrete. The service life of such a coating will be equal to the service life of the surface itself where it was applied;
  • - the most technologically advanced way of using.The penetrating properties of the mixture will fulfill their functions even without drying the concrete;
  • - the Penetron mixture does not change the physical properties of concrete.

    The property of waterproofing is simply added;

  • - suitable for waterproofing the outer and inner sides of structures;
  • - penetrating waterproofing withstands different temperature drops, is resistant to chemical and mechanical influences.

IMPORTANT! Penetron's advantage lies in its environmental friendliness and cleanliness. Waterproofing made with this tool will be completely safe. Thanks to the "Penetron" treatment, the concrete and reinforced concrete structure will become more durable, frost-resistant, moisture-resistant.

The price for this trademark for one package in different stores will vary, approximately, starting from 200 rubles.

Instructions for the use of Penetron waterproofing

Before proceeding with the application of penetrating waterproofing, the necessary procedures must be carried out:

  • - it is necessary to build a place for water to drain (ditch) to remove excess moisture;
  • - make a hydraulic seal to close cracks and other defective areas;
  • - recognize places on the surface where moisture can get;
  • - if the surface crumbles or crumbles, it must first be cleaned and plastered. If there are chips, then they must be restored;
  • - the surface to be treated must be cleaned with antiseptics from biological contaminants (mold, fungus, moss);
  • - remove salt from the surface with hydrochloric acid deposits that have accumulated;
  • - clean the surface of all existing dirt (dust, stains);
  • - soak dry concrete well with water;

After We have processed the surface, you can start applying the Penetron waterproofing mixture.

Mix dry mixture "Penetron" with water as follows: 1 kg of "Penetron" requires 400 grams of water. Pour water into the dry mixture and stir for about 2 minutes. The finished mixture will resemble liquid sour cream.

So that the solution does not quickly become unusable, it must be diluted in an amount that is enough for 30 minutes of work. The mixture must be constantly stirred.

IMPORTANT! If your solution has become very thick, then you cannot add water again! You will have to knead a new mixture.

"Penetron" is applied to the surface in two layers using a synthetic fiber brush. The first layer of waterproofing is applied to the concrete that has just been wetted.

Then you need to wait for the mixture to grab onto the concrete, after which the concrete surface is re-wetted with water to apply a second layer.

Consumption per m2 of dry mix "Penetron" is from 0.8 kg to 1.1 kg (this is a calculation when used in two layers). Mixture consumption may increase.

If there are uneven, potholed surfaces.

IMPORTANT! The main thing is that the Penetron waterproofing mixture is applied to the surface evenly without gaps.

Reviews about "Penetron"

  • "It is very important that the concrete is of high quality, the time between pouring is observed. this will largely depend on how the waterproofing with the Penetron mixture will work. "
  • "During all the time of my work in construction, this material has never failed.

    It is important that there is a competent waterproofing engineer."

  • "I work with Penetron tools myself and communicate a lot with other builders. I can say with confidence that it works, but the main thing is to read the technical specifications well, use this tool correctly, and not engage in gag."

( 1 grade, average 4 of 5 )


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