Penthouse in New York

Penthouse in New York The most expensive penthouse in New York overlooking the main park - magnificence for $ 95 million The issue of home acquisition is constantly difficult and is one of the most important.

The real estate market is incredibly large, so making a choice can sometimes be difficult. All people have different preferences, someone wants to live outside the city, and someone is closer to life in the city. There are those who love penthouses.

We want to tell you about the most expensive penthouse in New York overlooking the main park, but first, we suggest that you consider what exactly penthouses are.

What is it?

Before proceeding to consider the differences between penthouses, you need to answer the main question - what kind of housing is this? From English, the word is translated as a living status area that will occupy the entire floor of a building.

Living in such conditions is cozy and comfortable for residents, and the territory of the penthouse will provide privacy to households, which is almost impossible to achieve in an ordinary city apartment. In addition, such housing will provide an individual and exclusive interior.

Most often there is panoramic chic glazing here so that households can enjoy the city landscapes. The housing in question, in most cases, is equipped with cozy and spacious terraces, promenade areas, a winter garden, a swimming pool and other surprises.

Typically, the cost of such living space is very high.



Penthouse in New York The penthouse has many characteristics that will distinguish this type of housing from all others. Let's take a closer look at this issue. Most people confuse townhouse and penthouse, and such a common misconception is associated with consonant names, but this is where the similarities end. In fact, these are completely different types of housing.

A townhouse is an apartment in a large country house, which is designed to accommodate several families. With neighbors such buildings are separated by means of walls on the sides and it turns out that there are no people above and below. It gives the impression that you are living in your own free standing house.

The penthouse has a different structure. Moreover, a townhouse, which is being built near nature, will be much cheaper for you.

The direct placement of the considered types of houses is also very different.

An elite penthouse will differ in many ways from standard apartments in multi-storey buildings.

The windows of expensive residential areas constantly offer incredible views due to the location of the building, and people who live in simple apartments usually observe more "mundane" views.

Walk under the clouds - New York's famous penthouse

The tallest residential skyscraper in New York City is called 432 Park Avenue, and it guarantees its owners incredibly beautiful views of the city.The interiors of this penthouse were designed by the London-based architecture firm Nebihe Cihan Studio.

You won't even be able to imagine the modern panorama of Manhattan without this 96-story tower on Park Avenue between 57th and 56th streets, which picturesquely crashes into the clouds. This landmark seems to soar into the sky to a height of 425 meters, and surpasses Trump Tower, as well as the Empire State Building in height.

The project was developed by Rafael Vignoli. The skyscraper is made of seven vertical sections, which are placed one above the other. The square-shaped windows offer an incredibly beautiful view of Central Park, as well as the skyline of the Big Apple.

For a minute, it may seem that this incredible view is not from home, but from an airplane window when climbing, if there were no windows of an impressive size - 3 * 3 meters. The feeling is magical, as if you are floating above the surface of the earth and walking on fluffy clouds!

Penthouse in New York When thinking about the design of a penthouse in New York the square was taken as the basis as the most characteristic geometric figure for this city. The architect really wanted to create a house that would be 100% in tune with the city and become its new symbol. Local residents are sharp-tongued and managed to dub this building a "trash can", hinting that the silhouette of a skyscraper is like an office bin for papers.

There are penthouses on the last floors, and for the decoration of one of them, the area of ​​which is 330 m 2 , there are three bedrooms - the owners decided to invite the London office, which we mentioned earlier.

The designers began to work on the project and started by choosing the works of art. Although jewelry is usually the last item to be chosen, things are different here because home owners are collectors.

The first thing that can be seen at the entrance is a neon burning inscription on the wall "Just plau me twо bаrs оf stаrdust" (this is an installation by conceptual artist Serit Vin Evans). In the hall there is a beautiful bench designed by an Italian architect, and such a gallery object does not tolerate neighborhood.


When choosing furniture, it was very important to soften the gallery asceticism of the space and make the home cozy, and only Italian brands could do this, restrained and elegant style which fit perfectly.

The only one who can give odds to such an incredible beauty of design is New York itself!

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