Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully

Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully A plot of land in a suburban area is a place for recreation and allows you to prove yourself in the skill of growing vegetables and fruits for your own consumption.

It is called a dacha or a personal plot.

In addition to growing crops, places for rest are arranged on the personal plot.

Depending on the need, they are built according to a temporary scheme or soundly for a long time.

One of these objects is the gazebo.

It is not difficult to build a gazebo in the country with your own hands.

Basic structures for the personal plot

Purpose of buildings

  1. Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully Plumbing structures. The construction of a site always begins with such necessary things as a toilet and a shower.
  2. Household buildings. The instrument requires storage space, and it is difficult to carry it with you at every visit.

  3. Resting place . The gazebo is most often built as a primary building.
  4. Country house . It is a more sturdy structure for the possibility of spending a long time and shelter from bad weather.

Types of gazebos for a summer cottage

For building material

  • from wooden lumber,
  • from metal pipes of a round or square shape with sheathing with profiled sheet,
  • from building bricks or blocks,
  • combined materials, using different building materials in the complex.


  • oblong,
  • square,
  • round,
  • open,
  • semi-closed, with the possibility of installing equipment for cooking,
  • completely closed, built like a veranda with glazing.

By appointment

  • For simple, short-term relaxation after a hard day,
  • For parties with guests, preparation of hot meals,
  • For long-term rest with an overnight stay, for this purpose, closed gazebos

Construction of a gazebo for the summer cottage

The decision of the question of what design to be a gazebo is influenced by many factors

  • Site size. Is it possible to allocate space for the construction of a temporary hut.
  • Availability of finance.
  • Availability of materials.

The main dimensions of the gazebos for summer cottages

  • For square gazebos, the perimeter takes place 2500 x2500 mm. The height is 2700 mm.
  • The round-shaped building is 3000 mm in diameter and 2700 mm in height up to the ridge.
  • Rectangular in length no more than 3000 mm, and in width up to 2000 mm. The height is 2700 mm.

Instructions for self-construction of a gazebo for a summer residence

One of the simplest options for arranging a temporary place for rest is a gazebo made of square wood. The size around the perimeter is 2500x2500 mm. and in height 3000 mm.

First you need to choose a place on the site for the construction.It should be located away from a noisy road, not interfere with the work, not take up space for growing products.

At the same time, the gazebo should be freely available for visiting.

Then the area is cleared of grass and leveled; it is advisable to remove some of the soil around the perimeter to a depth of 50 mm.

Markings are made for the exact location of the pits for installing the supports using a tape measure, cord and pegs.

The necessary material is procured

  • Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully Coniferous timber for supports section 100x100x4000mm. or 80x60x4000 mm.

    In the amount of 8 pcs.

  • Beam for handrails and flooring supports with a section of 80x60x2500 in the amount of 12 pieces.
  • Rafter beam 80x80x2500 mm. you need 4 pcs.
  • Rafter board 100x50x 4000 mm.

    take 4 pcs.

  • Board on crate 120x25x3000 according to calculations.
  • Grooved board for the floor 120x32x3000 mm. by quadrature with a margin of 10%.
  • Elements of metal fastening and fastening hardware.

  • Cement M-400 50 kg.
  • Sand 150 kg.
  • PGS -1 m 3 .
  • Rubble stone.
  • Water.


Important! All lumber must be planed and have a moisture content of no more than 20%. Naturally dried. Before installation work, it must be treated with a fire-retardant liquid composition. The lower part of the support pillars is painted with bitumen paint for 1 meter.

  1. At the marked places with pegs, holes are drilled for the support pillars to a depth of 1000 mm and a diameter of 200 mm.

    Supports are installed and wedged with rubble stone. The vertical is controlled by the level.

  2. A concrete solution is prepared based on cement, ASG and water. The proportion is taken 1: 5. Water is added until a sour cream consistency is obtained.

  3. Concrete is poured into the space between the post and the pit walls, not reaching the edge of 100 mm.
  4. Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully 7 days are given for curing concrete in piles. Then the site is filled with ASG and compacted to create a drainage layer for the liquid under the gazebo.
  5. Next, fasten the timber for the flooring to the support posts along the entire perimeter by means of metal perforated corners with galvanized screws. The distance from the ground to the timber must be at least 150 mm.

    for ventilation of the space under the gazebo.

  6. To organize the rigidity of the floor covering, two more beams are added inside the perimeter. They are also attached to the support bar with metal corners and screws. Parts are placed across the direction of the deck.
  7. Next, the grooved floor board is laid.

    The flooring is assembled by joining the edges of the boards into a spike-groove lock. Each board is pierced with a # 50 nail into the bottom edge of the groove into the support bar. The joint of the boards should be tight at the edge. With further drying, the canvases can disperse and deform.

  8. The next step is to assemble the railings.

    The distance from the upper edge of the timber to the floor is set equal to 8500 mm. The elements along the perimeter are attached to the support bar in the same way as in the previous stage.

  9. Tip! The support bar and railing can be attached to the outside of the posts. This will give the whole structure more rigidity and increase the internal volume of the arbor.

  10. Photo + Video how to make quickly and beautifully To organize the entrance, a wall is selected from the eastern side.

    Railings are not installed on one of its halves; this part will be the entrance to the gazebo. To this area, steps are made of wood or concrete using formwork.

  11. The railing is made of 40x20x2000 mm rails. fastening them with a cross or from the remains of floorboards.
  12. The final stage of construction is the assembly of the roof.

    In shape, it is mainly single-pitched or four-pitched.

  13. Its construction begins with the installation of the rafter bar. It is mounted at a height of 2500 mm. from floor level on supports along the entire perimeter using metal corners using screws. For a more reliable attachment to the bottom of the timber, bars of the additional support of the timber are attached.

  14. Rafters are mounted to it at an angle, which are connected at the top to each other, in the version of a hipped roof. For fastening, metal corners, crabs, straight hangers and screws are used.
  15. Attention! To prevent the destruction of wooden parts, it is necessary to drill a hole in a bar with a smaller diameter than the fastener before using the screws.
  16. The lathing is made from the board. Details are not tightly spaced together.

    They are fastened with nails to the rafters.

Different materials can be selected for roofing

  • Profiled sheet, galvanized or painted with wave No. 10. It is fastened with roofing screws with a sealed washer.
  • Metal tiles of different colors.

    The mount is identical to the previous one.

  • Andulin. It is fastened with nails No. 30. It looks beautiful.

    But instead of lathing with boards, it is better to use 10 mm thick USB sheets.

Upon completion of the main construction, it is necessary to paint all open surfaces with helmets resistant to weathering.

Tip! To paint a wooden arbor, it is better to use a ship's varnish. It is transparent, enhances the wood grain pattern, the surfaces look decent, the coating has a long service life, does not deteriorate from the external environment.


There are many options for arranging gazebos on a personal plot.

In this area, you can embody any of your dreams and preferences. The gazebo is good because it can be altered, modified, brought to perfection in a constant mode.

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