Photos and Features of the device - Purchased and homemade version comparison + Video

Photos and Features of the device - Purchased and homemade version comparison + Video In construction, wood is the easiest and most environmentally friendly raw material to process, namely timber, edged and non-edged board, etc. For the procurement of these building materials, you will need a specialized device - a sawmill.

The band sawmill has the most effective and economical characteristics, with the use of which it is possible to obtain a bar, boards, carriage, sleepers.

General information

Principle of operation

A band sawmill is a machine that performs longitudinal cutting of logs. It has the ability to fine-tune the position of the cutting surface, due to which materials of different thickness are produced.

The design of the device includes the following elements:

  • Band saw;
  • Clamping mechanism;
  • Mechanism of movement of the frame;
  • Device for adjusting the web height.

Note: The machine has an electric motor with a power of more than five kilowatts.

Photos and Features of the device - Purchased and homemade version comparison + Video Through the belt drive, the torque is transmitted to the working pulleys on which the belt is installed saws. The saw mechanism must have a tensioning device for automatically adjusting the width of the retractable pulleys of a spring or hydraulic type. This is necessary to compensate for the thermal expansion of the metal on the tape during operation.

When processing round logs, the movement of the frame with a saw and a power device occurs along the fixed material on a concrete base with rails. The screw mechanism adjusts the height of the saw blade relative to the lowest point of the device. It is made in such a way that any possibility of skewing during work is excluded.

In order for the workpiece to be held securely, it is placed between the guides and fixed with special hooks. As soon as the log is correctly laid and secured, the operator smoothly moves the movable part of the device, due to which the upper part of the workpiece is cut off.

After that, the cutting surface is raised and the frame is moved to its original place.

Important: If you use a homemade sawmill, you will have to move the carriage over the log by hand. Factory devices are almost completely automated.


The industrial band sawmill has the following features:

  • reliable construction;
  • good performance;
  • energy saving;
  • have a high-quality cut, i.e.

    that is, when sawing, no waves occur and you can work with small materials;

  • a variety of types in size and weight, up to mini devices;


Band sawmills can be divided into structural classes:

  • Photos and Features of the device - Purchased and homemade version comparison + Video With an electric drive, up to five models are distinguished, differing in the mobility of the carriage, engine power, size of the processed raw materials, additional components and auxiliary units;
  • with a gasoline engine, three types that have different power, different maximum diameter used logs, as well as different saw sizes.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the sawmill can be with automatic or manual control.

Automatic belt sawmills are designed to increase productivity and can process any wood species. The software memory contains various options for setting the device's operation - cutting thickness, sequence of operations, etc.

Manual band sawmill can quickly solve various tasks without automatic settings.

The average raw material yield of unedged boards on such a device is about eighty-seven percent. The board is obtained with a clean surface, and the deviation from the cutting length is not more than one millimeter.

A manual device with the movement of vertical tanks is found in gasoline band sawmills, in units with a small power of up to seven kilowatts of an electric motor.

Independence from electricity, the sawmill can be used anywhere. At full load, the fuel consumption figure is three liters per hour.

This fuel tank is sufficient for continuous operation of the unit for several hours.

Diesel belt device is considered the most powerful analogue, thanks to which uninterrupted sawing for a long time is ensured.

The band sawmill has an internal combustion engine and an easy start system. In gasoline, the shaft speed is higher, so the gear value is set based on the diameter of the drive pulley, the increase of which is regulated by the gearbox.

Purchased and home-made version comparison

Which device is best determined only on the basis of the function performed.

So, for example, if you do not have a large amount of work, then it is best to assemble the unit yourself. But for the professional production of timber and boards, a factory device is required.

Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make it clearer, let's look at the cons of both devices.

Disadvantages of a self-made sawmill:

  • It is quite difficult to independently make fasteners that would not be developed during work.

    Therefore, constant adjustment will be required here;

  • Large amount of waste due to large kerf widths.When dissolving one tree, this is not so noticeable, but with a large amount of raw materials, the losses will be significant;
  • Not very high productivity, since a self-made device will not withstand a rapid pace, unlike a professional one.

The disadvantage of factory units is their high cost, which justifies itself only with large production.

Well-known brands

One of the proven and proven companies for band sawmills is the Novosibirsk Taiga group of companies. This is an association of engineering plants, which has its warehouses in more than five countries.

There are modifications for different directions of use. Each device has a certificate of conformity and meets all technical requirements.


The band sawmill will find its application both at home, for a small team of builders, and in large production. For domestic use, you can completely design it yourself, for example, a mini version from a chainsaw.

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