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+ Photos & Videos & Drawings In order to protect the front door from the negative external environment, they build a porch with or without a veranda, or build a canopy ...

Here's how to make a canopy over the porch, and we'll talk later.


Polycarbonate canopy

+ Photos & Videos & Drawings A canopy over the porch is made as needed, because this structure protects the front door from precipitation and sunlight.

Material for a canopy is not so difficult to find, but it is best to use universal options that will not change their appearance when changing the exterior of the house.

Different materials are used to make a canopy, but we will talk about polycarbonate.

+ Photos & Videos & Drawings Polycarbonate is capable of transmitting light, it is easily processed, unlike plastic and glass.

Due to its ribs, polycarbonate will withstand heavy loads created by snow in the winter season. Also, this material is not afraid of the influence of adverse environments.

The main advantage of the material is that they can be given a curved shape, this shape makes the canopy unusual and fits any exterior decoration of the building.


Various extensions to the house also require drawing up a plan, creating various drawings and calculations of the amount of materials.

If you are going to create a metal structure, you will need to take into account the thickness of the pipes and profiles that will be used. Indeed, the safety of operation and the durability of the structure will depend on the accuracy of the calculations.

+ Photos & Videos & Drawings

When planning the structure, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. Dimensions and individual details of the frame;
  2. Types of materials that you will use;
  3. Types of polycarbonate sheets;
  4. Fastening the structure to the house;
  5. Fasteners and hardware for connecting parts;
  6. Drawings from different sides.

Materials and tools

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To make a polycarbonate canopy, the following materials are required:

  1. For the manufacture of the frame, metal corners and steel profiles are used.
  2. Polycarbonate sheet;
  3. End connecting profile;
  4. Details for fasteners;
  5. Press washers;
  6. Galvanized self-tapping screws;
  7. Paint for metal and primer.

If, according to the plan, the structure is supposed with supports, then for their installation it is supposed to prepare sand, cement, crushed stone, well, the presence of the supports themselves is necessary.

These supports are made of metal pipes or steel profiles, wooden supports are not suitable for this.

+ Photos & Videos & Drawings In order to concrete the supports, the following tools are required:

  1. Two shovels (bayonet and shovel);
  2. Buckets;
  3. Container for mixing concrete;
  4. Trowel;
  5. Ramming;

To work, you still need:

  1. Roulette and level;
  2. Drill;
  3. + Photos & Videos & Drawings Screwdriver;
  4. Angle grinder;
  5. Hacksaw;
  6. If you have welding work, you will need a welding machine.

Stages of construction of a polycarbonate canopy with your own hands.

The details of the frame are connected by welding and bolts. Large canopies are best welded on, which will make the structure more robust and reliable in use. To make the lathing, use a small profile (20 * 20 mm).

  • + Photos & Videos & Drawings The frame, which was installed on the supports, is covered with an anti-corrosion compound and a decorative coating, only after the first layer has dried.

  • According to the drawings, a polycarbonate sheet is cut out. The roof deck should exceed the frame size by 10-15 centimeters on three sides. And only at the junction with the house, such an increase is not needed. For a canopy, the thickness of the material should not be less than eight millimeters, in the event that the canopy has a rounded shape, then the thickness of the material should be eight millimeters, and if the shape of the roof is flat, then the thickness of the material should be ten millimeters.

Cut polycarbonate with a circular saw or hacksaw.

When cutting polycarbonate, do not allow material vibrations, as cracks may form.

+ Photos & Videos & Drawings The material is produced protected with a special film, it is best not to remove this film during cutting to avoid cracking.

  • Before you attach the polycarbonate to the frame, you must first make holes in the workpiece for attachment to the docking profiles. These profiles are installed first. When reaming the workpiece, it will be necessary to ensure that the holes are slightly larger than the diameter of the screw.

    + Photos & Videos & Drawings This will prevent deformation of the polycarbonate and simplify its installation.

  • At this stage, the roofing decking is laid and attached with self-tapping screws. At the joints, it is recommended to leave a gap of two or three millimeters. This is necessary in order for the material to expand when heated and without forming chips and cracks.
  • The end profile is fixed to the end sides of the polycarbonate.

In the event that materials are connected with bolts, the state of their charge should be checked periodically, because during cyclones or gusty winds, these zones can relax, this can lead to a distortion of the structure.

You can build a polycarbonate canopy over the porch with your own hands, but if you do not have the time or skills, it is best to use the services of professionals.Or if it is possible to install ready-made awnings over the porch, install.

We hope you found this article helpful. We wish you good luck!

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