Phyto barrel for weight loss + photo

Phyto barrel for weight loss + photo Cedar phyto barrel - contraindications and indications

Hot steam, which is saturated scents of herbs and essential volatile oils, have the best preventive effects. In some cases, in order to feel the full power of the steam room, you will need to climb into a cedar phyto barrel or a box made of wood, as the ancestors of workaholic and hunters did earlier.

Previously, this method of recovery was a wonder for residents of urban areas, who envied the owners of private buildings, where there were baths and steam rooms.

Today everyone who appreciates health and loves to bathe even in city apartments can explain what a phyto-barrel is.

General information

Miniature steam room

The use of phyto-barrels for personal bath procedures has become a mass hobby today.

The desire to correct figure flaws, to raise tone or simply to improve their health makes people sit still for 15 minutes, in an uncomfortable position, which is shrouded in clouds of hot steam.

Professionals distinguish different advantages of a phyto-barrel in the form of a steam room:

  • The simplest and safest to use, as well as inexpensive to operate. For phyto-barrels no additional room is required, no stove is required, and the waste of electrical energy, like a simple electric kettle.
  • The heat in the phyto-barrel will provide fast, uniform and very deep heating of tissues, while there will be no risk of getting heatstroke for the head vessels.
  • Easy to maintain, minimal maintenance.

We can say that this is a simplified version of the steam room for the conditions of an apartment for one person. As consumer reviews have shown, the most important thing in a phyto barrel is that you will always have a personal steam room at hand.

The principle of phyto-barrel operation

The device of a miniature steam room is quite simple. If we talk about the constructive side, it is a wooden container with a diameter of 0.75 to 0.

95 meters, as well as a height of 1.2 to 1.5 meters from an array (sometimes glued from boards in the form of a box or barrel). The phytobarrel works in this way:

  1. Phyto barrel for weight loss + photo Inside the barrel, a soft and warm detachment of fabric is placed on which it would be comfortable to sit without the possibility of getting burned in a hot wood.
  2. At the bottom of the steam room, a steam generator must be connected, which can regulate the temperature of the hot water vapor and the volume.

  3. The person will sit inside the phyto-barrel, close the hatch at the top and seal the cracks with a towel or napkin.
  4. After half an hour, the steam generator turns itself off, and then you can leave the steam room.

During the general process, the head will be outside the miniature steam room. The person will continue to breathe cold room air, and thus do not expose themselves to the risk of heat stroke.The eyes, face, as well as the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose (but most importantly), the vessels in the head, while in the steam room, are not subjected to thermal loads.

In the role of material, coniferous woods are used, most often it is steppe pine, larch and cedar. Coniferous wood, when heated with steam in microscopic doses, releases tar and resin.

Oak steam rooms have become very popular. The plank surface, which faces the interior of the miniature steam room, is lifted up in a special way by hard brushes in order to enlarge the pores and facilitate the release of tanning components. As a result of contact with hot steam, the wall surface inside the phyto-barrel begins to release flavones, which perfectly strengthen the collagen of the skin integument.

What is the difference between a phytobarrel and a simple bathhouse

Naturally, visiting a small coniferous steam room cannot be compared with the effect that one gets when visiting even the most simple bath rooms.

The phyto-barrel has certain advantages and disadvantages, but still, most specialists in the field of restorative medicine consider its use very useful:

  • Increases muscle tone.
  • Makes less irritation of the skin, and in many cases makes it possible to fight post-traumatic consequences, sprains and even with a cold.
  • Reduces muscle swelling of feet and legs and relieves joint pain.

Please note that experts quite often call the phyto barrel for weight loss a sports equipment because of the special love of athletes for a non-standard type of steam room.


Contraindications and indications of the mini-steam room

According to the reviews of most athletes, phytobarrels in terms of influence and performance strongly resemble warming procedures used after training and competition.

Restrictions on the use of phytobarrels

It is recommended to use a miniature steam room for everyone if you do not have chronic diseases:

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Chronic dermatitis and eczema.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Vascular disease and CVS pathologies.

  • Open injuries, wounds and fractures.
  • Pathologies of the joints of the OD apparatus.

In theory, every healthy person, regardless of his shape and physical condition, and even regardless of age, you can use a phyto barrel without restrictions, but subject to a competent choice of the duration of procedures and the temperature of the steam.

Is it possible to really lose weight in steam rooms?

It is generally accepted that a miniature steam room is the best way and means to lose weight. But here it is important to take into account that, unlike physical exertion when playing sports, swimming, jogging, when fat is burned, rest in a phyto barrel helps to significantly drive away liquid.

For this reason, the effect of losing weight in the steam room will remain unstable and short-lived.

Dangers in using phytobarrels

The most noticeable disadvantages of a miniature steam room can be considered:

  1. Temperature difference in the region of the cervical spine - in the steam room, the shoulder muscles heats up very much, while the greater cervical part practically remains cold. After the procedures in the steam room, tension, local inflammation and muscle pain may appear.
  2. The presence of a heated steam supply in close proximity to the feet and legs, in the event of failure of the phytobarrel steam generator, a person can receive serious burns.
  3. The third, and no less noticeable drawback, experts consider an uncomfortable sitting position, in which it is required to sit in the steam room without moving for 10 to 20 minutes.

    Alternatively, you can make a phytobarrel - a sofa, like those used in tanning salons.

  4. The fourth point is the tendency of wood to flake off. Hot steam can crack the wood in the steam room and cause a large number of splinters.

For the internal type of phytobarrel finishing, it is better to use the simplest plate, and for the outer part of the steam room - oak or cedar.

Dimensions of a cedar barrel

The optimal dimensions of a cedar barrel will be mostly related to a person's height, proportions, length of arms and legs, and therefore before buying or building a barrel do it yourself you need to determine the parameter of the future product.

Simple steam rooms are built with a height of no more than 1.3 meters, a width of 0.7 meters at the front, and 0.85 meters in depth. It would be more rational to plan the size of the phyto barrel for your parameters.

To do this, just sit on a chair and take the following measurements:

  • Phyto barrel for weight loss + photo The vertical distance from the floor to the cervical base + 0.2 meters. This will be the height of the miniature steam room.
  • The maximum size (width) of the hips or shoulders with the hands down is + 0. 4 meters, and the frontal size of the barrel will be obtained.

  • Distance from the base of the neck to the fingertips on the arm extended in a horizontal position + 0. 2 meters - the depth of the phyto barrel in the longitudinal direction.

When planning the device and shape of the bench, it is required to make it adjustable in height so that all family members can use the steam room without alterations.

Making a phyto-barrel with your own hand

The market of accessories for baths and equipment offers a large number of models of miniature baths and home steam rooms at a cost of 15,000 to 40,000 rubles per product. Naturally, you can buy a ready-made miniature sauna, but it would be better to make a cedar barrel with your own hands.

there are only two arguments in favor of such a decision:

  • There is an opportunity to save a large amount from the family budget, and even more so if the phytobarrel is not structurally difficult, even for amateur joiners with initial qualifications.
  • There is a real opportunity to make a phyto-barrel for your own height or take an average value if all household members use the steam room.

Another argument in favor of self-aligning will be the opportunity to make with your own hands a small steam room of the required quality level, in which there will be no splinters, and which will not fall apart after a couple of months of use.

Construction of the body of a miniature steam room

If you choose between a box structure and a barrel, then the latter should ideally be used to create an apartment steam room on your own option.

A phytobarrel in the form of a box-rectangle is much faster and simpler, a tongue-and-groove board with a thickness of at least 2.

5 cm is used as a material. Initially, a frame is made from a phyto barrel, ideally it should be made of oak or larch ... After that, the future building of the steam room can be divided into 2 sections - a non-separable lower and upper, where the door will open.

First, it is required to fill the strips on the bottom of the barrel, and immediately lay a hoop with a fitting for supplying and even distribution of steam in the steam room. Next, you need to assemble a bench and a footrest. And only after that it is required to sew strips on the walls and the upper part of the barrel.

Features of the assembly process and finishing

Regardless of what shape the steam room will be, round like a barrel, in the form of a rectangular box or with a wedge form, in all cases the cut strips are fastened together only with dowels and always with the use of a heat-resistant adhesive composition.

The inner surface needs to be sanded and polished to remove any adhesive residue and any splinters present.

If you make a barrel according to the classical scheme, then at least three hoops with screw adjustment of the tension degree must be installed on the body. They are also used as flexible clamps in the assembly process and gluing steam room elements.

A steam generator for a barrel with your own hands

A phyto barrel with your own hands is easy to make. The best solution would be to buy a ready-made steam generator from a well-known manufacturer, and this is the safest and most reliable method to provide the phyto barrel with steam in the required amount, with the ideal temperature and humidity of the stream. A simple steam generator is made from a simple plastic container, as in the video.

It is possible to make a steam generator in 1/2 hour, all you need to do is to put a pair of heating elements on the tank for 0.7 kW, and connect a thyristor power regulator. The reliability of the plastic canister is small, it is enough for dozens of sessions of visiting the phyto-barrel, and therefore experienced craftsmen make a steam generator from a home pressure cooker-pan. It is enough only to install three heating elements of 0.5 kW each, and make a lid stopper, and a pressure safety valve was installed at the factory when creating the dishes.


It is possible to understand what a phytobarrel is, what its advantages and disadvantages are only after 2-3 months of use.It is not necessary to immediately buy an expensive cedar bath, for the first time you can make the usual collapsible version of the steam room, which can always be transferred to an apartment for the winter and used until you need to buy a real stationary phyto barrel.