Plan of a typical multi-storey residential building

Plan of a typical multi-storey residential building Layout of a multi-storey residential building with dimensions

When developing in the city, the most popular are multi-storey buildings consist of tens or even hundreds of apartments. it is extremely rare to see two-story or one-story apartment buildings in cities.

This is due to a huge list of reasons. Here are the most important ones (Saving land area. Space for installing water supply, sewerage, heating and gas.

Ease of arranging infrastructure in a particular neighborhood).

It is for this reason that apartment buildings are considered the best solution in modern settlements.

General information

Naturally, a multi-storey plan-project of a multi-storey building can only be produced by professionals, and they must have vast experience in performing such work. The premises should be located as compactly as possible, but at the same time convenient. An extremely important indicator is the provision of residential buildings with a large amount of sunlight.

For this reason, all the drawings are drawn up and rechecked by specialists several times.

What layout can a house have?

The main difference between houses can be an architectural and planning solution. In other words, we are talking about a systemic type of apartment arrangement. So, the plan of a multi-storey building with a large number of floors can be of different types.

  1. Sectional is the most popular option and can be seen by visiting almost all five-story buildings built in the last 50 years.

    A floor is a staircase with several adjoining apartments, usually 2 to 4. The shape and size of the site can vary greatly, and apartments usually have 1 to 3 rooms, so each family can choose the option that suits them. A common entrance for the floor and a separate one for each apartment provides not only cost-effectiveness, but also excellent isolation of the apartments from each other. This was the main reason for the incredible popularity of the sectional type of planning, and the number of entrances in a large number of cases ranges from 4 to 12 (sometimes 16) floors, everything will depend on the wishes of the developer, who has a land plot and the hardness of the earth.

  2. Plan of a typical multi-storey residential building Point - such houses are called "towers", and they are a kind of sectional buildings.

    The floor plan in them is exactly the same as in a sectional house. But unlike sectional houses of a point type, they usually consist of one entrance. With a small free area, which is allocated for construction, and even when working with poor land and terrain, point-type houses justify themselves perfectly if the plan was calculated correctly.

  3. Corridor - houses of this type are much less common, and they differ in that the landing of the stairs is a corridor with a long length, which has one (sometimes two) exits to the stairs.Apartments here face the corridor, and the main disadvantage of this option is the one-sided apartment orientation and far from the best housing isolation from each other.

    For this reason, usually the corridor scheme of apartment placement is found in the construction of hotels, small families and hostels.

  4. Gallery - such houses are very similar to corridor houses, and the main difference is the presence of an open gallery, access to which is in each of the apartments. They are located on each of the floors and stretch along the longitudinal construction walls. such a solution will ensure high quality ventilation for every apartment, even a very small one. They are also due to economic reasons - a small number of elevators and stairs (if the building has more than 5 floors) serves many apartments.

    But the difficulty of installing high quality thermal insulation makes houses of such a layout not very popular in the Russian Federation, which are distinguished by the harsh climate. But they have found incredibly widespread use in most Western countries, including Holland, USA, France and England.

Let's move on to the preparation process.


Preparatory stage for the construction of an apartment building

The plan of a typical multi-storey residential building is a responsible and difficult task. The work will start with cadastral works.

They are conducted by the cadastral chamber, and as a rule, it takes up to 1 month. To receive the required data, the applicant must collect the following package of documents:

  • Survey of the documented type
  • The decision of the authorities to grant certain land plots to private ownership.
  • Application.
  • Payment according to the document receipt.

The applicant can receive a ready-made certificate from the soil cadastre by mail or in person.

Such a note is the requested cadastral plan. The application must state how many copies you want to receive. It should be noted that the institution of justice is usually required to provide at least 2 copies. To receive such a document by mail or in person, a passport is required.

Upon receipt of documents, applicants should carefully study everything as much as possible.

All copies must contain the same data, and each sheet of the extract is assigned a unique order number, which is certified by a professional from the cadastral chamber. The preparation extract contains the following data:

  1. Cadastre number - a unique number plate that has been assigned to a certain section of soil, and on which it will go through all lists and archives in the future.
  2. Site name - usually this line simply states "land use".
  3. Land category - in certain cases, it is marked "not installed".
  4. Area - the data is taken from the documentation about the decree on the introduced land surveying and clarifications.

  5. Purpose of provision.
  6. Special notes - all kinds of data are specified here, for example, information about the applicant's rights.

The video shows a sample of a cadastral extract

How the material used affects the design of the house

As already mentioned above, the technical plan of a house with many apartments can be drawn up by competent craftsmen from any serious and long-popular design company services on the market. But before contacting the masters, you should decide on what materials will be used in construction. Much will depend on this.

During the construction process, you can use all kinds of building materials that differ in size, weight, thermal insulation characteristics and many others. For this reason, the plan of a nine-story house made of reinforced concrete slabs will be very different from the plan of a similar building, but made of bricks.

Plan of a typical multi-storey residential building So, how will the layout of apartments and buildings depend on the materials used? reinforced concrete slabs have strictly normalized dimensions, optimal in terms of weight, strength and quality of thermal insulation. for this reason, designers need to build on existing data, forming house designs with exclusively standardized dimensions.

Things are a little easier when drawing up a project for a building made of bricks, whether up to 3 or 9-storey building.

And at least the dimensions of the brick are strictly normalized, its small size in comparison with the slabs will give much more room for imagination.

And monolithic houses, which have long construction periods (in comparison with panel ones), as well as not the best technical parameters (in comparison with brick ones), provide the greatest scope for design. The length and thickness of the walls can only depend on the degree of material strength, which means, but it is required to adjust every centimeter to the material requirements.

Do I have to pay for the project plan

If you have worked with companies that provide services for the design of multi-family houses, you know that the services are quite expensive ..

. For this reason, certain people decide to cheat or save money. Indeed, why do you need to pay for the preparation of a project, if you can download it for free from the Web? You can find almost anything on the Internet. But it is far from a fact that the project, which was developed for an area with climate, type of soil, seismic activity and other factors, can be implemented in a different area. In certain cases, this can cause the destruction of a building in just a couple of years.

The plan of a multi-storey residential building was often ordered by builders and then duplicated 5-9 times to get a multi-storey building. Naturally, this is completely unacceptable. The fact is that the loads on the base and the supporting structures of a five-story and one-story building are very different. And neglect, along with a terrible craftsman and a desire to minimize spending, often leads to terrible tragedy. The following is a video tutorial on creating a home plan or apartment.

For this reason, if you are interested in the layout of apartments of 5 floors of bricks, which are located in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, you should order just such a project from the pros. Yes, you will need to give a large amount, but after that you will be sure that a high-quality house built according to such projects can withstand tens of years.