Plastic 3D panels for the bathroom - application features

Plastic 3D panels for the bathroom - application features Plastic 3D panels for the bathroom: photos, varieties, advantages

Practical and quite effective plastic 3D bathroom panels are a great alternative to traditional ceramic tiles as wall decoration. Modern cladding material has many advantages. Panel production has been established from various building materials, but plastic products are ideal for improving the bathroom. Relative analysis will make it possible to verify the correctness of the above.

Varieties of panels with 3D effect

When decorating a bathroom, the practicality of the materials chosen for the design will come to the fore.

This will apply to both the surface finish and further furnishings. The decorative component, although it plays a significant role in the choice of interior elements, is not dominant.

The main requirements that materials for cladding must meet:

  • Resistance to moisture.
  • Ability to withstand temperature changes without further deformation.
  • Easy to clean.

Ease of installation, affordable price and beautiful appearance will be a pleasant bonus. To what extent the 3D panels correspond to the operational conditions in the bathroom, it is required to consider in more detail.

Advantages of using 3D panels


PVC 3D panels for the bathroom have completely different characteristics, and a beautiful appearance will be achieved through unusual photo printing, which creates the desired image or effect on the surface. Plastic material finishing can be:

  • Solid color.
  • With a repeating pattern.

  • With an unusual image.

A variety of solutions for decorative finishing and ease of maintenance are not all the advantages of plastic modules. The familiar design with a tile, although considered a practical option, is inferior in certain parameters to PVC 3D panels for the bathroom. First of all, this will concern the price of building materials and the complexity of the installation. The photo shows volumetric panels for the room.


At the very beginning, it will be important to know that all the products that belong to section 3d effect are divided into two main groups. The first has panels that really have a surface with volumes. Another group is panels, in which the 3D effect is formed due to the unusual appearance of photo printing. What are the properties of each of the species? Textured panels can be of different relief, and most often in the bathroom there are such forms:

Gypsum is often used as a material for them, and aluminum is much less common. For example, horizontal wave types contribute to the visual expansion of the area in the bathroom.The vertical drawing orientation helps to visually raise the ceiling.

But the main advantage of volumetric panels at the same time became an obstacle, because of which they are not advised to be used in the design of the bathroom. The main reason for rejecting this type of finish is the difficulty of caring for an imperfect surface under conditions of high humidity. In addition, plaster is not the best material for decorating a bathroom.

Material for making decorative panels

It is worth buying plastic 3D panels for the bathroom, because they have many advantages, and such products are optimal for finishing the bathroom. So, plastic cladding is characterized by:

  1. Resistance to moisture - even prolonged contact with water cannot ruin the plastic surface, and there is no risk of mold and fungal colonies.

  2. Immunity to temperature changes.
  3. Light weight will facilitate transportation.
  4. Fast and easy installation process.
  5. The use of the frame as a base makes it possible to avoid the time-consuming procedure for the initial preparation of the walls in the bathroom. If tiles were not previously used for decoration, the surface must be cleaned of dirt.

  6. Installation of a frame for installing plastic panels is an excellent method for hiding communication.
  7. An incredibly large selection of shades - the ability to imitate different textures greatly expand the possibilities of bathroom design.
  8. Reasonable cost - plastic panels are affordable for a wide range of consumers
  9. Long service life - when selecting high quality plastic products, and the need to update the interior appears no earlier than 15 years later. An exception may be the natural desire to refresh the design.
  10. Ease of maintenance - chemical resistant plastic surfaces designed to remove dirt.

  11. 3D panels with pictures can serve as an accent area in the bathroom.
  12. Modern technologies in the presence of chemical compositions in the material make their use harmless from the standpoint of environmental safety.

Evaluate the attractiveness of the bathroom interior with 3D PVC panels with photos. Decorating with a 3D effect can be done using all kinds of materials. A detailed description of plastic products is stated above.

But there are also aluminum, gypsum, bamboo and wood panels with volume.


Facing elements are produced in the form of a square, the installation of which is carried out directly on the wall, without using frame technology. The main advantage is the extremely effective appearance. Reasons for the low degree of popularity:

  • High price for the material.
  • Look good in a very spacious bathroom, and there is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty in a small area is unrealistic.

  • Gypsum is capricious in operation and maintenance.
  • It is rather difficult to carry out the installation yourself, and it is easier to invite a professional team.

Gypsum panels are shown in the photo below.


The metal textured surface looks non-trivial, but there is a fairly rigid framework for restrictions in application from the standpoint of direction design. They look very organic in a room with a high-tech interior.

The relief is achieved through perforation. For the coating, a film of high strength made of polymers is used, and the advantage of the material is its resistance to the aggressive environment that is characteristic of the bathroom atmosphere. Aluminum panels are heavier than plastic panels, and therefore cannot be installed alone.


Plastic 3D panels for the bathroom can be replaced with wooden bulk panels, however, provided that the material undergoes special processing in advance and can withstand special conditions exploitation. Beautiful appearance is the main advantage of the choice, but here it is important to be prepared for certain difficulties:

  • Special care.

  • Complexity of installation work.
  • Great weight.
  • Great price.

It is not possible to use detergents that are suitable for plastic panels. When choosing wooden or plaster panels for the interior of bathrooms, they are used in fragments.

It is advisable to select areas where direct contact with moisture is excluded.


Installation Methods

There are actually a couple of methods for installing plastic panels in the bathroom , and if the wall surface does not have any flaws, and is also perfectly flat, then the cladding can simply be glued using liquid nails or another reliable adhesive composition. But this method is not used so often, and it is more in demand when finishing with plaster elements. The option of mounting the frame will be much more popular, and in advance, a wooden crate or even a frame made of a profile (aluminum) is attached to the wall surfaces. After that, the plastic panels must be fixed with a self-tapping screw.

The process will take place very quickly and without complications.

Please note that immediately after purchase, the panels must be acclimatized indoors. To do this, they need two days, and after that you can move on to decorating the bathroom.

Design Features

An unusually large selection of shades, textures, dimensions, patterns and patterns will give unlimited freedom when choosing a bathroom design using 3D panels. Functional as well as highly decorative material for decoration will look actual in modern interior styles.

For example, the following:

  • Plastic 3D panels for the bathroom - application features Plaster panels fit organically into the Scandinavian style, as well as modern.
  • Wood cladding is suitable for eco and Scandinavian style, and classic design will look worthy.
  • Aluminum products complement the loft or high-tech bathroom interior.

Plastic panels are universal due to the ability to imitate all kinds of textures. Depending on the surface pattern, they will look organically not just in a bathroom with a modern entourage, but at the same time in a romantic Provence design.

A popular design technique is the creation of an accent area through voluminous surfaces or bright patterns on the decoration.

When choosing panels, the dimensions of the room are of great importance, and for a small-sized bathroom, a plastic finish with a smooth and light surface is ideal. A large bathroom gives incredible scope for imagination, and here the aesthetics of panels with volume are fully revealed, it is possible to use cladding in dark colors. But with this it is important to observe moderation, and a room in which the walls are fully decorated with dark tones or have a relief pattern, this can begin to cause a feeling of discomfort. The local application of non-trivial colors and shapes will look much more harmonious.

Decorating with plastic 3D panels for the bathroom is an ideal design option. High characteristics of the operational type, an unlimited choice of patterns and shades, an affordable price, ease of installation and ease of maintenance - all the qualities put plastic panels ahead of the pack, outstripping even the usual ceramic tiles in terms of parameters.

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