Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for

Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for How to make straws from a plastic bottle and what to make of them

What a man hasn't come up with! The experience and imagination of home craftsmen is amazing. Let's find out how to make a straw from a plastic bottle, and also consider what they are needed for on the farm.

Surely you know how to make a tape from a plastic bottle, but not everyone knows how to make a pipe.

General information

Making the tube. what you need

  • Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for Wooden bar.

  • Drill with fine drill bit.
  • Plastic bottle.
  • Ruler.
  • Building hair dryer.

Manufacturing order

  1. Cut the plastic bottle into a long tape with a width of 0.

    7 cm.

  2. Make a hole in the wooden a bar with a diameter of 0.28 cm.
  3. The bar should be fixed to the table as tightly as possible.
  4. Pass the tape through the hole, and then heat it up a little with a hot air gun.

  5. Pull the tape from one side and you will get a plastic tube at the exit.

Done! It is not difficult at all, but how much can be done using such a tube.

What can be done from a tube

There are many ideas for using a plastic tube, for example, you can make a netting for a vegetable garden in the country. Believe me, such a "rope" made of a tube will be much stronger than a rope made of tape, since the tubes will not stretch and will not hurt your hands. In addition, frost and sunlight will not harm plastic products.

Also, from such pipes, you can make a system for drip irrigation, because the material does not rot in the ground. There is another, no less original idea - to make a chandelier or lamp that will perfectly diffuse light. Since the tube at the outlet turns out to be such that it does not have a closed seam, it can be connected together without the use of glue, just insert them into each other. They can also be easily connected in a circle to create a beautiful light fixture. It is interesting that 45 meters of working material can be made in 1 hour.

When you have made a pipe from a plastic bottle, you can start making fakes. We have prepared for you a great selection that will inspire creativity. Here you will find a lot of accessories that differ in the complexity of the manufacturing time. Some things even a child can do, and some will make even adults try.

Decorating star

Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for This star, made of plastic tube, will be a great decoration for a party or children's room.

Also, such a craft can be used to decorate holiday tables. To make such a decoration with your own hands, you will need to cut the tube into 20 pieces or a little more. To begin with, you should connect two pieces together, after three, four and five - the total mass should be increased by one tube on each side.

Please note, that the easiest way to collect all the straws will be super glue, while they will need to be flattened in the middle. But you can just sew them if you want.

To securely fix the structure, you will need to drag the center with a thread, wire or fishing line. You can also add a nice ribbon to your craft so you can hang a star.


Although it might seem that plastic tube bracelets should be liked only by little girls, in reality this is not at all the case , although the simplest material is used for manufacturing. In fact, adult girls will also want to wear such jewelry, much will depend on how to make the bracelet and what kind of tube will be used for this. Additional decoration will also play a serious role.

The photo shows some great ideas.

Important! All the ideas presented imply that you first need to paint the tube in one color or several to choose from, and then use it.

Tops are made from tubes that have been ironed through a thick fabric. If the fellings are not very hard, then you can simply crush them with your hands. A thin wire should be inserted in the center of each tube.

First, you need to make several single bracelets, and then drag them together using an additional tube, which will be fixed with a wire. Add more beads, ribbons or any other decor of your choice.

Another photo shows a bracelet made of tubes cut into small "beads". To do this, you just need to take a straw and cut it into equal parts, and then collect them all into a thread, ribbon or wire. The last bracelet is made of pieces of tubes that are twisted as much as possible.

In this case, make sure that the wire that is inside does not break. Next, the rings should be collected on a base made of ribbon, elastic band or wire, and beads can be collected in the same way.

Christmas tree toys

Weaving with tubes from a bottle will make it possible to make a Christmas tree toy. Simply put, this is not only a Christmas tree decoration toy, but also a decor for a children's room or a party. Even in an ordinary room, such a decoration looks great, and many will like the minimalist design.

To create such a decoration, you need at least 3 pieces of straw. Cut off all the excess so that you get four identical parts, collect a square on a fishing line, or on a thread / wire.

Make the side faces the same or create an unusual shape, and this requires cutting off the tubes at an offset. Hang such jewelry on a standard thread, as the tubes themselves are quite light. A similar principle can be used to assemble a geometric structure from plastic juice tubes.

To make the structures weighted, you should insert the wire inside.


Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for Such A simple wreath will be a wonderful decoration for a room at Christmas or a simple decoration for a nursery. For manufacturing, you need a regular set of plastic tubes (which can be replaced with paper ones), compasses, cardboard and glue. Using a compass, a circle should be cut out on cardboard, and if it is thin, then make a double or even triple version. Then glue a layer of tubes around the entire perimeter of the circle, but on one side.

The length of the straws should be constantly changed and alternating between long and short tubes. Then repeat all the same on the second side, and the tubes should be glued only on super glue. Decorate the craft with a nice bow or something else. If you plan to make a wreath for the New Year, then you should paint the tubes green or red, add beautiful tinsel or festive balls. By the way, if you stick a wreath on an old dial or an alarm clock, you will get a wonderful decoration of the watch!


Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for If you have school-age children or a brother / sister, then offer him a similar idea.

With the help of plastic tubes with your own hands, you can make a very beautiful craft for school. We will need a lot of straws, pencils, cardboard, glue and any items for decoration.

The entire length of the tube must be ironed through a layer of thick fabric to flatten it. On cardboard, you need to draw a butterfly outline (or use stencils). In the center, you need to place the tube vertically, and around it form wings from the tubes.

If you use "springs", you will be able to make voluminous and beautiful flowers, and decorate the craft with stickers, rhinestones or something else.


The straws from a plastic bottle, which you made with your own hands, can be used for simple crafts, where no wisdom is required ... The main condition will be the presence of an old fabric floor lamp that you do not need.

To create a fancy plastic tube lamp from a bottle, you need 200-300 tubes. The process is quite laborious, not fast, but easy to execute. It is likely that you will need to use thin wire as well. This will depend on how dense the fabric is on the floor lamp.

The principle of operation is quite simple - you need to bend each tube in half, flatten it well in the center, and then push the ends into the fabric that is on the floor lamp from the inside.

If you insert the wire in advance, then the structure will turn out denser and more reliable. Insert plastic straws into the fabric so that there is no gap between them, and if the fabric is difficult to pierce, use an awl. The interior of the fabric luminaire can be supplemented if it is additionally glued with a piece of fabric to hide all the curves.Remember that the tubes should not be left sticking out inward, as in this state they will begin to melt from the lamp.

Lamp in the style of "perfectionism"

Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for If you have a metal frame left from an old sconce, you can make an original and unique lamp.

To do this, cut the tubes into equal lengths, and mark the middle of each cut with a felt-tip pen. Next, through the marked point, the tubes should be strung onto the thread using a needle. The longer the bundle is, the more beautiful the finished product will look. A dozen of these garlands should be made, and all the garlands must be tied to the upper circle and distributed around the entire perimeter. In appearance, the product will resemble a multi-level waterfall, and it will be possible to change the appearance of the lamp by moving the tube segments in different directions.

Pipe daisies

Crafts made from plastic pipes can be used to decorate flowerpots and vases. You can make a beautiful bunch of forget-me-nots from this material. You will need to prepare thin plastic straws, having previously painted them yellow and make thick ones multi-colored. Colored blanks should be cut lengthwise, cut along the edges with scissors to form a fringe.

Prepare a yellow colored straw and attach the prepared element to the fold.

It is desirable that the parts are fixed with glue. Wrap a ribbon from a tube around this part, glue the edges. For realism, it is possible to make a winding from green tubes lower than the bud itself according to a similar principle, and make compositions from such flowers, then the amount will be sufficient.

Photo frames

Plastic bottle tubes: making, what to use for Another fairly simple craft made from paper or plastic tubes is a DIY photo frame. Everything here will be limited (or not limited) by your imagination - do whatever you like at your discretion.

You can make a simple cardboard frame and decorate it with tubes that will be vertically arranged, and they must be cut to the exact size of the accessory, or leave the tubes intact so that they stick out in all directions. You can also cut two tubes lengthwise and clamp the photo between them. In the center, you will need to place a beautiful thread and additional weighting, for which it is permissible to use a straw. The result is a lightweight photo that can be hung in a pretty frame.

A sun made of plastic tubes and colored paper

To make such a craft with a baby, you will need to use materials and tools such as a couple of packs of yellow cardboard , do-it-yourself yellow plastic tubes, a glue gun, a black felt-tip pen and scissors.

For manufacturing, you will need to cut two circles of cardboard, which will have the same diameter. On the front side of one of the figures, draw a nose, eyes and a smile.Each tube should be cut in half and at a 45 degree angle to obtain the beams. From the inside of the circle along the edge, it is required to glue the blanks of the rays, and to make it easier to lay the elements, flatten the edge of the tube on top. When the entire perimeter is pasted over, fix the face of the sun on top, and thus you will block the inside of the craft.

Additionally, you can decorate the product with sparkles or ribbons.

Vase with a flower

A vase made of pipes can also become a beautiful addition to decor in a children's room. But such a craft can be made by the child himself to give, for example, to his beloved grandmother or mother. Believe me, you will like such a gift, because it is made with your own hands, and it will have a special meaning for the donee. Arm yourself with tubes, ribbons, and a postcard or disposable plate.

For the stability of the vase, you will need to cut the tubes in half, and then fasten them with rubber bands and glue the base of the flowerpot on a postcard or disposable plate. Next, you should decorate the vase with bows, ribbons and other decorations for decoration, and then you can start modeling flowers for the vase. The tubes should be cut into small pieces, about a couple of centimeters apart. Note that a large flower will consist of several inflorescences. They are easy to model, you only need to cut half of the tubes for the "fringe".

Then insert several tubes to each other, and then attach the inflorescences to the plastic ball. The number of inflorescences will affect the splendor of the flower.


We hope you enjoy this collection of ideas and are inspired to create something new from plastic tubes. Choose what is offered in the list or create something unique. Working with tubes from a plastic bottle is also great for the reason that the material is available to everyone and it will not be a pity to spoil it.

For this reason, you can train to get the desired result.


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