Plastic skirting boards will kill design - how to choose the best home decoration

Plastic skirting boards will kill design - how to choose the best home decoration The rules of an ideal skirting board and why it is better not to use plastic

Repair usually starts with quite rational desire to save on everything. But after you, the process itself drags on, and suddenly expensive tiles appear in the project, as well as furniture from an exclusive European factory. After that, the original budget, which took into account all expenses, naturally begins to "burst at the seams". In this case, either it is necessary to freeze the construction site, or switch to cheaper materials. If you have not planned an item of expenses for skirting boards in the estimate or you have to save a lot at the moment, do it wisely.

The fact is that the skirting board is suitable for almost the entire perimeter of the premises, and will also tie together floor coverings throughout the house.

For this reason, as soon as you decide on the type of flooring, you should choose the perfect skirting board correctly, and God forbid, it will be plastic.

Basic nuances of choice


  • Durability (should be calculated for about 30 years) ...

  • Unpretentious care - so that it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes - especially if you will put on heated floors or decorate the bathroom floor, where puddles after bathing are not excluded.
  • Flexibility - if there are rounded surfaces that need to be "bypassed".
  • Possibility of hiding communications (often Internet channels or television wires are installed inside the skirting board).
  • Design - The selection of shapes, textures, colors and patterns for finished products is incredibly large, but you can also find a model that you can paint.

  • Material, and as a result, its final cost. This is what we will talk about next.

Plastic skirting boards will kill design - how to choose the best home decoration Next, we suggest considering the types of skirting boards. I would like to note in advance that in this article we will not consider a plastic skirting board as suitable. The fact is that whatever information you read about it in brochures about the latest technologies, plastic will always remain plastic.

Chair knives, a brush from a vacuum cleaner, a children's car - all this can lead to mechanical damage, but for the house you still want something more durable. So what should you choose? We propose to consider further.

MDF skirting board

This material is environmentally friendly (made from fine chips, which are pressed under pressure and high temperature), and it is ideal for parquet boards. The material has the same properties as the plastic skirting board, and you can also carry out electrical wiring inside.

There are two ways for attaching MDF skirting boards to the wall surface:

  • On special brackets (similar to plastic).

  • For self-tapping screws that have no caps. This method is safer because it creates a tight fit against the wall.

How to choose a skirting board from MDF? The easiest way is to buy it together with parquet boards from the same manufacturer in order to choose the ideal profile shape, color and size. MDF skirting board could well be called the best solution, if not for its instability to mechanical influences (scratches, chips). Moreover, if there are many radial partitions in the room, the appearance of the product will suffer greatly.

Unlike the next option, which is presented below, the MDF skirting board is bent thanks to the notches on the inner surface. From the outside, they are also visible and spoil the beauty of the design. This type of skirting board will be ideal for straight partitions and a solid, but budgetary project. The cost for 2.8 running meters ranges from 300 to 720 rubles - it all depends on the type of coverage and size.

For radius partitions, it is better to choose other skirting boards.

Solid skirting boards

Plastic skirting boards are nothing compared to the most durable and environmentally friendly option, which is perfect for a complex configuration with radius partitions.

Plastic skirting boards will kill design - how to choose the best home decoration If 20 years ago pine was almost the only option, now the choice is incredibly large - an array oak, cherry, ash, maple - which one to choose is up to you. As a rule, such a plinth is used for laying an expensive block parquet floor. It is attached to the surface of the walls with liquid nails, and the radius of curvature is measured on the spot, after which the dimensions of the rounded part are calculated in production.

To exactly match the tone of the parquet or doors, the skirting board should be tinted. The cost for one linear meter of massive plinth will be about 800 rubles, and for a radius interval it will be about a couple of times higher.

Tiled (for a sanitary unit)

In sanitary facilities, in the role of a plinth for the floor, decor is usually used from the selected collection of tiles (if it is a tile made in a classic style). Naturally, with such a tile border, the room will look advantageous, but usually you still have to buy the materials one by one, which can significantly increase the cost of the tile (especially if you forgot to put the plinth in the estimate). But even here there is a way out - you can abandon the baseboard in the bathroom and carefully lay out the wall tiles to the floor.

At the end, I would like to note that height also matters. The photo example shows that the sockets are brought out to the plinth - as close as possible to the floor surface. Traditionally, their height is 15t cm from the surface of the finished floor, and therefore the skirting board should be purchased on time, and also take into account the features of the relief. Otherwise, the frame of the female connectors may fall on the top edge, which will look completely messy. If you choose a skirting board with a height of 20 cm and more, with a more complex profile, you should remove the sockets taking into account this fact.

For this reason, the skirting board first, and then the electrician.

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