Plastic windows in the apartment: which ones are better? Review + Video

Plastic windows in the apartment: which ones are better? Review + Video Which plastic windows are better to put in a house or apartment. Modern technology helps to make people's comfort even better. For this reason, the question of which plastic windows is better to choose is currently more relevant than ever before. It is due to this, due to the fulfillment of the technical characteristics, the product will provide the house with heat.

By knowing this, you can avoid being tricked by installers and manufacturers.

General information

Types of plastic windows

Before starting work, you should choose a design and understand the varieties. It is necessary to distinguish the types of plastic windows by distinctive features, which are grouped.

Number of sashes

The number of sashes in a window structure will largely depend on the size. Taking into account this fact that the window must be open, the number of sashes can be increased according to the wishes of the client.

Let's single out the following types of window designs:

  • Single-leaf - they are installed in openings of small sizes and low heights.

    Even if the opening is of non-standard dimensions, for example, rectangular or square, then one sash with the ability to open will help solve the problem of glazing windows.

  • Double-leaf - installation is carried out on wider window openings. Plastic double-leaf windows are best installed if the opening is greater than 0.8 meters.
  • Three-leaf - installed on high and larger windows, which are most often found in living rooms and other large rooms.

Separately, it is worth considering the windows with doors for the opening to the balcony. Most often, blind windows are installed with the additional installation of a door leaf for the general structure.

Sash opening method

In this category, the following types of plastic windows can be distinguished:

  • Blind type window - the doors do not open at all.
  • Swing - the window opens in the most usual way with the swing of the sash.
  • Hinged - a special structural model is created in which the part of the sash located below is attached to the frame, and the upper part is placed inside the room.

  • Combined - such designs were able to combine the functions of the second and third types.
  • Sliding windows - most often installed on the balcony, because such glazing makes it possible to maintain an already narrow space.

A variety should be selected according to the needs of the family for further exploitation.

Design features

Plastic window is a profile or frame that is made on the basis of such material, like polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymer based on ethylene and chloride.

In addition, the composition includes substances for stabilization, modifiers and plasticizers.The powder is heated, it is pressed, and as a result, the basis of the window structure is obtained - snow-white frames. Further, a metal profile is installed inside, and all parts are soldered using thermal soldering. Together with the main substances, pigment is added, resulting in interesting plastic colored windows or wood-like structures. What is the best profile for plastic windows? Let's consider further.

For the manufacture of the frame, specialists make cuts to obtain a section of the required length. The connection is made by gluing or soldering into straight structures (sometimes spatial). Additionally, it is required to make cuts in order to create an air flow into the room, and also to drain condensate. The holes are made exclusively in the outer chamber, and everything else is sealed.

It is recommended to choose a design by the number of chambers:

  • Three-chamber are best installed in warm regions, as well as on a fold, where space heating is not needed.

  • Five-chamber - for the middle latitudes of Russia.
  • There are even six- and seven-chamber frames, but it is better not to install them, because the thermal conductivity and quality will be the same as that of five-chamber windows, but the cost is higher.

You should also know the exact structure of the profile, because in the absence of knowledge you can be deceived, and unscrupulous installation technicians sometimes install low-quality goods for people for a lot of money.

Differences in glass units

Three types of glass units can be distinguished - one-, two- and even three-chamber. Each has its own pros and cons:

  • Plastic windows in the apartment: which ones are better? Review + Video Single-chamber in thickness range from 1.

    4 to 3.2 cm, they are considered an outdated option, which is used only for industrial premises.

  • Two-chambered - their depth is up to 5.8 cm, only one glass is used in the cavity, their width together is no more than 0.4 cm, most often they are installed in residential premises.

  • Three-chambered - the width is almost the same as in the two-chambered version, so their use is impractical.

Please note, h that three-chamber structures have greater weight, as well as slightly improved values ​​for thermal conductivity and noise insulation.

What is better to choose for an apartment and a house


You need to know how to select plastic windows correctly, and for this, when choosing the best design, you should use the following indicator check:

  • Country where production is carried out - in this case, sellers often refer to German quality, but when This product is desired in Russia using German technology using inexpensive materials.
  • Number of cameras - as mentioned above, it is better not to buy more than 5 cameras, because thermal conductivity will not improve, but you will have to pay more.
  • Profile width - the larger the better, especially for residential buildings.

  • Number of chambers in a double-glazed window - for an apartment and a house, the best option would be a two-chamber design.
  • Reinforcing insert made of steel - it is better to choose an open loop that gives the best performance.
  • ISO 9001 certificate - if there is one, it will speak about the quality and strength of the frame.

Find out 100% exactly which plastic windows are better for you if you do not study all the reviews and those. characteristics.

Technical indicators

The production of plastic windows must be carried out in compliance with the main technical characteristics that are allowed for ease of use. Today there are basic characteristics for double-glazed windows, shown in the photo. The plastic window plant uses all the presented indicators when creating a structure. Not every time individual manufacturers check the standard window sizes, which is why errors and troubles often occur in the further operation of the structure. To avoid problems, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the design proposed for installation.

What improvements can be made

The creation of plastic windows involves the use of additional options. On this issue, I would like to highlight the following:

  1. Comb for plastic windows are standardized limiters that make it possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the sash inward with your own hands. The limiter for opening plastic windows has 4 convenient positions, and everyone can choose a comfortable air position for themselves. They give an opening from 1 to 7. 7 cm.

  2. Plastic windows in the apartment: which ones are better? Review + Video Child locks on windows - this is a very important precaution and safety measure if there are children in the house. It is an ordinary lock, which is located on the bottom of the sash, which is locked with a key. With such an addition, you can ventilate the room by simply folding the sash to the required angle. The key will block the ability to turn the sash - open the window in the usual way, which usually increases the risk of a child falling from a height.
  3. Antikosh for windows - is a regular mesh, which is attached to the frame and sash with self-tapping screws and other equally complex bolts.

    It can only be removed with a screwdriver, and you will need to unscrew the screws to remove the mesh. Such a fence has a large slot size in comparison with a regular mosquito net, a cat can withstand up to 20 kg of weight, even if she wants to climb the uneven bars. At the moment, there are many variations on sale with the creation of a special mesh ledge - the animal will be able to "go out" 30 cm outside, and will sit in a kind of cage.

  4. The supply valve on the windows is not cumbersome and a kind of analogue of the air conditioner, which helps to ensure the flow of air from the street into the room.All plastic structures are installed so that they block the natural ventilation of the room, which is why the room is constantly stuffy, but open windows only make the situation worse because of the cold air.

    To avoid this, it is recommended to install supply valves, and this will ensure the flow of air without creating a draft or increasing the noise level from the street.

  5. Mosquito nets - is also an additional element that is needed in order to protect the inhabitants of an apartment or house from insects. The plates are removable, the fastening is insignificant, therefore, in no case should you rely on them. Note that it is because of the weak attachment of the nets that the cases of a child falling out of the window have become more frequent.

These are just the main elements of all possible add-ons that users buy in a set for double-glazed windows from the manufacturer.

Protection from children for plastic windows has repeatedly helped out those who, in addition to the child, also have an active cat.

Please note that the following is worth noting - there are many cases where, due to a draft, the flaps close when the animal decides to go outside through the window. Often they die from such injuries, because such an incident leads to internal bleeding.

TOP-5 window manufacturers

So, which plastic windows are better to put in an apartment? When choosing a design and manufacturer, many customers pay attention only to inexpensive plastic windows. At the same time, almost no one thought about the status and quality of the manufacturing plant.

Consider the most interesting and profitable companies that will provide you with quality and results for many years due to excellent performance:

  1. KBE - they are expensive, but over time, the plastic acquires a yellow tint. Despite such troubles, the products are very durable, have excellent noise insulation and can withstand temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees. The design implies that a supply valve is already installed in it, which means that you will have natural ventilation.
  2. Plastic windows Re u - have a wide range of models, but there is one small detail - the size of the sashes slightly more than the standard values. Due to the fact that they have a wider profile, an excellent level of noise insulation and thermal conductivity is provided.

  3. Р rop lex - differ in relatively low cost, but at the same time are extremely durable and there is a large selection of models for every taste, features of openings and purse. At the same time, experts say that certain models have already become outdated, but someone says that the company does not have international certification. In any case, wherever you order a window, it is always worth asking for the relevant documents.
  4. kа - the manufacturer differs from the others in that it uses a rubber material for seals that is not afraid of temperature changes and is perfectly able to maintain its properties even at the lowest and high rates. The cost is slightly higher than that of analogues.

  5. Т roca l - offer many models, has high-quality materials, due to which the structure is rigid, durable and can be used for many years. But to install a door leaf, it is better to refuse the services of this manufacturer, because the rigid door is extremely heavy and it will be inconvenient to use it.

Also, when choosing a design, it will not be superfluous to study the cost. The presented models have a price of 11,000 rubles for an ordinary double-leaf window. In questions, what is the cost of the window, installation of additional elements and functions, which are described above, will be of no small importance.

According to the action, in small towns you can find windows for 7,000-9,000 rubles, but their quality leaves much to be desired. Plastic windows are required for ease of use and to create a more comfortable environment in the home. For this reason, saving is not worth it, but it is better to choose only high-quality designs.