Polish cuisine interior

Polish cuisine interior Polish cuisine in the Scandinavian style + beautiful photos

Scandinavian is one of the most widespread styles of kitchen decoration. It appeared and began to develop in the Scandinavian countries, namely in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. The traditions and climate of such a region are reflected even in the interior design options. Such designs are functional, laconic, but at the same time they are not devoid of aesthetics. The main design differences in these countries are the cool light issue, as well as natural lighting and wood textures.

A Nordic style kitchen will strive for natural naturalness. This style of decoration is liked by those people who value comfort and coziness. Polish kitchen design in Scandinavian style makes it possible to perfectly combine natural materials and strict forms, while creating a light, warm, home-like interior.

Options for decorating a kitchen space in a Scandinavian style

They can also attract with their own versatility.

Polish cuisine interior Such a style solution is suitable for accommodating different areas and types of layouts.

Small rooms can seem larger and more ergonomic due to the abundance of light and fairly simple geometric shapes. In addition, how to create a northern style kitchen interior is much easier than it might seem, and it is suitable not only for individual rooms, but also for kitchens that are connected to living rooms.

As one of the designers put it, Nordic kitchens are a balance between tradition and modernity. Trends of the 21st century call for getting rid of trash, combining different shades of light type and colors of natural origin. In such an interior, naturalness and practicality will be embodied, which will not interfere with comfort and a pleasant home environment.

Nordic style kitchen interior

The Nordic style interior design of Polish cuisine has certain distinctive features. Among them are:

  1. Plastic, materials of artificial origin, only natural textures are not used. Wood is the main element that decorates the interior.
  2. Cool and light shades. Only small blotches are allowed in order to create accents.

  3. Functional pieces of furniture with a simple geometric shape.
  4. Only the necessary storage systems in a laconic design.
  5. Lots of natural light and minimal decor.

Polish cuisine interior The interior of the kitchen, which is decorated in a northern style, should be practical for a start, and no matter where the apartment with such a design is located - in Denmark, Russia or Poland. A pretentious design, as well as an abundance of a large number of things, will not work here.

There shouldn't be a lot of decor items in northern cuisine, because Scandinavians themselves prefer functional and simple things. Decorating ideas that can add coziness to the interior are presented below in the photo.

To spice up the design of a Scandinavian kitchen space, small bright accents in the form of textile decor can help you. These can be shaggy shaggy rugs, small thin type rugs with a striped or floral pattern, tablecloths, do-it-yourself napkins, decorative pillows, towels, or even chair covers. They can be either monochromatic or decorated with traditional ornaments.

The interior of such a Polish kitchen and its decoration can be created using mirrors, clay objects, porcelain, candles, minimalistic clocks on the wall surface and ceramics. Window sills can be beautifully complemented with flowers in pots or plates with bright fruits. The design of a working apron in the kitchen interior makes it possible not only beautifully and tastefully, but also practical to design the working part of the room.

A northern style kitchen apron should be white (desirable but optional), and just light shades are allowed. The most fashionable options for decoration are white brick, white mirror glass wall panel or subway tile.

If you want to focus on the work area and highlight the apron, then you should choose a bright tile with mosaics or patterns. Interesting and beautiful color schemes will be gray, different shades of red and blue, as well as wet asphalt.


A fairly important feature of the style, especially for decorating an apartment in Poland, is the abundance of light. If there is a large window, this is great, but if not, then you should create such an effect using artificial lighting.

Here lamps and lamps of interesting shape will perfectly help.

As decorative items, you can use small chalk boards on which you can write cute messages for loved ones, as well as write down all important things or a list of products. Do not forget that the Scandinavians are a harsh people, and therefore a dummy of horns or animal heads will look stylish, and artificial deer antlers are a popular option.

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