Polyurethane paint: advantages and disadvantages

Polyurethane paint: advantages and disadvantages Polyurethane-based paint - pros and cons

Paints and varnishes for repair and construction work is one of the main materials, as it ensures a uniform coating of almost all types of surfaces.

They are convenient to use, and therefore each person will be able to independently refresh the interior of a house or city apartment, as well as create a design according to personal preferences and choose a favorite color.

Polyurethane paint will help you with this.


Polyurethane paints and varnishes represent a huge group of polymers. The main component is polyols.

The second component of polyurethane-based products are components such as hardeners. Due to the binding of molecules of paint elements, a strong film appears that is resistant to acids, moisture, various organic oils and gasoline. For this reason, polyurethane paints and varnishes have a number of protective qualities, due to which they can withstand the negative atmospheric effects on the surface for a long time. Such a suspension is used for interior and exterior decoration of the premises, as well as for painting all kinds of structures. Paints have a huge temperature range of application from -42 to +155 degrees.

The main properties of the composition are high technical parameters, among which we will highlight:

  • Adhesion (ie, adhesion) is equal to 2 points.
  • Nominal viscosity, which ranges from 50 to 90 units.
  • The presence of volatile components in the suspension is no more than 34%.
  • The index of elasticity of the composition when bending is not more than 0. 1 cm.

  • The dry film has a covering power of 0. 075 kg per square meter.

To obtain the required color and shade, a coloring pigment is used.

Advantages and disadvantages in application

Due to their unique parameters, polyurethane paints and varnishes are much higher than other types of paints. There are a huge number of positive qualities due to which the widespread use of these types of dyes has become possible.

  1. Polyurethane paint: advantages and disadvantages High degree of strength and resistance to wear, due to which paints and varnishes are used in the industrial field ...
  2. Compatible with all types of surfaces. Such compositions are bought for the protection and treatment of concrete bases, surfaces made of wood, metal, stones, and also all kinds of different materials of a porous type.

  3. There are no secretions that include healthy and hazardous substances. This positive feature of the composition can be explained by the fact that polyurethane is harmless in itself.
  4. Resistance to aggressive environments will give dyeing products the opportunity to perform their main tasks for much longer than other similar products.

If we talk about the minuses, then they can be attributed to their high cost compared to other paints and varnishes, and even a small selection of options that are presented on the market in this category. There are not so many polyurethane paints on the shelves of construction markets, and therefore it can be extremely difficult to buy goods that are ideal in terms of properties and characteristics.


According to their composition, polyurethane paints and varnishes can be divided into a couple of groups:

  • Two-component type products that need to be mixed , since all components are released in a separate container.
  • One-component paints and varnishes that do not need mixing - they can be used immediately after purchase and surface preparation, since all the main components are already in the product.

One of the cans of 2K polyurethane paint contains a hardener and the other contains a high quality resin. This variety is much stronger, and even more resistant to negative external factors that affect the surface. The product is set without the participation of water vapor from the air, which will significantly expand the range of application of the product.

For the process of treating the base with a two-component paint and varnish composition, only the required amount of paint can be mixed, and the rest can be applied later.


Classification of one-component paints and varnishes by type of base

For the classification of one-component paints and varnishes, they can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Products based on organic compounds.
  • Urethane-alkyd products.
  • Water-dispersion suspensions.

In addition to the main elements, the composition of polyurethane products of the first category will include toluene or xylene.

To dilute such materials, special solvents are produced. The agent can achieve a solid state due to the reaction of components with moisture in the air. For this reason, the level of humidity in the indoor air will determine the time required for this type of paint to dry perfectly. But the second type is composed of an alkyd-urethane varnish composition. This paint has a distinctive feature - a short drying time, as a rule, it is only 1.

5 hours. As a solvent for alkyd-urethane products, it is required to additionally buy white spirit.

The latter type has such a name due to the solvent used for these products - the working process requires the simplest water. Water-dispersion paints and varnishes do not possess aroma and are harmless to humans; when painting the surface with this composition, there is no need to use additional protective agents. They will seize due to moisture in the air.

It is also required to take into account the fact that there are single-component formulations with a short service life - about 6 months.When buying such paints, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to this feature.

Epoxy-polyurethane and powder paints and varnishes

You can also highlight an additional type of polyurethane products for painting - powder-type compositions. They are produced in the form of a homogenized mixture, and its components are hardener, pigments, filler and polyester resins. This type can be attributed to thermosetting coloring substances.

They are used to treat the base or product, and after that they undergo heat treatment, because of which a reaction occurs between the components that begin to fuse with each other. The end result of such work will be a hard and durable coating, and it is for this reason that powder formulations are most often used for work in the field of mechanical engineering. Epoxy-polyurethane paint and varnish material is highly resistant, and therefore is used in the industrial field to treat various types of structures that will come into contact with an aggressive environment in order to provide them with an ideal level of protection.

Classification by application method

Polyurethane compounds can also be divided into several groups according to the method of application to the surface:

  • Products in aerosols.
  • A paint and varnish compound that requires a brush or roller.

The first group of compositions is used for surfaces and metal products. polyurethane car paint in spray cans will form a perfect, uniform coating, which is completely free of streaks and smudges. The composition that is required to be applied using painting tools (rubber / velor rollers and brushes) is mainly purchased for interior decoration. There are water-based polyurethane paints for PVC - a base coat used for industrial painting of products.

Manufacturing companies: customer reviews and a review

The main manufacturers of polyurethane composition for coloring are Germany, Turkey, Greece and countries that are part of CIS.

But if you need to buy a polyurethane varnish composition, paint or enamel, you can safely give preference to domestic products in this matter, since such a paint and varnish material is made from complex polymers, which are successfully produced in the Russian Federation.

Polyurethane paint: advantages and disadvantages Products from the trade marks "Promtekhsnab", "Krasko" and "Elakor" have shown themselves excellently in the work. There is no doubt about the positive properties of products from Russia, since they will undergo thorough quality control, certification and have all the permits. Products made in China are also very popular in the construction market. It is presented by means of polyurethane for painting cars, as well as for concrete and wooden bases, there is an ideal furniture paint in the assortment.

Products from America in the form of polyurethane materials are represented by brands such as Valspar. The concern (of the same name) has been producing paints and varnishes for many years, the release of which is carried out using the original technology of mixing binding and coloring components. The composition has many positive reviews, as it is easy to apply, creating a durable and thin layer with a matte / glossy sheen.

Such a paintwork material does not crack, and does not yet contain compounds harmful to health. Such products are used for painting special equipment, metal structures, boats, as well as furniture and interior items.

The European company Milesi is a leader in the production of high quality varnishes for wood surfaces. Most furniture manufacturing companies prefer to use the products of that particular company, since the surface coated with such varnish has excellent physical and chemical resistance, and also retains a beautiful appearance.

Varnishes can be used for various types of finishes, including door and MDF array. Buyers note a large assortment of colors, which makes it possible to choose the desired color. Sikkens lacquer products have become famous for their two-component paint for concrete and metal surfaces Redox.

Thanks to the use of this material, the painted objects, substrates or structures obtain a beautiful glossy / matt appearance.

How to choose the right one?

To paint all types of surfaces, you need a certain kind of polyurethane paintwork. In order to correctly choose the composition, you need to decide on the type of base for painting, as well as the features of the room where the work will be performed. Concrete floor paints are used both inside buildings and in outdoor conditions, which means that it is necessary to take into account air humidity, atmospheric precipitation and the level of mechanical influence on the coating.

It is for this reason that the choice of the coloring composition will be made according to the following criteria:

  • The intensity of the mechanical effect on the surface.

  • Convenient operational terms.
  • Degree of moisture.

The choice of paint and varnish material for a wood floor is made taking into account the following parameters of wood and coloring composition:

  • The intensity of the mechanical effect on the floor is determined.
  • Properties of the tree species.
  • Consider options for compatibility of paintwork with previous types of material with which surfaces were processed.

The brush will be indispensable for painting wooden substrates. To paint concrete, a roller is required, due to which the coating will turn out to be perfectly smooth and even. Painting with polyurethane paint is in many ways better than other types of coloring agents. A beautiful surface appearance, durability and stability are the main advantages of this type of paint and varnish material.Based on this, it will be possible to assert with full confidence that the range of these paints in the construction market will only increase.

You can learn how to paint a concrete floor with polyurethane paint from the video.