Positive and negative qualities of wardrobes with swing doors.

Positive and negative qualities of wardrobes with swing doors. Sliding doors in wardrobes are a necessary measure for those people who have small apartments. This is due to the desire to save usable space and space. Despite the attractiveness of modern furniture, sliding wardrobes do not look quite appropriate in a classic interior.

A built-in wardrobe with hinged doors may be the best option. In this case, this cabinet will not look like a whopper in the room, but will simply be one with the wall.

Externally, the cabinet looks aesthetically pleasing, compact and neat, while inside the cabinet is spacious and roomy.


Of course, folding and sliding doors of room furniture have high functionality, but swing cabinets also have a solid foundation in interior design. The design of these cabinets is compatible with a wide variety of materials.

For a long time, designers, choosing massive furniture, prefer traditional designs and shapes. After all, these parameters allow you to implement the most daring ideas.

Positive and negative qualities of wardrobes with swing doors. There is an opinion that only those people who have a spacious apartment or house can afford a swing cabinet.

But if you plan everything correctly, this design will not take up much space. Wardrobes are usually located in nooks and crannies. To place cabinets in niches and nooks, you need to make accurate measurements and buy a ready-made cabinet according to your parameters in a store, or make a cabinet to order from a furniture company.

Thanks to the hinged cabinet doors, the entire opening space of the cabinet can be used, while the doors in the cabinets provide up to ten centimeters of space.

One of the main advantages of swing doors is noiselessness.

This is good for those people who want to equip a wardrobe in a children's room or bedroom. Sliding wardrobes are not always suitable for certain premises, because most wardrobes with sliding doors make a lot of noise when sliding apart.

Also, wardrobes with sliding doors have another problem, and it is littering the rail of the moving mechanism. Dust and small debris always accumulate in the rails, which can only be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

But wardrobes with swing doors also have disadvantages:

  • Frame doors should not include inserts from different materials.

    In the event that plastic and wood can be combined in the case, then this is impossible in the doors. Usually facade panels are made of wood, glass, plastic.

  • Wardrobes are not friendly with crooked floors and walls. With these shortcomings of a room or corridor, it is very difficult to adjust the position of the hinges and this usually leads to an inaccurate position of the doors and problems when closing them.
  • If rooms or corridors are narrow, cabinet doors can be inconvenient.

    When opening the sash, they can block the passage and the free space can be reduced to nothing.

  • But if you install such a cabinet in a room with a flat floor, there should be no problems.

ATTENTION! When installing the cabinet, the following nuance must be taken into account: when the doors are open, it takes up more space.


  • In the event that the room has a niche or corridor, then this is an excellent place for mounting the cabinet. Also, a wardrobe with swing doors can be placed under the stairs that lead to the second floor.

    Such a cabinet can replace several cabinets that stand separately.

  • The cabinet is usually slightly smaller than the niche. In this nook, you can equip a spacious wardrobe or dressing room. Three-tiered structures are made for storing things:
  • The upper part is intended for scarves, accessories and hats, the middle part is intended for vests, seasonal and outerwear. The middle section takes up 50 to 75% of the cabinet.

  • The bottom of the cabinet is designed for shoes and all sorts of accessories for the care of clothes and shoes.

If the apartment has a non-standard layout, then a wardrobe with swing doors is used as a partition in order to zone the space. In such cases, the partitions are removed and a cabinet is placed in their place along the entire length.

  • The cabinet can be made with shelves and sections that are located on both sides, this design is called mirror. This design is convenient if two people live in an apartment or house, who live on opposite sides of the cabinet.

    In this case, the doors of the cabinet are made on both sides. This solution saves a lot of space and at the same time equips a place in order to store your belongings.

  • Swing doors for cabinets are mounted on the side of the structure. Furniture hinges are used as fasteners for doors. The design of such hinges is reusable.

    In order to avoid difficulties with fitting during installation, it is best to buy fasteners with adjusting screws. After all, the adjusting screws provide clearances when the doors are closed.


ATTENTION! When you buy ready-made furniture, you need to choose products from a well-known and trusted manufacturer. This guarantees the quality of the design, but even if the products are defective or there is any discrepancy, then you will have the opportunity to return the goods without any problems.

In the event that you decide to implement your ideas, it is best to contact a company that manufactures custom-made furniture.

Since the design of the furniture will be individual, then its dimensions will be individual, which will fit the parameters of your room.

The price of swing cabinets may depend on the following factors:

  1. Positive and negative qualities of wardrobes with swing doors. Dimensions. The larger the size, the more expensive the cabinet.

    Indeed, many manufacturers of typical furniture calculate the cost of a product based on the material spent on it.

  2. Manufacturer. After all, different manufacturers may have similar products at different prices. It depends on the class and prestige of the furniture. For example, furniture from a well-known company may cost fifty or one hundred percent more.

    But as a rule, the quality of materials for such furniture is much better.

  3. Material. The most expensive furniture in our time is solid wood furniture. Cabinets made of this material look impressive, but the price of such furniture is very high. An inexpensive swing cabinet is considered to be a cabinet made of wood-based materials.

    Thanks to modern technologies, cabinets of even highly complex shapes are produced from these materials.

Unusual cabinet handles, will give them an unusual look and decorate any interior, and if you combine these accessories with unusual textures of the case, you can get a designer piece of furniture.