Positive qualities and properties of the "Methylan" adhesive mixture and for which types of wallpaper it is produced + Video

Positive qualities and properties of the A lot of apartment and house owners are faced with the presence of mold and mildew on the walls. This problem can be solved by constant washing of the walls or using glue for non-woven wallpaper.

Methylan adhesives contain components that help prevent the appearance of mold and mildew even in places where condensation occurs.

General information

Pros Methylane glue for wallpaper

Methylane glue has the following positive qualities:

  1. Positive qualities and properties of the Good adhesion;
  2. Easy to apply;
  3. Glue "Methylane" for non-woven wallpaper does not contain harmful substances that can be harmful to human health;
  4. Easy to dilute. The mixture is obtained without lumps;
  5. When dry, does not leave streaks or stains on the surface;
  6. Economical;
  7. Does not react with paint;
  8. Shelf life ready glue for about ten days.

And this suggests that this glue can be used even by a person who has no experience in wallpapering. The glue has such a composition that when gluing wallpaper, it does not seize immediately and therefore, if non-woven wallpaper is incorrectly glued, everything can be fixed. By the way, the glue must be diluted within ten minutes.


Glue "Methylan" is suitable for different types of non-woven wallpaper, and for this reason it is used by many owners of apartments and houses. If you look at the composition of the glue, you will find that it does not contain components that can harm human health.

The adhesive mixture contains mainly two components:

  1. Simple resin and
  2. methylcellulose.

Resin is a natural material and therefore it is not capable of harming the human body. Methylcellulose is a synthetic material, but it also does not have a negative impact on human health. This ingredient does not react with concrete and therefore glue for non-woven wallpaper is used for finishing :

  • Kindergarten premises;
  • Apartments for people with weak health;
  • For children's rooms.


The price of "Methylane" glue is not budgetary, but it is worth buying, because its composition exceeds all cheap glue mixtures.

The consistency of "Methylane" depends on the type of wallpaper selected.

For example, ten kilograms of adhesive mixture, which was obtained from eight hundred grams of dry product, will suffice for sixty-six square meters of non-woven wallpaper, seventy-five square meters of structured wallpaper and fifty square meters of fiberglass wallpaper.

If you apply glue to the surface with a brush, then its consumption will be large, and the consumption of glue depends on the surface itself. For example, if the walls are not primed, then the glue consumption will be high. In order to paste over the walls with high quality, you must first prepare them.

To do this, the walls must first be leveled, then putty and the final stage in the preparation of the walls is the primer.

Before gluing the wallpaper, it is necessary to inspect the walls, they should not have greasy stains, otherwise, over time, they may appear on the wallpaper. In the event that you will glue wallpaper for painting, then you must wait until the wallpaper is completely dry. If a large amount of work is planned, then it is necessary to buy large packs of glue mixture.

Instructions for use

Care must be taken when working with Methylane non-woven glue.

And so, first you need to take cold water and dry glue mixture in the right proportions.

  1. Then the glue mixture is poured into cold water gradually and at the same time stir everything constantly.
  2. After three minutes, the glue is ready.
  3. Positive qualities and properties of the Granular adhesives are prepared in the same way, but in order for the composition to be ready, it is necessary to wait seven minutes.
  4. The finished glue can be stored for up to ten days in a well-closed container.

  5. It is worth applying the glue to the previously cleaned surface.
  6. On any roll of wallpaper, the method of applying the glue mixture is described, it can be applied only to the wallpaper or only to the wall.
  7. Use a roller to spread the adhesive over the wallpaper or walls.
  8. And with a clean roller or rag, the wallpaper is pressed against the wall and smoothed, expelling air to the edges.
  9. Remove excess glue with a damp soft sponge.

There are also glues from other manufacturers for non-woven wallpaper, and the Pufas mixture is considered the most worthy. This composition also contains a component such as methylcellulose, which means that there will be a reliable adhesion of the wallpaper to the wall.


Also Methylane and Pufas products have similarities in that when the dry mixture and water are stirred, no lumps are formed. This reduces the mixing time of the mixture.

Consumption of Pufas glue is almost the same as that of Methylan glue, but Methylane, unlike other brands of glue, is used for different types of wallpaper.

But Pufas mixtures are divided into several types, it depends on what materials they are intended for. In this article, we told you about Methylan glue for non-woven wallpaper and we hope that this information will be useful to you.