Primer XC-010: properties, consumption, characteristics

Primer XC-010: properties, consumption, characteristics Primer XC-010: properties, consumption, characteristics

Primer XC-010 is a special mixture for priming, which is designed to protect metal structures and reinforced concrete products, which are exposed to aggressive chemicals, salts and alkalis. This primer is a primer for multi-layer polymer coatings. It should be applied as the first layer, and then stained and opened with varnish.

This type of primer was developed to increase the resistance of reinforced concrete and metal products to the effects of mineral acids, alkalis, saline solutions, gaseous substances and atmospheric phenomena, this can include fog, moisture, rain and other precipitation.

It can be used on concrete to provide reliable protection for a long period.

Field of application

The primer can be used for these industries.

  1. Production - it is used to process the surface of machines, various mechanisms, racks and carts made of metal. Priming is required to prevent the development of corrosion.
  2. Construction of road-type roads - they can be primed with lighting poles that are installed along the roads, bridge supports, vertical road marking elements.
  3. Construction of buildings - this composition is used to ground metal structural elements - frames, fittings, floor slabs, fences and roofs.

  4. Household - metal drips on windows, pipes for gas, water and heating, fences and playgrounds are coated with a primer.
  5. Service stations. They are used to process guides in inspection pits, racks, lifts, car trailers before painting.
  6. Industry - chemical resistance is used in production, where metal structures and equipment are subjected to systematic, constant exposure to an aggressive environment and mechanical influences.

Next, let's talk about the advantages of a primer.


Advantages of the primer

With the help of primer XC-010 you can protect reinforced concrete and metal from rust. Due to the fact that the composition contains acidic components on a surface with a sign of slight corrosion, such a primer can be applied without preliminary cleaning.

But the product has many other advantages:

  • If you use it as a base for a paintwork, then a surface that is treated in a similar way , can last up to 15 years, and this is provided there is no mechanical damage.
  • Primer XC-010: properties, consumption, characteristics The composition, which is applied to the surface, will protect it from the effects of a humid environment.
  • The primer is also inert to aggressive media.

  • Has a wide temperature range of application from -30 degrees to +60 degrees.
  • Has resistance to fire.
  • Elastic.
  • Has resistance to low temperatures, when frozen with further defrosting will not lose its properties. Can be applied even during the winter months.

  • Not susceptible to UV radiation.
  • Ease of handling, will not run, will not leave streaks.
  • Dries quickly. In the summer, 1 hour is enough for the first layer of the composition to dry.
  • Minimum consumption - to protect the base from external influences, it is sufficient to apply a primer in one layer.

And now a little about the properties.


The technical characteristics of the XC-010 primer are varied.

Property Value
Color Gray and red-brown
Drying period up to 3 stages at a temperature of +20 degrees Maximum 1 hour
Fractional content of non-volatile components by mass From 32 to 37%
Fractional content of non-volatile components by volume From 15 to 19%
Consumption per square meter in theory when applied in one layer From 95 to 125 g per square meter, from 11.6 to 8. 7 square meters per liter
Thickness of each layer (recommended value) From 15 to 20 microns
Number of layers (recommended) 1
Resistance to sulfuric acid solution 25% Minimum 12 hours
Resistance to hydrochloric acid solution 25% Minimum 24 hours
Resistance to sodium hydroxide solutions Minimum 12 hours
Resistance to gasoline solution at a temperature of +20 degrees Minimum 24 hours
Resistance to nitric acid solutions at + 60 degrees Minimum 12 hours
Packing 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 200 liters
Perfect polymerization of the protective layer 7 to 14 days
Application method for non-industrial purposes Roll or brush
Industrial application Airless or pneumatic application, brushing specific elements

This is a one-component primer that consists of from vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride type.

Immediately after the factory container is opened, the primer begins to emit a strong aroma, which disappears during surface treatment.

You can combine the primer with other materials:

  • Enamel XC-75U (you can also use brands XB and XC), which should be applied in a couple of layers.
  • Lacquer XC076, which is applied in 1 layer.

The total thickness of the polymer complex coating should be no more than 85 to 110 microns.The primer can be diluted with solvents P-4 and P-4A.

You can clean the tool after priming with the same solvent, as well as acetone and toluene.

Certificate of Conformity

Primer XC-010 has a certificate of conformity, which will confirm the high quality of products, as well as its compliance with international standards and norms. In addition to the document, the primer will have a hygienic conclusion of a state-type sanitary and epidemiological center, and this indicates the safety of the composition for the environment, provided that the operating rules are observed. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with an example of a quality certificate, which contains the tests carried out and their results.

Rules and method of application

According to GOST 9355-81, the primer can be applied to the surface by means of pneumatic spraying or airless pistol.

The work is carried out in several stages.

  1. Primer XC-010: properties, consumption, characteristics The base, which requires processing, should be cleaned of old paint and degreased.
  2. Open a can of primer, mix everything with a drill with a mixing attachment, and if necessary dilute with a solvent.
  3. The compound should be poured into a spray bottle and the first coat applied to the previously prepared substrate.
  4. After 1 hour after applying the first coat, the surface should be recoated if necessary.

  5. After another 1 hour, you can apply the enamel in two layers, with drying periods of 1-2 hours for each layer at an ambient temperature of +20 degrees. The manufacturer allows the use of HCh, XC and XB enamels in combination.
  6. When the enamel is completely dry, it will be possible to apply 1 coat of XC-76 varnish.

Priming should not be allowed in case of precipitation. It is impossible to treat icy and damp surfaces with the compound.

The primer can be applied at temperatures from -10 to +30 degrees, and the air humidity should not be more than 80%. When priming indoors, good ventilation is required. To prevent the appearance of condensation on a surface that needs treatment, its temperature should be 3 degrees higher than the dew point.


The primer is fire hazardous, and therefore should not be used near open sources of fire. Since primer vapors are highly toxic, they should be avoided from entering the respiratory tract and the digestive system.

If the composition gets on the skin, it should be quickly washed off with a warm solution of water and soap. If it gets into the eyes, rinse the mucous membrane with cold clean water and immediately seek medical attention. Surface priming should be done using personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, gas masks, respirators and gloves). The room where processing work will be carried out should be well ventilated both during priming and after it.It is possible to transport the primer XC-010 in a whole factory container by all means of transport, it is important that the temperature regime is from -30 degrees to +30, and there has not yet been any impact on the composition from precipitation.

The packed primer can be stored in dry and dark rooms, where the temperature will be from -20 to +30 degrees. The shelf life from the date of manufacture will be 6 months. When this period expires, the primer can be used, but only after checking it for compliance with TU 6-21-51-90.


In terms of price, the primer can be attributed to the middle price segment. When choosing a material, one should focus not only on cost, but also on the amount of required funds.

The more funds will be needed for the work, the more affordable the cost will be:

  • Packing of 0.8 kg - 660 rubles / kg ...
  • Packing of 20 kg - 135 rubles / kg.

  • Packing of 50 kg - 115 rubles / kg.

Manufacturers may have special seasonal offers for which you should buy a red-brown primer at a cost of 75 rubles / kg, and gray from 80 rubles / kg.


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