Projects and layouts of one-story houses 6 * 9

Projects and layouts of one-story houses 6 * 9 Projects and layouts of one-story houses 6 * 9

Judging by modern standards, the layout of a one-story house 6 * 9 is considered very small. But with the use of competent techniques of an architectural type, small-sized private housing turns out to be extremely spacious and comfortable. Today's technologies make it possible to create small country cottages that are very diverse and beautiful.

Construction companies offer to buy projects of houses with dimensions of 6 * 9 without or with an attic, with a basement, garage or terrace - the choice is yours.

Overview of materials for walls

The material of the wall type, from which the load-bearing and external walls of the house will be built, must be selected even before starting the design process, because the selection of the characteristics of the selected material must be taken into account when developing a project for future construction.

Gas block and foam block

Porous concrete-block materials will be actively used in recent years in the construction of low-rise residential buildings. Their advantages include the following technical characteristics:

  • Ideal block geometry.
  • Low cost.
  • Vapor permeability.
  • Environmentally friendly.

  • High heat saving rates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Light weight.

By the way, pay attention if porous concrete has certain disadvantages. Before, you should also remember that they are capable of absorbing moisture, as they will need a reliable thermal insulation finish.

Moreover, foam blocks and gas blocks are not strong enough, and high-quality reinforcement of wall surfaces and ceilings is required during application.

Ceramic blocks and bricks

Building ceramic products have been perfectly able to prove themselves using for many centuries. Classic bricks compete well with the latest advanced materials. Moreover, even the brick itself can also have an improved analogue in the form of porous ceramic blocks. Of the most common bricks, only those that are supporters of proven technologies are usually built.

Indeed, brick will make durable and reliable buildings. But houses made of bricks are of great weight, and therefore it is required to build the most expensive and strong foundations under the bottom. Porous blocks are much lighter than bricks. They will have voids inside, and they will also have a loose structure. Thanks to this, they are much lighter than bricks, and they also retain heat well, although their degree of strength is slightly reduced.

Monolithic house

Construction of monolithic houses is carried out by pouring a liquid mixture of cement into the formwork with a frame made of reinforcement. Advantages of monolithic buildings:

True, this type of construction also has certain disadvantages:

  • Labor capacity.
  • The need to use specialized equipment.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Poor sound insulation.

  • Additional communications are required in concrete walls.

You can familiarize yourself with the most popular house projects from construction companies, which are presented on the site.


Photos of the layout of a one-story house 6 * 9 are presented below, and now let's talk about the tree. It is wood materials that are ideal for the construction of small cottages. Wooden houses of 6 * 9 size with an attic floor fit perfectly into any architectural or natural environment.

Modern options for building beams and logs make it possible to build durable, beautiful and practical country houses in a short time. Wooden cottages are environmentally friendly and warm housing, which has a favorable microclimate. Its only drawback is the need to monitor the state of wood elements, and periodically process them with protective compounds, and if necessary, carry out restoration work on damaged building elements. But if the house is small, then caring for it will not be very burdensome.

An unusually beautiful country house made of wood, which has high technical characteristics, can be built of rounded logs or profiled beams.

Log cottages look like real traditional log cabins. But such a material will shrink, and this, in turn, will lead to the formation of cracks. The more cracks there are, the lower the heat-saving properties of the wall surfaces will be. The timber can also look very beautiful in the finished structure. At the same time, it will not shrink, which will increase the operational properties of the structure.

But such material will cost more.

Frame technology

More and more country-type country houses are built according to frame technologies. This will be due to the fact that the technology itself, as well as the materials used in it, will gradually be optimized. At the same time, the level of confidence in this construction method will grow in this country, because the first frame-type houses, which were built more than a dozen years ago, have been successfully operated until that day. Frame-type buildings are assembled according to the type of constructor.

They can be built at any time of the year, and they will turn out to be comfortable, warm, and also elastic. But a wooden frame will require the same careful maintenance as a timber structure or from logs. Another extremely important nuance will be that you need to take an extremely serious approach to the selection of material for insulation.

One-story building 6 * 9

The layout of 6 * 9 houses on one floor will not require the use of special tricks. A compact structure on one floor will be quite convenient for an ordinary solution of an internal space.

But in order for the building to seem more spacious, and it is better that it be designed with an open type of layout, that is, with a small number of partitions. This is how studio apartments are usually designed. The disadvantages of single-storey houses with a small area will be the difficulty of isolating a quiet sleeping area from the living room.

It is best to divide the house into left and right wings, each of which will accommodate one area - a guest or a bedroom. The entrance hall, which is located in the center of the layout, will act as a buffer.

It should be noted that compact houses should not have many technical rooms and corridors. The interior decoration should be light, and when arranging the interior, it is better to use a limited ensemble of colors, because an excess of colors will begin to "eat up" the space.

Two-story houses

Projects and layouts of one-story houses 6 * 9 If we talk about a two-story house project 6 * 9, a large land can comfortably settle with him. The next level of the house is usually allocated for the sleeping area. Features of the layout will depend on the number of family members and their lifestyle.

So, for example, if the family has grown-up children, then you can make two living rooms so that representatives of different generations can relax, receive guests, and still not interfere with each other. And for families who have elderly households, it is recommended that one of the bedrooms be placed on the ground floor. An important element of a two-story building will be an interfloor staircase. It will take up space on the first floor and also on the second floor.

Often, when planning small-sized cottages, in order to save space, they also create narrow and uncomfortable staircases, in some cases even spiral ones.

But here you need to remember that all elements of the housing structure must be the safest and most reliable. For this reason, it is best to install comfortable mid-flight stairs with wide steps. And in order to save space, you can equip a cabinet or storage for household accessories in a niche under the steps.

Houses with an attic

This is a very popular option for suburban housing today - these are attic houses with a size of 6 * 9 with terraces, the plan of which will include a built-in garage , and although this is not a 9 * 9 layout, there are already much more opportunities to equip comfort than just in a one-story one. This cottage is as functional as possible.

It does not weigh as much as a home with two full floors, and therefore can be built on an inexpensive, simplified foundation. Moreover, the high roof of the mansard type and its extension perfectly complement the exterior of the building, making it more solid and original.Residential attic space will provide homeowners with several advantages at once:

  • Opens up ample opportunities in interior design.
  • It makes it possible to increase the amount of useful square meters in an economical way.
  • Enhances the beauty and aesthetics of the building.

And it's true, the attic rooms with a beveled ceiling line, with non-standard proportions and overhead lighting, turn out to be quite stylish and cozy. But the attic also has certain disadvantages:

  • Skylights, which are built directly into the roofing plane, are much more expensive than simple ones.
  • Not all pieces of furniture are suitable for attic rooms.
  • The roof can be insulated with high quality and insulated from moisture, which is very expensive.
  • There is much less living space in the attic than in the full floor.

Next, it's worth talking about design, because this is an important component of the finish.

Design of houses 6 * 9

To give a private house the maximum expressive and memorable appearance, designers use various architectural and decorative elements, namely arched window openings, turrets, bay windows, complex roof shapes and more. But these details will significantly increase the price of building a house. The most economical, both in the field of construction and operation, will be the version of a cottage with a rectangular shape and a conventional gable roof. There are two ways to decorate a rectangular house - through color contrast or decoration, for example, with stucco.

The first method will be ideal for buildings in modern styles, and the second for classic houses. And you can finish the facade panels using plaster, plastic panels, facing brick or siding. For the decoration of the plinths, porcelain stoneware is used, as well as a stone of artificial or natural origin. Wood houses will not need exterior decoration, and therefore their appearance will be worked out to the smallest detail even at the design stage.

When decorating a small house, one should not allow oversaturation of decorations or color transitions, because this will visually compress the already not very wide facades.

The usual projects of one-story houses are 6 * 9, and it is desirable to make facing with light materials in pastel colors. When decorating modern minimalist cottages, you should choose 2-3 colors, but do not split the facades with them. For example, you can paint the top of a building with one color and the bottom with another. Alternatively, paint each of the facades in one color.


Projects of houses that have a size of 6 * 9, and also deservedly retain their market share of suburban new buildings.

Due to the fact that demand generates supply, that is, a huge selection of materials, layouts, so you just have to choose a qualified construction company with competent specialists.

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