Projects and photos of the dome bath

Projects and photos of the dome bath Dome bath with own hands according to the project

Non-standard shaped dome bath so far it remains a rather rare phenomenon on the territory of Russia. Those who love to build saunas and steam rooms in the old fashioned way usually prefer Finnish and Russian methods and "recipes".

A round-shaped bath with a dome is most often built either out of curiosity, or, if you wish, to find an ideal steam room that will be light and comfortable.

Before starting work

The main idea of ​​the steam room is a hemisphere

So, the first question that always appears when in the form of a semicircular bathhouse, sounds like this - why build a building with a domed shape? In fact, there are only two reasons for choosing a hemispherical building shape for a sauna:

  • Excellent retention of hot steam above the shelves. the dome shape prevents hot, wet steam from spreading over the corners of the ceiling.

    For this reason, in contrast to rectangular and elongated steam rooms, condensation does not form in the corners, and the bath in the form of a sphere turns out to be dry and hot.

  • The dome-shaped building perfectly resists any wind, even frosty and very strong. The fact is that the surface area of ​​the dome is much smaller compared to a simple box bath with the same area.

Please note that if you do not take into account the opinions and reasoning of "experts" about the healing features of the building and subtle energy, it turns out that the dome type of the bath complex is a frame structure, very laborious and difficult to construction on their own.

It is the spherical shape that makes it possible to use roof materials for wall cladding that are more resistant to snow and rain.

If the project of a bathhouse with a domed roof is chosen competently from the point of view of a professional, then the owners of the sauna do not have problems with roofing soaking, and also the overhangs, the basement part and the Mauerlat do not get wet.

The project of a dome-type bath

Modern buildings in the form of hemispheres are usually built according to two methods. In each case, the strength, load-bearing capacity and stability of the frame is sufficient to hold the thick insulation layer, interior decoration, vapor insulation and outer coating in the wind with any force. You can see how strong the frame, which was built with your own hands for the domed bath, can be in the photo. The design without visual deformations can easily support the weight of two adults.

It is interesting that often in advertisements there are buildings of bath rooms with a dome made of pressed foam. The design is very economical, durable, resistant to moisture, but at the same time it is very sensitive to even the slightest overheating of the surface.

This is not the best material for a bath, which is built in the form of a sphere.Already at a temperature of +150 degrees, the foam walls and domed bulkheads begin to melt and lose their bearing capacity. This means that improperly laid electrical wiring or a steel chimney pipe due to overheating can even bring down the bathhouse in 7 minutes.


Dome baths with radial-arc frames

Projects and photos of the dome bath For the process of erecting a dome, arc sectors (quarter) are usually used, which can describe the surface of the building with the intersection of the hemisphere axis. The creation of curved arcs is the most difficult part of the process of arranging the frame in a dome bath. For this reason, they are glued by hand from several layers of wood planks at once or assembled from short individual bars. All arches of the supporting type are connected at the top of the building to the dome by means of a specialized metal fixture called "jellyfish", "crab" or Fuller's connector. In order to increase the stability of the structure, it is required to reinforce everything with wooden horizontal struts.

If instead of an arc that is as long as 1/4 of a circle, an elongated sector with a length of 1/3 of a circle is used, then a dome-type bath turns into a building that looks like a raincoat mushroom. The radial-arc type body will turn out to be much more durable than a system of geosections. The dome shape will not interfere with attaching a porch to the bath and embedding windows with a conventional shape. The room in the form of a dome can be divided into three sections, and the steam room in such a bath will almost always be located in the center of the building, because it is much easier to equip the passage of the chimney from the stove there, and the dressing room and the rest room are located near the window.

Scheme of a bath from geoelements

The main building material for buildings in the form of a hemisphere has remained an ordinary element in the form of an equilateral triangle.

When connecting the sectors to each other, it turns out to build an openwork frame, which can be of almost any size. The assembly process for the construction of a bath with a dome is so simple that it will take a maximum of a couple of days to build a frame, subject to a team of three. Some construction firms even offer ready-made kits to build a bath box.

Cut wood blanks on the machine tool are simply fastened by means of metal corners, and for this a detailed diagram is given. Moreover, the finished dome structure made of geoelements can, if desired, be moved or even lifted using jacks, for example, on a concrete basement base.

But the bath, made of radial arcs, will be tied to the foundation and cannot be moved.

How to build a bath in the form of a sphere

The simplest one to create with your own hands is a construction project made of geoelements.As a rule, such dome types of buildings are called geospheres or geo-constructions, and the wireframe points, at which from 5 to 6 vertices of the heads join and converge, are called geocells.

Base for the bath room

Projects and photos of the dome bath Despite Despite the fact that outwardly everything seems tough and durable, the lower part of the geosphere is considered the most vulnerable to side loads and moisture. For this reason, dome baths based on geoelements with a base radius of more than 5 meters are recommended to be tied to the ground by any possible methods.

It is best to build a pile foundation, which uses asbestos-cement pipes with a strapping of pine timber 0.2 * 0. 2 meters. Additional jumpers (beams) are placed inside the ring to equip the subfloor for the domed bath. If the dimensions of the steam room foundation are less than 5 meters (in diameter), then the frame can be installed on a dry area that is concreted.

Before starting the assembly of the domed bath, it is required to assemble an intermediate flooring from planks from a bar, which will serve in the future for arranging a rough-type floor and insulating the lower part of the domed building.

Material for the domed building

As a material for a full-fledged building bath with a dome, exclusively old field pine or aspen is used. The fact is that aspen wood, even when it is covered with finishing, after 0.5-1 year gains basic strength, hardness and becomes impervious to moisture. The aspen frame will turn out to be resistant and durable to water, even if the customer places a dome-type bath directly on the ground.

Arched dome structures are built from heat-treated pine, and the wood is still subjected to additional processing by means of oil impregnation.

Assembly of the frame

Work on installing walls in a future sauna is usually carried out in two groups at once. One half of the team will assemble triangular geosections, and the other will install ready-made blocks into the frame. It should be noted that the load on the lower triangular rows increases as the work is carried out, and the frame of the turnkey dome bath becomes stable and rigid when everything is finally mounted. For this reason, the masters advise in parallel to sheathe the lower rows with plywood or OSB plates, and temporarily strengthen the assembled frame rows with spacers from slats and slabs.

Installation and insulation of the furnace

The insulation process for a frame-type bath will fully correspond to the technology of thermal insulation of the roofing cake. After the assembly process of the frame, a film for steam insulation is laid on the outer surfaces, and the air strips are also stuffed. After that, the dome structure should be sheathed with triangles cut out by OSB. The joints between different sectors are sealed with a sealant, and after that, the domed steam room is primed and pasted over with bituminous tiles.Inside, mineral wool is placed on the steam insulation, the insulation is tightened with a foil-type polyethylene film, the crate is stuffed, and then the material for finishing can be sewn on.

To warm up and heat the domed building, ideally, you should use an electric heater - this way the room will turn out to be very warm, and therefore the excessive consumption of electrical energy will be small. If a project is chosen for the sauna where a wood-burning stove is installed, it should be installed and checked in operation before the floor and interior decoration of the steam room are assembled. This is done to check the operation of the chimney part of the building. As long as the body is not sheathed, you can always move or remodel the pipe passage assembly.


The domed bathhouse, made by professionals, will be durable, reliable and the warmest.

The external design of the bath will attract everyone with its futuristic design, and therefore there will be enough of those who want to build a non-standard steam room in the country or outside the city. Moreover, building a sauna is not much more expensive than building a simple frame bath.


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