Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video At present, finishing with magnesite slabs has become widespread in the construction world. This material has absolute fire resistance, moisture resistance, light specific gravity. Magnesite slabs are used for dry installation of walls and partitions, as well as for the creation of various curved surfaces.

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Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video Due to these indicators, magnesite slab has a number of advantages over gypsum plasterboards, which are still more often used in construction and finishing works. In addition, the slab provides excellent sound insulation and low thermal conductivity.

And environmental safety for humans has made it possible to use magnesite slabs in any residential buildings, including kindergartens, shelters, hospitals and others.

Magnesite board: properties

These boards are produced in the form of sheets of various thicknesses. For the manufacture of figured structures, magnesite plates of 8 mm thick are used. For interior partitions, thicker sheets up to 10 mm are used. Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

Magnesite slab consists of the following main components:

  • Fiberglass;
  • Wood sawdust;
  • Magnesium oxide and chloride.

Thanks to the components of magnesium, a crystal lattice is formed during the reaction, which ensures reliable retention of all fillers.

The main priority for construction and renovation applications is the increased fire resistance . Judging by fire safety, the characteristics of a magnesite slab are very high compared to similar building materials. When exposed to the fire of a 10 mm gas burner, the magnesite sheet does not heat the wall and does not cause the material to ignite.

In addition, it is possible not to use primer mixtures for pretreating the entire surface.

Magnesite boards provide good and high-quality adhesion of the layers.

Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video There are also glass-magnesium sheets that allow you to replace building materials, such as: GVL, fiberboard, gypsum board, OSB and DSP.

Glass-magnesium sheets are used for any building material, for example, painting, plaster, tiles and all types of wallpaper. Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

Cutting magnesite slabs

The speed of all work is ensured by the ease of installation and cutting of sheets.

In order to cut into individual parts, you must take any of the following tools:

  • painting knife;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • circular chain saw.

Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video The structure of the material allows you to easily make through technological holes of various diameters. Installation and assembly can be simplified by the possibility of fixing the plate with screws or nails.

In this case, the integrity of the magnesite slab is preserved, and there is no need to worry about its destruction and the formation of various cracks.Easy installation can also be carried out on special metal or wooden profiles.

Magnesite board: technical characteristics

Magnesite board in the construction market has a large number of synonyms.

For example, glass-magnesium plate, xelite-fibrous sheet and LSU . This material is of high quality and excellent characteristics. Finds its application in fast construction for such works as: Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

  1. installation of roofing;
  2. cladding of arches, attics, columns, ceilings and walls;
  3. installation and installation of interior partitions;
  4. cladding of bathrooms, swimming pools, baths, saunas, kitchens and bathrooms. That is, premises with increased humidity;
  5. installation of formwork and fencing of various sites.

Magnesite slabs are produced by various manufacturers.

The use of environmentally friendly inclusions in the manufacture of plates characterizes Russian and European manufacturers.

Strict adherence to the technological process allows to ensure the special properties of magnesia glass plates, such as: Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

  • high resistance to mold and mildew;
  • excellent resistance to chemical external influences;
  • high performance properties of the material.

Since the structure of the boards is dense, this allows for clean assembly and installation work. During installation, they emit very little dust. The weight of one meter of a magnesia glass plate with a thickness of 6 mm is 6 kg.

The characteristics of this material allow it to be used for cladding and subsequent finishing of external facades of houses. For this, sheets up to 10 mm are used.

In modern construction, magnesite sheet can easily replace sandwich panels in the construction of frame houses.

In this case, the design of the facades of houses can be improved by using various types of facing building materials. Properties and Specifications- Overview + Video

We hope that our article helped you understand the understanding of magnesite slabs.

We have detailed the use and scope of this material