Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen, reviews

Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen, reviews Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen, reviews

IKEA is a fairly well-known global brand of Swedish origin. The company creates pieces of furniture, including for the kitchen and sells it under its own brand, and also sells various types of accessories for it and for home comfort.

The main focus of the company is on the mass consumer, and kitchens are the flagship of the furniture range. The main concept of the company is to minimize the cost of the IKEA kitchen in the interior by reducing the cost of production, logistics and material, and in addition, providing the opportunity to complete the assembly yourself.

Due to this, the company will sell products on five continents, and each year makes a profit, which is calculated in billions of dollars.

General information

The company constantly creates its own unusual product catalogs, and the company's product line is quite large and includes:

  • Tables and chairs for various purposes (guest, dining, computer).
  • Kitchens.
  • Carpets.
  • Beds.
  • Various lighting fixtures.

  • All kinds of items for families with small children.
  • Medium and small hallways.

And now let's consider what is the specificity of IKEA furniture items.

Details of the topic

Interesting specification of the IKEA kitchen

All manufactured kitchens for IKEA have certain specifics, and in it is based on only four design lines:

  1. Youth style (mostly aimed at middle-aged consumers, as well as self-sufficient young people, and most often has rich colors as well as creative design).
  2. Modern style ( is maximally focused on people who value comfort above all, and also adore modern trends in the interior and innovative materials).

  3. Country style (most often it is presented in the form of woody tones and is aimed at those who are crazy about natural shades).
  4. Scandinavian style ( classic in white, and this "cold" style is aimed at those who adore classic kitchen interiors).

All style solutions are brought together using a common design from the company, and features include:

  • Unique frameless kitchen technology headsets made of high-quality and extremely durable MDF board.
  • All kitchens are standardized, that is, they have the same size.
  • The veneer covered with MDF is of excellent quality.

  • Completed kitchen models often have extra sturdy legs made of a material such as plastic.
  • Each kitchen from IKEA has a large assortment of fixtures for various purposes, while they are made especially for the company.Due to the use of such unique fasteners, doors and drawers can be opened and closed easily, and this, as you know, is the principle of a long service life for any kitchen.

IKEA kitchens have pros and cons. Key features are what distinguishes the company from a large number of similar ones, but IKEA was able to conquer the markets of a large number of countries not for this reason.

A wide range of supplied products and high quality, as well as a relatively low cost, were able to provide serious competitive advantages over all the years (and there are more than 70) of the company's existence.

Advantages of kitchens from IKEA

Now we propose to consider all the positive aspects of kitchens produced by IKEA:

  1. Before installing the kitchen, individual measurements are made for the future placement of the headset.
  2. A kitchen will be made for you in any of the above styles.
  3. A fairly large assortment of kitchen models.
  4. Product warranty that no other company will give - 25 years.

  5. Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen, reviews The legs of the furniture can withstand a load of up to 500 kg.
  6. Only in IKEA I make unique tandemboxes Bloom, and production only to order.
  7. Facades that are used for kitchens are made of high-strength MDF.
  8. In addition, these kitchens are perfectly combined with built-in household appliances.
  9. Reliable fastening of fittings.

  10. Large selection of accessories for the style of fittings.
  11. The assembly is carried out at a high level.
  12. Kitchens can be designed using a special design software.
  13. The whole procedure from choosing a kitchen to installing it takes no more than 3 days.

But it would be unfair not to say what the disadvantages are.

Disadvantages of products

Despite the large number of advantages, IKEA kitchens have their disadvantages, and these include:

  1. Installation of IKEA kitchens is based on ideal corners in the room where it will be installed, and this is extremely rare.
  2. All kitchens are attached to the surface of the walls with screws, which means that the owner is unlikely to be able to simply move it.
  3. The wall panels are made of fairly thin plastic.
  4. The design is simple enough and has no frills.
  5. All cabinets are standard sizes and cannot be placed in a kitchen without accurate measurements.

Still, these shortcomings are almost invisible and, in general, do not affect the opinion of buyers, and the reviews for furniture are mostly positive.

How to choose a kitchen layout

There are several types of IKEA layouts, and they are selected depending on what is the layout of the room. Let's take a look at all types.

Island layout

This type of layout represents separate areas for cooking, washing dishes, receiving and storing food.This layout option is best suited for a studio apartment and a living room that is combined with a kitchen.

U-shaped layout

The main advantages of such an IKEA kitchen in the interior, the photo of which is presented in the article, is the angular and parallel placement of pieces of furniture. It is perfect for wide rooms.

Layout of parallel type

Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen, reviews This type planning involves the parallel placement of zones for kitchen work. Such a layout is used when the room is large and long, since otherwise it will be difficult for even two people to cook in the kitchen.

Linear layout

This arrangement of pieces of furniture is the most popular.

Thanks to this arrangement, several people can work in the kitchen at once, and this is the best option for rooms that are narrow, small in size and elongated. With such an arrangement, it will be more convenient to use the "triangle rule", and for this the sink should be placed in the middle, and on either side of it there should be a stove and a refrigerator, and there should still be room for chairs and a dining table.

Corner layout

This type of layout is the best for rooms that have a small area. This allows you to reduce the total number of contaminated surfaces, and at the same time to place all the necessary equipment compactly. In such a layout, it will also be possible to harmoniously use the "triangle rule".

This layout is more familiar to all people and it is possible to place a dining area between two workers.

Choosing the right color scheme and style of the kitchen

Snow-white classic

This is a trend in 2020 , and colors with colors will look extremely stylish, and due to the specific design and style of IKEA, the kitchen will turn out to be cozy, beautiful and warm. At the same time, the snow-white color for the IKEA kitchen can be easily, effortlessly washed from any type of dirt, and therefore such a color is not terrible for furniture from a Swedish manufacturer.

Bright shades

Bright tones and colors represent a youth collection of kitchen items. Indoors, such a bright touch will help dilute some of the same color and give the kitchen a richness.

This is the main color solution, and all other shades will be just an addition or well-chosen shades in order to dilute the main color scheme.

Natural colors

An excellent option that will suit those people who love classic wood. Such a background color will be characteristic of light wood species and is used only in two versions - in the first, as a special woody "canvas" in order to highlight any bright accents, and in the second, as a softening element of the too "lively" range of natural type ...

Both in the first and in the second case, it will make it possible to make the design more lively, natural and natural.


IKEA kitchen planning can be quite unusual. This unique and innovative color scheme for IKEA kitchens is suitable for people with a creative mind and original taste. The main or accent color is metallic, and the result is a competent choice of colors and the appropriate combination of colors with kitchen appliances and general construction, which helps to create the overall effect of a space on a spaceship or a room of the future.

The most interesting about the selection of facades

Floor-standing cabinet types

This perfect solution for small kitchens is almost irreplaceable, and drawers can store a lot of dishes and other kitchen utensils.

Cabinets for built-in appliances

Custom made cabinets for built-in kitchen appliances are an excellent opportunity to organically fit the required kitchen equipment without losing the overall the style of the kitchen. The main thing is that the master does not forget to measure it exactly, because otherwise you may have problems when installing kitchen appliances.

Hanging cabinets

Wall cabinets are convenient and at the same time harmonious in terms of products that make it possible to hide all the necessary kitchen fittings, and also allows you to achieve its direct availability.

Front panel types

This is a great opportunity to elegantly diversify the interior, the main thing is that you do not overuse this technique, because otherwise you have you only get a cluttered room.

Cabinet doors

Cabinet doors are opened both vertically and horizontally, and most often it looks like slabs made of solid wood or additionally equipped with glass inserts.

Interior fittings of kitchens

An excellent kitchen can rightfully be called only one that will help the hostess solve any problems as efficiently as possible and with less energy consumption, to for example, storage of products and things in a large volume in a small space, the availability of all elements, containers, products at the required time, and so on. The interior filling of kitchens can provide an excellent opportunity to solve this and other tasks. Additional equipment from the inside of IKEA kitchens is a whole layer of various convenient devices, things and containers for stacking and storage, and these include boxes, shelves, organizers, waste sorting, cleaning accessories, as well as closers and hinges.

Design developments and constructors from the IKEA company were able to make the internal equipment of kitchens truly unique, ergonomic and convenient.Thanks to this move, it would seem that the most ordinary dish drawer is in fact an excellent organizer with compartments for any kitchen utensils, even for seasonings.

The shelves, which are located at different levels, will be appreciated by the hostesses, because they will make it possible to find the necessary cutlery at any time and not only in a matter of seconds.

Changes in the assortment and new items

If we talk about large-scale novelties, the last one was in April 2016, because it was a new milestone in the history of the company, which finally Then she abandoned the system of frames ("Factum") produced over the past several decades and now began to produce furniture with a new system of frames called "Method". Such a system is considered more mobile, and this significantly increases the number of different assembly options.

Kitchens from IKEA is a long-term and perfected production cycle, an incredibly large base of both technical and marketing knowledge, which is successfully applied in practice every day. The latest developments and unusual innovative materials constantly appear on the production line, which enables the company's kitchens to have modern products that are able to meet all the company's requirements.

An important aspect is the use of the latest design developments, and this will mainly concern accessories, not the model range of kitchen premises, but they always accurately help complement the style chosen by the buyer. If you want to buy furniture from this manufacturer, you are unlikely to regret your choice.