Pros and Cons of PVC Panels in Toilet Finishing - Trends, Installation Guide + Video

Pros and Cons of PVC Panels in Toilet Finishing - Trends, Installation Guide + Video There are many options for finishing the premises for every taste and budget. One of the leading places among such materials today is occupied by plastic panels, since they have a number of indisputable advantages: ease of maintenance, affordable price, a large selection of all kinds of colors, practicality, ease of installation.

Particular attention should be paid to PVC panels when finishing the toilet, bathrooms, combined bathrooms, balconies and loggias.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before opting for PVC panels as a finishing material for your toilet, it is worth finding out what are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic panels.

Advantages :

  1. If the walls of the room are uneven, using PVC as a facing material, there is no need to level them.

    Plus, it is very easy to hide all construction flaws with such panels.

  2. PVC panels are perfect for small spaces, as they need to be fixed at a minimum distance from the wall. After renovation, the room loses a maximum of 5 cm of its size.
  3. No special skills required to install plastic panels. Any beginner in construction and repair, if desired, will be able to install them with their own hands.

  4. Variety of choices. In specialized stores there are many options for PVC panels that can satisfy any request for design, quality, color, pattern, etc.
  5. Ease of use. Panels are easy to clean, not picky about detergents, including abrasive ones. In addition, plastic very easily transfers moisture.

  6. Durability. The service life of the panels is quite long, so it will take a long time to return to the issue of repeated repairs.
  7. Price. Compared to other materials, PVC panels are a fairly cheap option that is perfect for budget repairs. You can also save on installation - a beginner will cope with the installation in just a couple of hours.

! Important. It is the plastic panels that are recommended for use as a facing material in medical institutions according to the SES standards.

Disadvantages :

  1. Plastic panels are not highly flammable material, but poisonous substances are released in case of combustion.
  2. When compared with wallpaper, the PVC panels, although minimal, hide the size of the room.
  3. If panels of the lowest quality are used for repairs, then pretty soon some of them will have to be replaced, since low-quality material is rather fragile and often breaks.

Comparing all the pros and cons, it is clear that there are much fewer shortcomings. Now you can start choosing the material.

Arrangement of toilet walls with panels

Selection of PVC panels

As manufacturers in the panel market There is a lot of PVC now and each of them is trying to constantly update and expand the range of products, it is very important to choose the right quality material.

There are some tips to help you with this task with ease:

  1. Pros and Cons of PVC Panels in Toilet Finishing - Trends, Installation Guide + Video Read the composition! In the list of materials used, there must be additives, they increase the elasticity of the product, which accordingly increases its quality.
  2. Press the panel with two fingers on both sides, while it should not deform.

  3. The mounting groove should bend easily, and after bending should return to its original position. In no case should there be creases.
  4. The outside of the panel should be perfectly smooth. If, while stroking the panel, you feel stiffening or any unevenness under your fingers, this product is of low quality.
  5. Smell the plastic panel.

    It should not emit unpleasant, strange odors, otherwise, it is made of extremely poor quality material.

  6. Don't hesitate and ask for quality certificates. It is better to check the documents and personally make sure that you are purchasing high-quality and safe finishing materials. This will save you from possible unpleasant consequences.

! Important.

The panels are manufactured in different widths from 120 mm to 350 mm. If you plan to decorate a small room with them, remember that it is better not to use the widest models, as a lot of scraps remain from them. Models in the range of 230-270 mm are considered optimal.

Everyone can easily find a suitable option. There are PVC panels on sale in various colors, with patterns and monochromatic, wide and narrow, decorated with wood and stone, the main thing is to choose what suits your design.

Trends in decor

When planning a renovation, you can trust your own taste and arrange everything intuitively, you can flip through the pages on the net, get interesting ideas for yourself, see photos of already implemented projects. Anyway, below you can find a couple of tips for choosing decor and an overview of the main trends in decor.

First of all, it is necessary to decide which panels will be used - plain or with a print. Everything here depends on individual preferences and the general concept of apartment design.

When the toilet is small, it is recommended to use plain panels of light shades.

These colors visually increase the space.

If the size of the toilet allows, or the bathroom is combined, you can use both plain light or dark panels, and with a pattern. Today, designers consider the ideal solution to combine monochromatic panels with panels with a graphic pattern, while some are better to choose dark colors, the second for contrast - light ones.For example, combinations of beige with brown, black with white and red, light green with white and gray, fuchsia with white and tangerine and many others look good.

! Important.

Many are of the opinion that the classic solution for a combined bathroom is a nautical design. In this case, you can use both just the colors of materials in all shades of sea and sand, and directly images of the marine theme.

Another option is to use panels with a pattern for wood or stone. Many are skeptical about such images on PVC panels, but in vain. The main thing is to choose high quality material and then they will look very impressive and stylish in the interior.

At the same time, wood-like panels are more suitable for small toilets, they will help create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. And panels, decorated with a stone, will look good in large or combined bathrooms.

! Important. When installed correctly, PVC panels can affect the perception of the layout of the bathroom. So if the ceiling in the toilet is rather low, it is better to mount the panels vertically, visually this will increase the height of the room.

If the toilet is very small and narrow, it is better to mount the panels horizontally, this will create the effect of a wider room.

DIY finishing

Pros and Cons of PVC Panels in Toilet Finishing - Trends, Installation Guide + Video The installation of PVC panels itself will take away quite a bit of time even for a beginner. A more important, laborious and time-consuming stage is the manufacture of the lathing on which the panels will be attached.

First of all, you need to prepare the walls for further installation work. To do this, you need to clean them of old paint or wallpaper, if any.

In this case, the paint does not have to be completely removed, it is enough to clean the places where it has cracked and falls off. The next step is to treat the wall with an antiseptic primer. This is necessary so that the fungus does not form between the wall and the panels in the future. Better to apply several layers.

! Important.

Do the surface priming work very carefully, use a fleecy wide brush, use a narrow brush in the corners to apply.

The primer dries in just a couple of hours, then you can start installing the battens. For this, it is better to use a metal profile 20x50 mm, or wooden slats 15-20 mm thick. Wooden beams must also be pre-treated with an antiseptic to prevent rotting and fungus.

! Important.

When treating the timber with an antiseptic, do not forget about its end sides, or cut points, it is important to process them as well.

The slats are attached to the wall parallel to the floor on self-tapping screws, you need to start from the bottom. It must be attached as close to the floor as possible. Next, the top rail is attached, as close to the ceiling as possible, while it is important not to forget to take into account the future decoration of the ceiling itself. After the upper and lower beams are secured, you can start installing the rest.

Usually they are also mounted horizontally in increments of 30 to 40 cm, evenly over the entire surface.

! Important. The strength of the structure depends on the distance between the guides. The smaller the step, the more secure the panels will be.

Now you can start attaching the panels themselves.

You need to start by installing decorative corners in the left corner of the room. They need to be fixed in 5-6 places at an equal distance from each other using a construction stapler or furniture nails. Next, you can install PVC panels, moving from one corner of the room to another.

! Important. Use a level for each PVC panel to prevent distortion.


In addition to the above method, the panels can be fixed without guides. Usually this option can be used when the surface of the walls is perfectly flat, which is extremely rare. At the same time, after preliminary preparation, the panels can be attached to the wall with liquid nails or cement glue, which is used when installing tiles.

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