Pros and Cons - Owner Reviews + Video

Pros and Cons - Owner Reviews + Video Metal tile - let's analyze the pros and cons!

Tile roof - this is a real highlight in the appearance of buildings. It looks very stylish and expensive, it is closer to the European style. If earlier the tile was mainly made of clay, now metal has replaced clay, since the previous version had more disadvantages than advantages. At the moment, metal tiles are in great demand and popularity.

A metal tile is a sheet of roofing material, profiled using cold pressure.

Thin steel with impurities of copper and aluminum additives is taken as the base. A special layer of polymer is applied on top of the sheet, this layer will perform the function of protecting the material from rust, as well as a longer preservation of the colored coating.

The very first metal shingles were produced at the end of the twentieth century in Finland


but they practically did not have the great properties that they have now. But already at that time, it competed very strongly with clay tiles due to its beautiful appearance, simple installation and low cost. In Russia, metal tiles came less than thirty years ago. And technology is still improving, but some of the nuances have remained to this day.

This material cannot be used for roofing roofs with a slope greater than 15 degrees.

Otherwise, snow will stagnate on the roof and leakage may form. To install this material as a roof, the temperature in your area must be from -50 to +50 degrees. If your region has a harsh climate with frequent precipitation, then you must carefully follow all the rules for installation, as well as take additional protective measures.


Most often, metal, sheet shingles are used for roofing roofs of private houses. Their use in the form of building materials, options: finishing the roofs of residential and non-residential buildings, a separate application in architecture.

The most common use of metal tiles in the construction of private, country houses. Due to the fact that the shingles have too low a level of sound insulation, it is not recommended to finish the attic if you use it as a living space.

It should also be limited to broken roofs and roofs in the form of domes. Shingles do not have much flexibility, so roofs with unusual shapes will be quite difficult to finish. It is also worth giving up with a house with a flat roof.

Snow will constantly accumulate on it, leaks will begin literally in a few seasons.

Suitable roof types:

  • Pros and Cons - Owner Reviews + Video Single slope ,
  • Gable,
  • Quad,
  • Hip,
  • Mansard,
  • Multi-gable.

This type of roof is also perfect for baths, verandas, summer cottages and outbuildings. A good alternative would be to use a sheet as a cover for a bay window or balcony. And one more option for using metal tiles for other purposes.

Fences, awnings are made from sheets, as well as for the decoration of small details.

Advantages of metal tiles:

Low weight. Clay shingles load the roofing very strongly, in contrast to metal shingles. And any thickness of the snow layer will not create the danger of collapse. Convenient size.

Although there are similarities with shingles, sheet metal tiles have a very convenient shape and size, not small shingles. This will significantly speed up the installation process.

  • Low cost.
  • Pros and Cons - Owner Reviews + Video Large selection. There is a huge assortment of tiles in various shapes, colors and painting techniques.

  • Unpretentiousness. The polymer coating protects the metal tile from precipitation and other negative weather conditions.
  • In a set for sheets of metal tiles, you can buy all the necessary items for roofing.
  • A minimum of joints at the junction of the sheets, this will make the structure more durable.
  • Looks nice and stylish.

  • Long service life - up to 50 years.

Disadvantages :

Cannot be used for roofs with a slope less than 15 degrees. The complex process of installing metal tiles on the roof. It is very difficult, time consuming and requires additional skills. Removing the material is also expensive.

  • Not all types have resistance to mechanical damage. If during installation you scratched the coating, it means that corrosion may develop during operation.
  • Low level of sound insulation. To protect against excessive noise, additional measures must be taken to eliminate them.
  • Not recommended for intricate roofs.

  • Mounting the battens. The sheets do not have the rigidity to use them on their own.
  • Metal roofing tiles have a high risk of leakage. It is necessary to equip a waterproofing layer under the roof.

User reviews

The status of companies producing these materials and the effect of their use are proved by many enthusiastic reviews of those who independently used metal tiles.

Even professionals consider this material to be practical and of high quality, despite its low cost.

Owners of private houses, who hired specialists for the installation of tiles, most often praise the beautiful appearance. After all, the roof covering looks very neat and stylish. The metal tile is universal for combinations with other finishing materials. Also, among the reviews, there are often such that some of the tiles have served from 3 to 25 years.

Bad reviews are mainly related to difficulties in work. Without any experience with these materials, it will be very problematic to complete the correct installation. It is especially problematic to mount complex areas such as skates, tongs, and so on.

As a result, there will be a lot of unused material that will have nowhere to put it.Also, the fact that metal tiles can be painted is not justified, since the polymer layer pushes out not only moisture, but also paint.

There are also different opinions about the high audibility in the room during the rain. It is very uncomfortable in the absence of sound insulation, but if it is, there is no discomfort.

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