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Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Good day, dear readers, my name is Ivan, I have a land plot near Rostov. And so I decided to build a country house, but not quite a country house, probably more for housing and recreation on weekends and holidays. Those who live and work in Rostov will understand the noise, endless traffic jams. We sat down with my wife and began to consider which house is better to build. A brick house or cinder block is expensive and requires a team of workers.

And here on the forums on the Internet they came across the technology of wooden frame houses.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos
Ivan's dream

Moreover, it turned out that in Rostov itself there is representation of this company. And so my wife and I, after the consultation, having counted all the pros and cons, the material costs stopped at the new technology. Why all this preface, we have already had a frame house for 4 years, and we often rest there with the whole family. And in this article I would like to tell you step by step about the myths, stories and our impressions of living in a frame house.

So, let's begin.

Pricing policy

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos As mentioned above, we turned to to different developers and we were counted estimates for brick, log, foam concrete and frame-panel houses.

And as it turned out, a house of 50 sq. m. on average costs about 10,000 dollars.

This is exactly the kind of house that was built on our site. I must say right away that this is the price without the foundation, interior decoration and communications. But this price includes insulation, roofing, windows, doors, vapor barrier and, of course, a team of workers.

You can, of course, build such a house with your own hands, but I am far from that, I work as a lawyer. Therefore, we resorted to the help of specialists, and never regretted it.

And the estimate of a brick house turned out to be 3 times more expensive, a log cabin is 2 times more expensive and a foam concrete one with siding cladding is also 2-2. 5 times more expensive.

Construction speed

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos When we contacted a specialized company for the construction of turnkey frame houses, we were given a deadline of 2 months.

And such terms were spelled out in the contract, as well as the payment of a penalty in case of failure of the construction period. A catalog of projects with photographs of finished houses was also shown.

The real term was 40 days, but I will make a reservation, we made a pile foundation and it cost us 80 thousand rubles. additionally, ordered the same from this developer. An additional agreement was drawn up for the provision of additional services. In general, the simpler the layout, the faster and cheaper the construction will be.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos A huge plus of the frame house using Canadian technology is the absence of the so-called "wet cycle".

This means that the building can be erected almost at any time of the year.

But we built in the summer. And a neighbor on the site was building about the same house in area with his son himself and managed it in a season.

You should also carefully observe the construction technology, since timber-frame houses and frame-panel houses are lightweight types of buildings and every little thing should be taken into account, as well as the quality of materials. Therefore, you should not save on professionals and specialists.

The main indicators and characteristics of frame houses

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Let's start with the fact that the contractors announced the construction life of about 50 years. But we read on the forums where it was said that the service life of houses is about 90-100 years. The contractor replied to us that the Finnish frame houses assembled in Finland will last longer, of course, subject to the technology. But the cost of such houses is from about $ 1000 per 1 sq. m.

Experts say that if periodically, about every 20 years, to overhaul the frame, then it will last a long time.

An environmentally friendly house, we were also guided by this indicator, this is acceptable if the manufacturer uses high-quality and harmless impregnations, varnishes, oils, paints. It was important for us, since we have two beautiful children. Our house is built from material produced by a domestic manufacturer, as it was said by Canadian technology. They also assured us about the fear of fire hazard, although we somehow did not immediately think about it.

All structures of the house are treated with a special compound. They even showed a certificate. We did not check.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos The consultant immediately told us that it is better to use compacted mineral wool as a heater for a frame house. It is best to prevent the passage of sound, does not burn and you are not afraid of any rodents.

Although for 4 years of residence, there were no prerequisites. As for flies and spiders, we also don't see them, although we come 1-2 times a month.

And, of course, it should be noted the high-class specialist of the company, who popularly and intelligibly told about all the pros and cons of frame houses. And also about some additional costs for insulation, foundation.

Our review of the Canadian frame house

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Let's start with the fact that the house was built for us in the autumn, and we immediately made the heating of the house water, at the insistence of the construction team, the pipes were hidden in the floor and only two batteries were taken out in the bedroom and in the hall.

The boiler has supplied an electric one.

No streaks on PVC windows all winter. There were no strangers smells, although the house has no interior decoration.

As for heating, when the light is turned off, the temperature drops by 4-6 degrees, but then quickly recovers in 2 hours.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos For summer, it is advisable to put an air conditioner.

We have large windows, my wife wanted. Due to these windows, the house warms up well.

I tried to install a computer uninterruptible power supply, but a more powerful one is expensive.

A neighbor suggested that we change the boiler to a multifunctional boiler that can operate on different types of fuel. The thing is expensive, but effective.

As we understand in gardening associations only light, so I had to buy a gas cylinder and take it outside for safety. By constructing for this an additional box with a lock so that the children do not get there. They also suggested using a low-temperature liquid instead of water, but my wife and I did not dare. And the cost of maintaining the house is low.

Then in the summer they began to do interior decoration and exterior.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Vinyl siding was used for exterior decoration, although there are no restrictions, you can use decorative plaster. And inside there is a simple cosmetic repair. True, it should be noted that we did not think well of the arrangement of the kitchen and the corridor.

We wanted to make a redevelopment, but the closet cannot be easily hung without concrete mortgages. So I had to leave everything as it is.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Wiring and other communications are conveniently hidden in the wall cavity. All this was done by an electrician on call. And I myself faced this when it was required to lay the Internet cable to the TV, since it did not work well from wifi. And I did not experience any difficulties with this, you drill a hole and calmly stretch it.

But when he drilled and knocked, the sound spread along the frame, despite the good insulation with sound insulation.

Even when the house is completely furnished, the sound still spreads along the frame.

Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos Own water from the well, cost about 25-30 thousand rubles. K

When they drilled a well, made water distribution around the house, it is imperative to insulate the pipe with cold water inside the house so that condensate does not accumulate outside, so that it does not freeze.

The problem came from where they did not expect. The front door was installed with a metal one, which was later regretted.

The door does not withstand temperature changes and also the door was covered with condensation.


Pros and Cons + Photos & Videos How you see, frame-panel houses have both pros and cons. But our opinion is the value for money. Moreover, as always during operation, small nuances are being finalized and adjusted. Of course, you may not believe us, but in the age of high technologies it is easy to check it on all kinds of sites, forums, videos.

You can compare the numerous reviews of satisfied owners of frame houses. But our family recommends that you buy the frame house of your dreams.

The rich assortment of types of structures and number of storeys of future houses should be noted.

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