Protective enamel EP-140 and features of its use

Protective enamel EP-140 and features of its use Features of EP-140 enamel application + technical characteristics

After it is applied to the surface enamel, it is converted into a very hard film that will reliably protect against corrosion.

Basically, we are talking about the use of a composition for painting metal coatings, since EP-140 protective enamel helps to protect the surface from negative influences from the outside.

With this composition, it is possible to process aluminum, magnesium, steel, copper and even titanium surfaces, and it is also allowed to apply the composition on alloys of various metals.

General information


The enamel is applied to previously primed surfaces, and the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is:

  1. Protective enamel EP-140 and features of its use External and internal premises for industrial facilities, which are equipped with sea and river ports ..


  2. Shipbuilding - resistance to negative influences from the environment and relatively low cost have made enamel a popular enough medium for painting small boats and yachts. It is also suitable for the processing of ship hulls as well as parts in the engine room.
  3. Aviation industry - slurry is used for processing internal elements of aircraft, propellers and other components.
  4. Equipment and metal structures.

    A composition such as EP-140 is applied to machine tools for factories and other industrial-type equipment, as well as to agricultural machinery. The silvery enamel has proven itself to be a thermally stable protective agent that is applied to hot pipelines and even to instrument casings.

  5. Railway vehicles. Enamel No. 140 is distinguished by excellent resistance to the effects of various chemical substances, which are in the exhaust gases.

    This property makes the composition suitable even for painting the hulls of locomotives, as well as cars.

And now let's talk about what other properties this enamel has.

Material properties and composition

So, enamel is a solution of an epoxy resin type, which is mixed with organic solvents. You will find colorants, fillers, and especially plasticizers in its composition. Complete with paint there is a hardener number 2, which is often added to the enamel during the preparatory process.

Please note that products covered with such enamel are resistant to various influences of a climatic nature, and therefore objects that are located both in urban conditions and in rural areas are treated with enamel. The composition also covers not only the premises from the inside, but also the external elements.

The protective properties of the coating help to give the material hardness, strength, and also they do not deteriorate under the influence of gasoline, moisture and oils.The enamel, which has a silvery color, will not lose its quality at temperatures that reach +250 degrees. The use of EP-09T and AK-070 primers makes it possible to give the surface even electrical insulating properties.

If the emulsion is applied to ferrous metal products, it will reliably help protect them from acids, corrosive gases and alkaline vapors. In this case, it is not necessary to apply a primer in advance. The various components that are in the composition of the product make it possible for it to persist for a long time, and after application to the surface, everything dries quickly.

Interesting fact! If we consider the technical characteristics of EP-140 enamel, then you will find out that there are analogues that companies can offer buyers to replace the product. The final purchase decision will largely depend only on the buyers, but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that coatings that are treated with cheaper emulsions will last much less.

In addition, they are not capable of adequately protecting the surface from corrosion.



Depending on which color the buyer has chosen, the cost for 1 kilogram of enamel can be very different. It is allowed to use the R-5A solvent, through which you can achieve the required level of working viscosity.

So, let's highlight the main characteristics of the composition:

  1. The drying time varies from two to six hours (provided that the temperature is + 20 ..

    . + 90 degrees).

  2. Mass fraction of non-volatile substances is from 34 to 60%.
  3. The approximate consumption is 64 to 86 grams per square meter (assuming only one coat is applied).
  4. The properties will be preserved for at least 6 hours (and after mixing with the hardener and at a temperature of about +22 degrees).

Do not forget that enamel is produced in different colors, and you can choose the following:

  • Protective enamel EP-140 and features of its use Black.
  • White.
  • Blue.
  • Blue.
  • Gray.

  • Yellow.
  • Red (even with a brown tint).
  • Green.

Regardless of the color of the emulsion, the composition is resistant to negative environmental influences, and also resists the spread of rust.

Surface preparation + work with the material

Before applying the enamel to the surface, you should first make a thorough preparation and processing of the material.

Such an operation makes it possible to preserve the enamel applied in the future for a longer period of time.

Surface treatment will consist of the following main stages:

  • Cleaning the entire treatment area from rust and dirt.
  • Removing the old layer of paint and varnish material.
  • Degreasing of coatings.

Before starting work, be sure to make sure that the composition is prepared correctly.

Enamel should be carefully placed throughout the entire container. It is important to do this for at least 10 minutes, during which you can properly dilute the product. You can use the enamel only when it reaches a uniform consistency.

It is possible to apply protective epoxy enamel even by several methods, and the main ones are:

  • Watering the surface.
  • Brush painting.

  • Roller painting.
  • Pneumatic spraying.

But to achieve strength, you need to apply several layers (at least two!). The time interval between them should be about 5-6 hours, if the ambient temperature is about +22 degrees. In some cases, you can dry the surface with a hot method.

This procedure will make it possible to reduce the waiting time to two hours, and after final drying, the coating will become uniform and semi-gloss.


Please note that the emulsion itself is capable of releasing toxic substances, and it is also highly flammable. With this in mind, the composition should be used away from food storage areas, as well as from sources of open fire. You can store the product for no more than 12 months in a place where moisture and direct sunlight does not get. Painting premises, machinery and production equipment with EP-140 enamel makes them more durable, and moreover, such a paint and varnish material helps to make surfaces presentable.