Protective enamel XB-124 and features of its use

Protective enamel XB-124 and features of its use Protective enamel XB-124 and features of its use

Those products and structures that are made of metals or wood, located outdoors in the street, it is required to carry out processing with protective enamel. They need protection from aggressive weather conditions, climate changes, high humidity, low or high temperatures, ultraviolet rays.

All these factors negatively affect metal and wooden surfaces, damage can quickly appear on them, and their service life will be greatly reduced. One of the effective paints and varnishes will be the protective enamel XB-124, which helps to protect surfaces from destruction.

This type of paint, after application, creates a protective shell on the surface to be treated, and such a film helps to increase the life of the structure and protects against most adverse factors.

Enamel was able to combine many useful properties, such distinctive qualities, excellent technical characteristics and a long service life.

General information


This enamel contains special chemicals that ensure high performance paint and varnish material. Each batch of enamel has a technical passport or certificate of conformity, which states that the products comply with GOST 10144-89. This state standard states that the enamel is made from a polyvinyl chloride resinous composition. In order for the paint and varnish material to obtain the required viscosity index, organic types of solvents should be added to it.

In addition to them, the composition contains the following components:

  • Alkyd resin.
  • Substances-plasticizers.
  • Fillers.

There are also pigment additives in the enamel, which are required for coloring the mixture in the required shade. When such components are mixed, a ready-made solution is obtained that corresponds to GOST and meets all quality standards.

The warranty period for storing the product is 6 years.

Advantages and properties

This product can be used to paint all wood and metal surfaces. After the protective paint dries, the product will become reliably protected from the negative effects of harmful factors. The enamel is best suited for applying to wood. Before using the paint and varnish material, you do not need to use a primer, you can paint the surface in three layers.

Due to this method of application, the maximum degree of surface protection will be guaranteed, for a period of 5 years and even more if the structure is used in a temperate climate.

If the use of enamel will be carried out in an extremely cool climate, in the Arctic, then first the part or structure must be primed with the primer AK-070, which contains aluminum powder.Apply three layers of paint and varnish on top of the dried primer, and due to this, the structure can be used from 3 to 5 years. When used in a tropical climate, the surface should be primed in advance with the FL-03K composition, it is advisable to apply 2 layers of primer, and then treat it in four layers with enamel. Thanks to this type of processing, the product can be used for at least 3 years.

This is the main list of the main advantages of paint that distinguish enamel favorably from products of a similar type:

  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • The solution will prevent the spread of the rusty layer that was before using the compound.
  • Provides a beautiful appearance.
  • Can withstand sudden temperature fluctuations without damage.
  • Resistant to aggressive effects of high levels of humidity, aggressive chemical components, fire, household chemicals and petroleum products.

  • After application and drying, a protective elastic layer is obtained.
  • Has a long service life.

Next, we propose to consider the technical properties of the tool.


So, before you start using the product, you should find out about the main technical characteristics of XB-124 enamel. Here are the main ones:

  1. Protective enamel XB-124 and features of its use Temperature range in which application of the composition is allowed from -11 to +31 degrees, and air humidity from 50 to 75%.

  2. Duration of drying to the third degree (to touch) is about 3 hours at a temperature of + 20 ... + 25 degrees. The enamel dries out to the full in about a day.

  3. The paint colors are green, blue, black and gray. If necessary, you can order the production of materials of any other shade.
  4. The degree of viscosity is 35 ...

    6- s, according to the device (viscometer) VZ-246 or another similar device, which has a nozzle of 0.4 cm.

  5. Grinding will be about 30 microns ...

  6. The traction index is 2 points.
  7. The volume of non-volatile components is 30 to 33%.

Please note that if the enamel is very thick in consistency, the use of a solvent is allowed.

Scope of application

Basically, this tool is used for application to wood and metal products. Thanks to this, enamel will become in demand in various fields of industry, instrument making, industry, machine building and others.

XB-124 is used to apply it to car bodies, gas and electric stoves, refrigerators, various household appliances, piping and chimney systems. The scope of use of paints and varnishes will not be limited to the industrial sphere, at home the tool is used very often, and various metal products are covered with such a paint and varnish material to protect against corrosion from rusting.The paints are used for application to the facades of wooden houses in order to protect them from atmospheric phenomena, ultraviolet radiation, high levels of humidity, temperature fluctuations and precipitation.

Application rules

It is possible to paint over with enamel using various tools. First, dilute the solution to the required viscosity with suitable solvents, and then use one of the following application methods:

  • Roller.

  • Brush.
  • Spray gun.

Before using the paint and varnish material, the surface should be cleaned of various types of dirt. Remove corrosion, rust, dust and scale from metal products. Fungal colonies, mold, moss, grease stains, dust, dirt and the rest should be removed from wooden structures.

White spirit or other type of solvent can be used to remove oil and grease, and rust stains should be mechanically removed from the metal. After wet cleaning, you should wait for the product to dry out. After cleaning, it is advisable to prime the surface with a suitable primer as described above. It must definitely dry out. Cover the primed surface with enamel only after drying.

Each further layer can be applied only after the last layer has partially dried, it is advisable to wait 1 hour.


Consumption of the composition

In order to optimize the consumption of HV enamel -124 and an increase in the service life of the painted layer, air humidity and temperature should be taken into account. By the way, in many respects the consumption will depend on the viscosity of the product, and also on the number of layers that will be applied. If you follow all the rules established by the manufacturer, the consumption per square meter ranges from 0. 12 to -.

17 kg if using a roller or brush. When using pneumatic spray type, the flow rate will be slightly less, from 0.11 to 0.13 kg per square meter. The cost of the product for 1 liter is about 98 rubles.

Due to the fact that the consumption of paint and varnish material is not very large, it is not required to spend a lot of money to obtain a high-quality layer of protection. Due to its economy, such enamel is widely used both in domestic conditions and in the field of application.


When working with such a paint and varnish composition, the following rules should be observed to maintain health:

  1. Protective enamel XB-124 and features of its use If staining is carried out indoors, it is imperative to organize high-quality ventilation. The enamel contains toxic and harmful substances that can negatively affect the respiratory organs and human well-being in a closed room.
  2. It is forbidden to use paint and varnish material near heaters, sparks and open flames, because XB-124 will be easily flammable and be a fire hazardous solution.

  3. When applying the product, it is imperative to protect the skin with a special protective suit and rubber gloves.
  4. To protect your eyes, we advise you to wear glasses, as contact with the eyes may impair your vision.
  5. To avoid the ingress of toxic fumes into the respiratory tract and organs, a gas mask or respirator should be worn.

Please note that if the coloring agent comes into contact with the skin, if it should be washed off immediately with soap and tap water. In case of contact with eyes, water can be used for rinsing, and after rinsing it is recommended to consult a doctor.


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