Pumping the toilet from sewage in the country: Frequency and methods - Services of sewers: Instruction + Photo and Video

Pumping the toilet from sewage in the country: Frequency and methods - Services of sewers: Instruction + Photo and Video There are several methods of cleaning country toilets: on their own; using a special pump; sewage machine; chemical agents; using biological bacteria. Cesspools are pumped out on average every one to two years. For pumping out with a pump, models such as faecal drainage or submersible sewage are suitable.

Not every owner of a personal plot or summer cottage has such an opportunity as connecting a toilet to the sewer network. Basically, a country toilet is a primitive wooden house with a cesspool, which has the peculiarity of being constantly filled with sewage.

For comfortable living in a suburban area, it is necessary to pump out country toilets.

Frequency of pumping out the country toilet

There are some factors that determine the frequency of cleaning activities.

  1. First, how often the toilet is used and how many people. For example, someone carries out this procedure every month, while for someone it is enough once a year.
  2. The construction of the pit itself is also of great importance.

    If the pit has a concrete bottom without any holes, then naturally, it will fill up much faster, because the liquid will have nowhere to go.

It is advisable to monitor the filling of your toilet and pump it out when the sewer is 70 percent full.

Note : As practice shows, cesspools are pumped out on average once every one or two years.

Timely cleaning of your toilet should not be neglected, as it is quite an important procedure. If this is not taken into account, then this can lead to an emergency situation, namely to overflowing the reservoir and, as a result, promoting the multiplication of harmful microorganisms.

The ingress of which into the ground can negatively affect the health of living people.

Methods for pumping out the cesspool

There are several methods for cleaning country toilets:

  • On their own;
  • Independently using special pumping equipment;
  • Pumping out using a sewage machine;
  • Using chemicals;
  • The use of biological bacteria.


Basically, it is carried out if the volume of fecal matter is not large. Also, if a biological wastewater treatment plant is installed, in which both mechanical and aerobic and anaerobic treatment take place. Or if there is a septic tank in which the main volume of feces is utilized.

It should be understood that doing this work without any equipment is very unpleasant and dirty. In addition, many are simply not morally ready to withstand it.

But here you will not need any financial costs, only your efforts and time.

The whole process is as follows:

  • You will need old clothes that you will not mind getting dirty;
  • Take a bucket to it a rope is tied to the handle;
  • The bucket is lowered into the pit and the impurities are scooped out.

It is necessary to think in advance about the place where the cleaning waste will be disposed of.

This may be another dug hole or a prepared container, which will also have to be disposed of in the future.

Note: When performing self-cleaning, it is advisable to add sawdust for more convenient pumping of the slurry.

Pumping with sediment

First, let's see what pumps exist:

  • Pumping the toilet from sewage in the country: Frequency and methods - Services of sewers: Instruction + Photo and Video Submersible. It completely sinks to the bottom, pumping out absolutely everything. It is most suitable for pumping out toilets.

  • Semi-submersible. Here, only the bottom of the housing is lowered, in which the suction device is located.
  • Surface mounted on top. Pumping takes place with two hoses, one of which pumps out liquid waste, and 2 pumps out the contents. The second hose is connected to the grinder, through which solid waste is passed.

Models such as faecal drainage or submersible sewage are suitable for pumping out with a pump. You can also use ordinary sediment, but it will require the installation of an additional filter, without which it will simply clog right away.

If you live permanently in a private house, it is better to purchase a special pump right away. Considering that this event is of a regular nature, the purchase of the nanometer will compensate you for future costs.

Before carrying out this procedure, in advance, about 7 days in advance, special biological products are added to the toilet, making the waste liquid.

It is advisable not to use the toilet a day before pumping out. It is necessary, as in the first case, to take care of the reservoir for collecting wastewater.

The cleaning process itself proceeds as follows:

  • the film is removed from the surface with a bucket;
  • the pipe is placed at one end into the pit, and others into the tank;
  • when filling the container, it is disposed of.

Important : In no case should you pour waste into natural water bodies and rivers. This is very dangerous for the environment.

The container should be buried in a specially designated place.

This is the whole complexity of the work performed. This requires spending a lot of your time and effort. That is why it is easier for many to use the services of special services. Of course, such cases are not excluded when there is simply no way to spend relatively small amounts on regular cleaning of the toilet.

Or it is simply that in this area there is no sewage truck of its own and you have to order from the nearest city, which, naturally, will not be cheap either.

Pumping out with a vacuum truck

This method is the fastest and easiest.You do not take any part in it at all, except for payment of course. The only drawback here may be just a high price for the work. In order to use this service, you must also provide free access for the car to the desired location, which is not always possible.

The whole job is to pump the faeces into the tank of the machine. So the sewer truck consists of such components as a tank for the contents, an evacuation hose, a control and pipeline valve, electrical equipment, a drive vacuum pump.

Cleaning process:

The machine is brought to the sump, a hose is inserted into it. The contents are pumped out into the tank. The work is done.

The disposal of the contents of the tank is carried out by sewers.

The cost of the sewage truck service

What determines the price for the work of the sewer truck:

  1. -first, from the location of your site. From the remoteness of the toilet from the road. From the total time spent on work. And also on the volume of the device to be cleaned.

  2. You can find out the cost of work by calling the appropriate service, indicating the destination address.

Cleaning with biological products

Today, such products are very popular. These can be special biogranules that eliminate unpleasant odors and promote the decomposition of solid waste. Alternative colonization methods for microorganisms that recycle waste are also common.

Specialist recommendations

For a more efficient cleaning process, professionals recommend using only specialized pumps with a cutting mechanism that crushes solid particles.

That will make pumping easier.

In order to reduce the number of cleaning activities, and therefore to reduce costs, during the construction of the toilet, the pit should be equipped with a filtering bottom. If a container is used for this, then it must not be airtight. It will only be necessary to make a filter layer of at least a meter of pebbles or gravel.

Antiseptics should also be used to prevent the emergence and spread of harmful microorganisms.

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