PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house

Outdated methods of building decoration have been replaced by piece facing material. PVC facade panels have become a real revolution in the field of wall decoration. Today this material comes in many forms and compositions. And in order to understand their features, it is enough to study the issue of choosing facing plates.

What is PVC

The material itself is a plate, which includes plastic.

The composition also includes vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, stone dust. The combination of ingredients depends on the type of material.

Plastic panels are easy to process and feature low production costs and favorable market prices. This factor was the main reason for the popularity of PVC "among the people". Today, the assortment of material and its decorative palette is so wide that the use of panels has gone beyond the limits of economy.

Plastic finishing has become the optimal solution for transforming the facade and protecting the walls from external factors.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
PVC is durable and hardy

Material features:

  • in During the manufacturing process, the plastic is extruded, after which it takes the desired shape and size;
  • the outer surface of the board can be either smooth or textured. There are also glossy and matte options;
  • thanks to modern technology, PVC can imitate almost any finishing material . It can be stone, wood, timber, limestone;
  • the porous structure of the slab provides additional thermal insulation for the house . The voids also serve as a soundproofing factor;
  • panels do not require special maintenance .

    The material is durable and resistant to weather conditions;

  • light weight units allows you to carry out finishing work quickly, delivering elements to high heights;
  • special knowledge is not required for work . Even a novice master can handle repairs;
  • PVC does not lend itself to natural corrosion , and also does not like rodents and other parasites;
  • environmental friendliness . The composition of the plates includes resins, polyurethane, stone powder, however, such components, even over time, do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Varieties of material

To choose the optimal type of panels, it is recommended to study the properties of each of the options. Also, it will not be superfluous to inspect houses in the vicinity and analyze the "behavior" of PVC after several years of operation.

Vinyl Panels

Vinyl panels are based on the same PVC. The top of the element is covered with a decorative layer. Facing with such material allows you to minimize the number of joints on the wall surface. The panels fit tightly to increase thermal insulation . The advantage of dense masonry is sealing.

It provides protection of walls from moisture , which prolongs the life of the finish.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Vinyl panel withstands both winter and summer temperatures

Two types of panels:

  • Vinyl.
  • Two-layer, covered with a decorative layer.

Interesting! Only 3% of the panel is plastic. The rest is air filling the cellular structure.

Polyvinyl chloride is known for its temperature range. The panel withstands extreme -50 ° C , and the maximum allowable heating + 50 ° C .

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
The vinyl version is used for interior and facade work

A perfectly flat surface is not required to install vinyl panels. This is the main advantage of the type over the equally popular "stone" plastic.

A huge choice of decorative appearance will also be a plus.

Manufacturers offer over 100 color designs and fifty texture imitations . And if you add options for combinations to the assortment, the owners will have a huge field for the embodiment of design ideas.

The disadvantage of vinyl is called its low strength . Even a small impact will create a dent or crack in the panel surface. However, the material must be repaired, and for reliability, the lower part of the building is preferred to be faced with more durable elements.

A significant "mechanical" minus of vinyl is instability in front of aggressive elements. Hail or impact can damage the facade. This also includes the low sound insulation of some types of cladding. Heavy rainfall or howling winds will still be heard.

Tip! Caring for vinyl PVC is easy.

For washing, use ordinary dishwashing detergent and a brush. It is recommended to wash off the foam from the hose.

Prices for vinyl siding

Vinyl siding

Under the stone

This option concerns not so much the composition of the panel as the decorative look. Stone is considered the leading design solution among PVC panels.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Panels with stone texture look impressive

Two types of material are popular today:

  1. Composite .

    The basis of such a plate is expanded polystyrene. The outer layer performs the decorative function. It also enhances thermal insulation.

  2. Uniform . Single-layer slabs, which are connected during operation, creating a monolithic facade cladding.

    In this case, the weight of the slab increases slightly.

According to its composition, PVC under a stone is divided into two types: polymer and fiber cement.

Pay attention! The main components of the polymer panel are polyvinyl chloride and stone dust. Such a coating is durable and does not react to external influences, and also does not damage under moderate mechanical stress.

Fiber cement panels are created from quartz sand, cement and cellulose fibers.

The material is hardy, able to withstand extreme frosts and is relatively fireproof. The disadvantage of the look lies in its ability to absorb moisture, which increases the weight of the plate. Fiber panels are made by casting, so there is no deep stone pattern on them.However, the texture mimics both wild and cultured rock quite well.

Its advantages are obvious.

Today there are imitations of absolutely any finishing stone. Popular - limestone, granite, shale, sandstone. At the same time, the quality depends on the class of the material, but never exceeds reasonable limits. Manufacturing of individual design elements is also practiced. Finished slabs are painted in the color corresponding to the natural stone.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Stone look tiles can be combined to achieve an unusual visual effect of depth.

There is a wide range of not only textures, but also thicknesses. Plates 21, 18, 17 and 15 mm are available. All types fit perfectly into any type of masonry, whether horizontal or vertical. However, the dimensions of the panels should be coordinated with the type of installation.

The weight of one slab is small and depends on its size. The most convenient slabs to use are from 80 to 130 cm in length. The width can be selected depending on the intended design of the facade. Most often use 45-60 cm . So, the weight of the middle panel varies within 1.

8-2 kg .

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Various variations of PVC front panels

Heavy and large - fiber cement slabs. Their length can reach 3 meters . Element thickness - from 6 mm to 2 cm . The weight of one element is calculated depending on the quadrature.

So, one square meter weighs from 13 to 20 kg .

It is also important to take into account that PVC "under the stone" is not placed on some surfaces. Whereas vinyl can be installed on brick, concrete and wood lathing, stone panels are placed only on a flawless flat surface or frame. The elements are fastened together with epoxy resin.

Important! The stone slab is perfect for cladding the most functional part of the facade - its lower part.

Initially, this type was used in this way, but later they began to line the entire wall with it.

Wood grain

Another leader of the design world is wood. It has been and will be in fashion, so there is no need to be afraid that the wooden facade will lose its relevance. And if earlier they used real wood as decoration, now there is no need to put up with its whimsicality. Natural material has been replaced by wood-effect PVC panels.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Wooden structure looks realistic

Plastic is considered to be the cheapest and easiest to use. These panels are simple to install and easy to maintain. However, such a coating is not particularly durable. The slightest blow will result in a dent or crack .

Among the advantages are called frost resistance and moisture protection .

Also, plastic panels do not allow moisture to pass under the sheathing, since they differ in tight joints.

Prices for lining, imitation of a bar, block house

Molding, imitation of a bar, block house

Video - Overview of facade panels

Stronger and more durable material - fiber cement . As in the case of stone, there are design options "woodgrain". Their functionality is also high. The finish will withstand more than a hundred cold cycles, is fire-resistant and moisture-repellent.

Also noted is UV resistance and minimal burnout in 100 years .

The advantage of fiber cement slabs in comparison with "stone" ones is their light weight. A square meter of material weighs 3-5 kg ​​. However, the low weight requires the use of a solid foundation.

Multilayer sandwich panels should be noted separately.

They are made from wood waste and polymer resins. A huge plus of sandwiches is a layer of insulation, which allows you to miss the stage of wall insulation. Outwardly, such plates resemble chipboard panels. The material is bio-resistant and durable.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
The service life of the cladding is at least 50 years

PVC-panels imitating wood imitate any kind of finishing wood.

Popular options for a bar, a log, eurolining and a ship board. The panels allow you to transform even the most ordinary building into a respectable building. To do this, use an imitation of oak, beech, cedar.

Wood looks great in combination with stone panels. To do this, the areas adjacent to the foundation are revetted with stone, and the remaining surfaces are covered with wooden panels.

The most profitable way of laying "under a tree" is on the crate. It allows you to hide the unevenness of the walls and creates an additional air cushion inside the wall. A layer of thermal insulation can be placed in the same cavity.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Wood grain

Regardless of the material chosen, it is recommended to include elements from basement siding in the finish. This will protect the building from freezing, remove moisture and prevent white streaks from forming on the surface.

When installing a basement connection, it is important to take into account the deformation of the plates under the influence of temperatures. 5 mm stock is reserved for possible contraction and expansion of materials.

Calculation of material

To calculate the required amount of material, no complex arithmetic operations are required. It is enough to know the area of ​​the walls to be covered. The width of the wall is multiplied by the height.

Calculations are carried out for each wall separately, after which the results are added.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
To calculate the amount of material, it is important to know the area of ​​the walls

Next, they will find out how much area one panel can cover. To do this, also multiply its width by length. After that, the total area of ​​the walls is divided into the area of ​​one element. The result of the calculation is the required number of tiles.

After that, they calculate how many packages are needed, dividing the required number of units by their number in one package.

Important! Material damage insurance is 10%.

Wall cladding: step by step instructions

PVC panels are an easy-to-use material. However, a novice master may need instructions. Step-by-step photos will help you complete wall cladding without the help of professionals.

Step 1. Installation begins with the installation of the battens. Depending on the material, a wooden or metal frame is used. First, install the vertical guides at a distance of about 40 cm , then the horizontal ones are fixed from the corners. The PVC plate tends to repeat the unevenness of the frame, so all work is carried out using a level.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Installing the battens
PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
The metal frame is stronger and more durable

Step 2. Metal siding is equipped with corners.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
We fix the corners

Step 3. As an additional isolate, a layer of insulation is placed under the crate. For example, mineral wool or other material.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
We put insulation

Prices for thermal insulation materials

Thermal insulation materials

Step 4. Panel installation starts from the bottom left corner of the wall. Installation is carried out over the installed drains and corner risers. Panels will be adjacent to these elements. The first step is to attach the starting bar.

To do this, a nail is hammered at the very bottom of the wall. In the opposite corner, a second is driven in, using a level and a rope.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
In no case should you allow distortions!

Step 5. Corner risers are installed first ..

. To do this, in the upper part of the wall, the first element arrives with nails from both sides, without driving them in to the end. The stand is centered and then nails are driven in at a distance of 2-3 cm . To better join the corners, each lower element is 3 mm under the upper one. This will prevent water from seeping under the skin.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
We start installation from the corners

Step 6. The direction of the subsequent ones depends on the first row, so installing it pay special attention. Subsequent rows are inserted into the grooves of the previous one. For joints, use the glue recommended by the manufacturer. The panels themselves are fastened with screws.

PVC facade panels for exterior decoration of the house
Measure seven times!

Video - Installation of facade panels

The best manufacturers

Depending on the type of board chosen, experienced craftsmen advise to purchase products from proven brands. Such material is time-tested, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Excellent quality was demonstrated by both domestic brands and foreign manufacturers. It is worth choosing, focusing on financial capabilities.

Table 1.

The best manufacturers of PVC boards.

Manufacturer Features
Docke The company offers a huge range of designs.The shapes include both wood textures and stone slabs. Variants with imitation of a ship board and timber are popular.
Vox An excellent brand that pays attention not only to appearance, but also to functionality.

The Vox product is equipped with a dirt-repellent coating. The author's locking system of fastening, which prevents the ingress of moisture, has also been thought out.

Alt-profile Domestic product of reference quality. The materials are manufactured in accordance with GOST, and the RAS Institute took part in their development. The products endure extreme temperatures and have a spectacular appearance.

Yu -plast Belarusian brand with a good reputation. The manufacturer is known for its affordable prices and accurate imitation of textures. The Yu-layer brickwork is especially popular. They also note high resistance to atmospheric phenomena, since MasterTec pigments are used in production.
FineBer In addition to GOST, the production is guided by the American quality assessment ASTM.

The brand cares about the appearance of the coating, which is why its imitations of wood are called the most realistic.

Novik The Canadian firm, which the craftsmen love for their good stone imitation. The range of designs is huge. The manufacturer has improved the slabs by increasing their thickness.
Dolomite Solid products from a domestic brand.

The range includes river stone, rocky reef, slate and other wild stones. The service life exceeds 50 years. The endurance of the material is high, as is the performance. The coating can be washed and repaired.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with such material as - Composite panels for the facade, where we analyzed in detail their characteristics and compared the best manufacturers.

Disadvantages of PVC

Despite the significant advantages of using PVC as a facing material, rubber panels have their own disadvantages. Most of them are related to the peculiarities of the panel laying.

Cons of material:

  1. High cost. The panels are spectacular in appearance, but such a pleasure is not cheap. However, the service life smooths out this disadvantage.

  2. The complexity of installation in some moments. PVC is considered a simple material, but a craftsman with no experience can experience difficulties in work. It is advisable to work with an assistant in order to avoid commonplace mistakes.
  3. Loss of appearance due to installation errors. If inaccuracies were made during installation, the panels may deteriorate due to moisture and mechanical factors.

PVC panels will be an excellent solution for transforming the appearance of the house. A wide range of textures will help you choose the perfect embodiment of your design idea. The facade will be transformed, whether it is wood or stone finish.