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Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices Such a necessary tool as an electric plane saw the light in 1958 (Makita), first appearing on the market. Many years have passed since then, the device has slightly changed in appearance, acquired some functions that were not there before, electronic control. The modern engine has been improved, it is lighter, but more powerful. But there were no fundamental changes.

And the purpose of the device has not changed - it is still a productive device for processing a wide variety of wooden surfaces and choosing a rebate.

How to navigate the wide range of products on offer in the markets?


Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices

A short excursion into the varieties of models and their characteristics will help the consumer choose an electric plane.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices The main difference from its manual predecessor is a better work result, increased labor productivity. The Master has to make a minimum of physical effort. Meanwhile, those who have tried at least once to use a manual analogue are well aware of how much effort must be made to level the surface of a bar or board. Specific reciprocating movements will tire anyone, even a physically developed and hardy person.

His creators took care of this and did it differently. They replaced the reciprocating movements with rotational ones.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
The device of the hand plane

And, of course, the efforts of human muscles also replaced with electrical energy.

The result of these transformations has become a productive and powerful working tool, without which it is difficult to imagine a construction site. There are many different models on the market today for domestic, industrial and professional use.

It is difficult to give advice on the right choice without knowing what the tool is intended for.

The main components of the electric plane device

The main active element of the tool is a drum rotating at high speed.

Special horizontal knives are mounted in it. Their number may be different, but most often they are a couple. However, there are models available with four, one and three blades.

The quality of material processing depends not only on their number, but also on the rotation speed of the drum itself. Experience shows that the optimal speed should be about 10-12,000 revolutions. It is these that most often have options for household appliances.

What does the plane consist of?

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Planer parts
  • Drum;
  • Motor;
  • Outsole;
  • Body with handle;
  • Starter;
  • Side restraint;
  • Regulator;
  • Shrouded belt drive;
  • Waste outlet.

Some models have a special electronic system that changes the speed in accordance with the load.

Best electric planers: household and professional

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Household or professional?

All the variety of available options for these tools can be conditionally subdivided into two groups - professional and household.

But this division can be considered conditional. An amateur does not necessarily use a low-power tool at an affordable price, and not every time a professional uses an industrial unit to process a small rail.

Therefore, when choosing a plane for the house, it is advisable to pay attention to the following. It can be in the middle price category, and is intended for not too long-term work.

It is desirable that it is not too heavy, it is optimally economical and functional. A weight of 2.5 to 4 kg will be most suitable, the motor power should be between 600 and 1000 W.

A separate important note regarding power. Some manufacturers note two values ​​of this indicator in the instructions for an electric tool - effective and maximum.

The effective one must have indicators above 350 W. If they turn out to be slightly lower, then difficulties may arise when processing hardwood, or material with knots.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Blade drum and planing depth

Why is engine speed so important?

The fact is that ease of processing depends on it, as well as the working efficiency of the tool itself.

Household appliances operate at an average of 10-12 thousand rpm, most often this is enough for household needs.

For professional activities, more solid units are needed: those whose weight reaches 9 kg, and the working power is 1.

2-1.5 kW.

The home tool can be set to a planing depth of 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm.

Professional adjustable up to 4mm. Typically, the adjustment step ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.25. The shorter the step length, the more adjustment possibilities, the better and more precisely the workpiece or product can be processed.

But the designated stock is quite enough for home events, and for serious professional activities.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices When choosing the right tool, consider the following :

Each an extra millimeter is an extra kilogram of weight, and watts of extra power.

If the 3 kg 600 W electric planer is equipped with a regulator with settings up to 4.5 mm, you can be sure that you are being deceived. This combination is impossible by definition.

Virtually all professional devices are equipped with a special electronic system for maintaining the required speed.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
We fasten the plane up with the sole

Thanks to it, a choice is provided optimal operating mode, and maximum power with different types of wood, regardless of its knotty and density.

Household appliances are rarely equipped with such systems. Such equipment is intended for exclusive models from expensive brands.

Some household models have a special device for secure stationary fastening of the tool upside down.

Professional products have it by default.

Thanks to this, the tool can be used as a machine capable of processing a sufficient amount of material in the specified categories.

Electric plane: which company should you prefer?

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Convenience works

The tool is so popular that many large companies prefer to produce not even one particular model, but several different ones. It makes no sense to consider each, besides, their number is huge. Let's dwell on the most tested and proven articles.

In the so-called quality rating, the instrument can be conditionally divided into household and professional: the difference in their cost and quality is too great.

In the professional tool, the palm, no doubt, belongs to Japanese electric planers Makita, German Bosch, famous brands from America Skil and DeWalt. Products from Mafell, Hilti and Hitachi are also recognized as very high quality. But the goods produced by these companies belong to very high-quality, but not cheap instruments.

When choosing a plane, it is not enough to be guided by only one brand.

Most manufacturers often have their own production not in domestic countries, but in many others. This includes China. And although sellers assure that the Chinese assembly is no worse than any other, and in no way inferior to it, the usual prejudice against such products is not so unfounded.

If the instrument is chosen for frequent, in fact professional use, it is better to pay more, but get a more reliable original.

Skil and Black are good for home use.

Decker, Bosch (professional painted in blue, household in green), Blaukraft, Energomash, Interskol, Fiolent and other models. When choosing a worthy brand, pay attention to the fact that there are enterprises masquerading as popular European and Russian firms.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices

For example, the very popular Stern, or Sturm, have nothing to do with European manufacturers. The notorious AEG and Milwaukee also have nothing to do with the German or US assembly.

The overwhelming majority of brands with loud names are usually registered at the very end of the 90s.

And although they are listed in Europe, they are deployed most often in Asian countries.

All their activities are actually reduced to copying famous brands. True, in this case, not at all such high-quality components are used as in the originals.

Therefore, it does not hurt at all, before deciding on the final choice of nonsense, to learn more about the history of the manufacturer, the range it produces, and read the reviews on it.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Sino-Russian plane

Cause well-deserved fear and models bearing Russian names, but deliberately made in China.

These include "Bison" and "Grad", whose representatives can often be somehow distinguished only by the color of the case and the sticker on it.

For those who intend to use the tool only a couple of times a year, and have a fairly modest budget, it is quite possible to purchase such a model.

A fairly new instrument has no complaints about its work, acting quite reliably and correctly. But the resource of all his work activities is often limited to only tens of hours of hard work, and such a product is practically beyond repair.

What should be expected from such a purchase?

The cutting surfaces of the knives will quickly become dull, the planing depth adjustment regulator is broken, the drive belt is loose.

Even a burnout of the motor may occur at quite moderate loads. Any model, the cost of which is below two thousand rubles, may turn out to be one of such copies.

Buying an Electric Planer: Selection Guide


If you don't know too much in the brands of manufacturers, in the technical characteristics of their products, and if you want to make a choice, focusing more on appearance, then follow the information set out below in your actions. She can be of invaluable help to you.

  • The case must be in two parts (and this is at least).

    This is the main part of the tool that covers the motor, and its sole is . Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices The body is manufactured in a single block with a chip ejection pipe and its handle. If a removable belt drive cover is not provided, then certain inconveniences may arise if it is necessary to replace it. In addition, it is evidence of imperfect design development. This usually distinguishes inexpensive products from manufacturers with unknown brands.

  • The instrument must fit perfectly in the hand, that is, it must be well balanced. The start button should be conveniently located so that the start is freely performed with one finger, in the working position of the hand. Those models in which to perform this operation you have to help yourself with the other hand, or intercept the handle, it is better to put it aside. Even if you are now delighted with its performance, you will very soon be disappointed in your choice.Moreover, in cases where you have to work with a large number of workpieces.

  • The presence of a special groove on the sole is of particular importance. It is designed to remove air from the working area, and also helps with chamfering. You may not have to deal with the latter very often, but the air cushion can significantly spoil the quality of the surface to be treated. Each representative of these instruments should have a depth adjustment adjuster. It can be of two types - rotary and push-button.

    Both are convenient to use and equally effective.

  • A branch pipe for removing waste material (shavings) is strictly necessary for the device . There are options with a double-sided outlet and one-sided. If you choose from two models, then, other things being equal, give preference to the two-sided one. Some examples have a special chip bag.

    This is a very handy device, especially when working in a residential area. In the workshop, it will also not be superfluous, since it is not always possible to connect a special branch pipe.

Technical indicators

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices

From the variety of models of tools on the market, it seems rather difficult to choose the best one for yourself. To facilitate comparison, you can divide the tools into separate categories that are most relevant to you. The selection field will immediately noticeably narrow, and it will be much easier to navigate through the mass of models.

What qualities are important for work to pay attention to? These are:

  • shaft rotation speed;
  • motor power;
  • cost;
  • mass;
  • depth planing;
  • planing width;
  • possible options;
  • complete set.

Motor power

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices
Aligning the board

If you focus on power, then preference should be given to models with that from 600 to 1000 W. This is enough for small household and repair work related to wood processing. In general, the power of household tools in this category reaches 2000 W.

An increase in power is accompanied by an increase in the mass of the tool, a large consumption of electricity.

The purchase of more powerful models can be justified when an impressive amount of material may need to be processed in a limited time. In other cases, excessive power can be cumbersome - unnecessary waste.

Shaft rotation

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Shaft drawing

The most suitable for working with woody species is a speed within 10 thousand revolutions. It will correspond to such indicators if data from 12 thousand revolutions are indicated in the passport. The fact is that with a significant load, the shaft speed decreases, and sometimes quite significantly.

For a tool with a designated indicator of 10,000, the real working speed of rotation can reach only 8,000. Models of leading manufacturers have an automatic speed control system associated with a specific load. True, household models are rarely equipped with it.

Depth of planing

The data of the range of this indicator is from zero to four millimeters, but even "three" are not so popular often. Therefore, for most users, a model with a depth setting of up to 3 mm (or at least up to 2) will suffice.

Planing frequency figures

These figures indirectly influence the choice of the right tool. Since the types of proposed work can be very different, they usually take a tool with some margin of required indicators.

Usually a power reserve of 1000 W is quite enough for manipulating a plane with a sole up to 110 mm wide. These are the ones you should buy. Narrower models are designed for processing small shapes: they are more convenient for planing slats and edges, and in addition, they are much lighter.

To plan a wide workpiece with them is difficult - the processing has to be done in two passes, and this requires a certain skill.


Weight can affect the efficient performance of the tool only with intensive use. If you have to process only a couple of boards in an hour, then its weight is not so important. If the work takes many hours, then it begins to be felt. In general, an electric medium power plane should weigh approximately three to four kg.

These data should be guided by when buying.

Rating of the best + Videos, features and prices